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This Is The Part Where The Main Character Kills Them All

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see kitty run. see kitty kill.

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This Is The Part Where The Main Character Kills Them All

punk bitch walks like the dead
she shuffles to school and to work
she wishes she was pumped full of lead
those ideas, in her mind they lurk

it's like looking into a magic mirror
she's got her secrets tied in a knot
but it's just a notebook, written errors
scrawled images, the ones she hates rot

school's a bore and teacher's strict
she aspires to be famous
she swears she's a magic trick
come to class to 'make a fuss'

screaming and kicking in the stalls
why can't she be as popular?
she wants it, death-by-cop and all
she wants what she asked for

her idea is a perfect Thursday
art class would be inspiring
with th' kids she'd have her way
first you gotta unplug all the wiring

pretend the principal's gone
lock all the doors
play red rover and run

days go by, she's scribbling out faces
her dad's videotape's recording
she mutters as she paces
hopefully someday she'll have fans, adoring

it's them that she wants left
wants it to be a game- i wanna play hide an' seek
the mamas and daddies sure to be bereft
they'll have no clue it was the smallest and meek

tick, tock, the clock strikes three
time to put this plan in action
her girlfriend- alive she'll leave
no more classmate's addition/subtraction

you gotta be quick, you gotta be fast
time is running out
shoot him first or shoot her last
pain in numbers, children sprint about

she wants to grow, she wants to be free
this is her only chance at happiness
she wants to smile, she wants them to see
close your eyes, no more attractiveness

kitty's mama had no clue
kitty's daddy was drunk
brother dearest hung blue
she was fucked- your theory's debunked

when no one knows who you are
you have to take charge
wish and wait on shooting stars
she only looks innocent, eyes bright and large

so long, farewell, adieu to you and you
she climbed her chair and took aim
she shot them down- wanted to meet her maker soon
left many corpses, left a few lame

cops came in and tried to call a truce
pointer finger and thumb against her head
tried to tie her ends she left loose
they pulled out their pistols and shot her bright red

fell to the ground, a bird out of the sky
eyes glazed, smiled curved and teeth bared
and as you can see, six feet under she lies
she's no longer saddened, she no longer glares

happy child in a happy world
no violence or hate to disturb her
this place full of roses and pearls
babygirl's no longer perturbed

here's a lesson to the young and the old
don't think you know someone's misery
you might end up in a tale she wants told
it could happen again- and maybe not so leisurely
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