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Trusting You, Trusting Me

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Lazer Queen and Fun Ghoul continue with their conversation as it takes a slightly different turn as they go further on, but what people need to realise that with questions you don't always get good...

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Hey guys, another chapter up. I just want to thank all the people that are still reading, I may not get much back but I hope you're out there still. Anyway, I'll leave you be and let you read the chapter, it's a carry on from the last chapter for those of you who might not know.

Chapter 23. Trusting You, Trusting Me

The atmosphere had become slightly more tense after my last words so Ghoul took it upon himself to carry on asking questions, trying to lighten the mood and rid the apprehensive ambience floating in the air.

"What did you do? After you escaped I mean." I looked up at him, my face still serious as was his.

"...We all went our separate ways, we thought it was best we didn't stick together in case the Sad Man came searching for us. We rathered he only caught a few of us rather than all. So we split, stayed on our own to protect each other." He smiled before saying.

"Boy, you are one smart cookie." I laughed a small laugh at Ghouls words, still reminiscing in the memories.

"I guess I kinda was, wasn't I?" He gave a laugh before he said.

"Hell yea. At that age I couldn't even go to the bathroom on my own, never mind think out a cunning plan and the best way to keep everyone safe." I laughed again, but a little louder this time.

"I guess so..." It went silent again after that, but this time it lasted a while. It was like we were both in our own worlds, both in separate rooms. He was probably replaying my words, taking it in all over again... and probably thinking about his parents too.

I wondered why the Sad Man got his parents. Ghoul never mentioned any brothers or sisters so I guessed he didn't have any. But if he did, was the Sad Man back up to his old tricks, or did Ghoul's parents just not pay their way.

My thoughts then drifted back to the kid. When I thought about it the girl did look a lot like Incinery Bomber, and you can see that the girl is proud to be his daughter. Hell, why wouldn't she be? I sure as hell was proud he was my leader, my trainer... I just wish the kid could've seen as much of him as I did, known what he was like.

Rage face, Killjoy name, Incinery Bomber, wore a black leather jacket with his name printed in small on the left side. His legs adorned blue denim ink washed jeans and a pair of big, black, military style laced boots were perched on his feet. He had a darker skin tone and had short dark brown hair that curled from the roots, just like the girls did.

He was a strict but caring man, a man that didn't take shit from anyone. He cared for everyone in the group as if they were his own child... that was a relief for us as some of us no longer had parents to take that role. Some of us needed someone to call their family. Me and Blade as an example, both lost our parents because of the Sad Man. Bomber took care of us though, very well may I add... trained us into the professional Killjoys we became.

I stayed silent for a short while longer before Ghoul raised another question.

"Lazer... Do you think people know when they're going to die?" I looked at him, confused for a moment at the sudden change in topic, before I found my tongue again and answered certainly.

"...No, I don't think people know when they're going to die, none of us do. But that doesn't mean we can't be prepared." He looked back at me, curiosity painting his features, before asking.

"Are you prepared?" I knew this talk was getting to a serious note so adorned my serious face and soft eyes to match.

"No, I'm not. But that doesn't mean I'm not ready." Ghoul look at me as if what I had just said made no sense. It was also shown in the way he spoke.

"...So, you're ready... but you're not prepared?" I looked up at him before answering his question.

"I've never been prepared, Ghoul. Don't think I ever will be... I'm not afraid of death, but I am afraid of dying by the Sad Man's hands. I don't know when it'll happen or where, but I have a feeling." He raised his eyebrows before asking doubtedly.

"A feeling?" I knew he thought I was completely mad at this point but I didn't care. I wanted to explain, to someone at least.

"Yea, a feeling about when I'm going to die." He kept that doubted look on his face, as if he couldn't believe what I was saying. I'll admit, I wouldn't believe me either. I sounded completely mad, but it's what I believe and I wanted to tell him about it.

"You think you know when you're going to die?" I looked at Ghoul certainly and said.

"Yea, I do. It's only happened recently, but I've noticed when I'm around you guys I'm a lot more... reckless, than I am elsewhere." Ghoul looked slightly confused, but I know he's trying to understand. That's why he keeps asking questions, to try and understand.

"...So, you're saying you think you're going to die soon because you're reckless around us?" I nodded my agreement.

"I guess you could say that." His expression suddenly changed from confused to serious in the blink of an eye. This worried me slightly and left me looking like a deer in headlights.

"Well, maybe it's best you don't stay around us then." The deer in headlights didn't leave, but my face was more overtaken by the serious expression it suddenly held.

"Yea. Best for me, but not best for the girl." His serious expression raised and I was greeted by warm eyes and upturned cheeks.

"Ah, the girl'll be fine with us." The deer in headlights departed and left me with only a serious expression decorating my features. I wasn't going to leave, and I wanted him to know that.

"But right now she's also my responsibility. I can't leave... not yet anyways." His serious expression suddenly held a hint of sadness. He tried to hide it, but the eyes never lie.

"So, you're planning on leaving?" I let a small smile slide from my lips, showing that I was trying to be kind.

"This isn't my clan Ghoul. I don't belong here, I only came here to help the girl... I've probably already overstayed my due." He smiled back and me before replying.

"Hey, you can stay here as long as you want to. I know Party'll be fine with it, and the girl would love it." My smile stuck to its place as the serious words kept coming.

"This isn't my clan-" He then spoke in urgency to try and convince.

"Make it your clan-" I had to stop this conversation before it started.

"-Ghoul... as much as I'd love to be a member of this group, I can't. My clan died a long time ago, my clan no longer exists." Ghoul's serious face overtook again.

"Well, then maybe it's time to find a new clan." I sighed before replying.

"No... I've endangered your lives for too long already, and what's the point in finding a new clan when I'm going to die anyway... As soon as the girl is better I'll be off, and you'll never have to see me again." His serious face turned to worry at my words.

"What does that mean?" I looked up at him, sorrow held in my serious eyes.

"It's death or victory Ghoul. And believe me when I say I've had too many victories to deserve anymore."

Then we went silent. Both of us, just sat in our own silence.

God, Lazer is a depressing person isn't she. I know I made her but this is kinda the way I envisioned her, an emotionally worn woman with the weight of the world on her shoulder, a girl who doesn't want to fight anymore. I know this chapter seems a little strange in the way I've written it but is was one I struggled to update, even I'm not completely happy with it. But anyway, I hope you liked the chapter and will wait patiently for the next. And remember, any advice, ideas or views just give me a shout.
S xx
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