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Opposites Attract

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Slash, who is in his late teens and ‘dating’ Duff McKagan, is ready for a committed relationship. He is ready to settle down, but then he meets his boyfriend's step-brother, William 'Axl' Rose,...

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This is the first time I've ever done anything like this, it popped into my head and I couldn't resist writing about it. I really hope that you all enjoy this story, and I will update as soon as I can if I get at least three reviews.

Slash and Duff are both 18. Axl Rose is 23.

Summary - Slash, who is in his late teens and ‘dating’ Duff McKagan, is ready for a committed relationship. He is ready to settle down, but then he meets his boyfriend's step-brother, William 'Axl' Rose, known for using people for his own needs, and he turns Slash's world upside down. Review's are love.


Saul Hudson! You need to get up if your going to make it to work on time.”

Slash’s eyes snapped open at the sound of his mother’s high-pitched scream, and instantly regretted it. The sun glared at him, and he cursed loudly, throwing the covers back over his body. His hands clutched his head, a massive headache attacking him at full force, a reminder of the night before. Memories came back at him in chunks, but he was sure that he didn’t get home until the early hours of the morning. He chuckled at the memory of his friend, Steven, dancing on the bar before falling off and landing on the butch bartender.

“I’m up, Mum!”

Please don’t shout, I feel as if my brain is gonna fall out my fuckin’ ears.

Slash let out a sigh of relief when the front door slammed shut which meant that his mother had left for work. Slash lay in his bed for a few more moments after deciding get up before his boss phoned and fired him, he already hated him.

Just as he was about to tumble out of the bed, two arms tightened around his waist and kept him there. Slash froze before pushing the covers off of his body, wondering who he took home with him. He threw the covers on the floor before letting out a sigh of relief when familiar, bleached, fluffy hair came into his view. He couldn't help but smile at the soft snoring filling the room, as Duff, in his sleeping state, started to whine softly at the sudden coldness surrounding his body.

“Duff, c’mon, get up you lazy bastard.”

Slash’s response was louder snore, and Duff buried his face further into his abdomen. He lightly slapped the blonde on the head, knowing that he was awake, and flopped back down onto the mattress. His fingers tangled in the soft locks, finger tips massaging his scalp, earning a moan like yawn from Duff. When he knew that the blonde was just about falling asleep, he nipped him harshly on the shoulder.

“Hey! Some of us are still trying to sleep here. Your mother doesn't know that i’m here, so I don’t have to get up.”

Duff, resting on his elbows, turned to look at the shorter man. Slash just flipped him off before reaching over and grabbing his packet of cigarettes and lighter, popping it onto his mouth before lighting it. He chucked them down to Duff, who did the same.

“Some of us have a really shitty hangover and really can’t be fucked moving. ”

Duff, chin resting on Slash’s flat stomach, looked up at the dark man and batted his eye lashes at him innocently before answering.

“And that’s my fault?”

Slash raised a questioning eyebrow before flipping Duff off. It was his fault, he was the one who forcefully dragged him out to the nearest bar, knowing that Slash couldn't resist a free drink and possibly some very satisfying sex from Duff afterwards.

“Who came barging into my workplace?”

The blonde crawled up beside him, sitting up against the headboard, and let out a laugh. Duff McKagan his friend, lover, boyfriend if you want to call him that, had been there for him since high school. They began a sexual relationship when they were in their mid-teens, and both found out that they were turned on by men rather than girls. But deep inside, Slash knew that Duff wanted more, and Slash wasn't sure if he wanted that. Slash was sure that he didn't want to lose him though.

“Baby, you weren't complaining.”

Duff winked before taking a long, needed drag of his cigarette leaning over Slash to grab the covers off of the floor and back over the bodies. Slash let out groan as Duff buried his face in the crook of his neck, tongue running along his collarbone while his pale hand ran down his chest, towards his groin. Fingers dipped into the waistband of Slash’s boxers, while his lips traveled over to his jawline, nipping at the skin.


Duff chuckled at the nickname Slash always always used while they were in bed together, and he couldn't stop the butterflies that exploded in his stomach. Duff knew that he was falling in love with the dark man, and he really didn't want to because inside, he knew that those feelings would never be returned. Slash was the type who had multiple partners at the same time, even though Duff knew that he was special to him. He didn't know how much it hurt the blonde, because Duff kept quiet and decided to play along. Slash lived in the moment and didn't want to be tied down. Duff would take what he could get.

“Hmmm? C’mon, who’s gonna keep me company here all day, or will I have to just take care of myself?”

Slash let out a playful growl, flipping the blonde over onto his back, hand fisting into his long hair, pulling at the strands as his mouth attacked Duff’s pale neck. His tongue ran over the large hickey he sucked on there the night before, smirking as Duff whimpered in need, arching into him willingly. His hand cupped Duff through his boxers, licking his lips when the taller man bucked into his palm, whispering against his cheek, begging him for more.
Suddenly, Slash was pushed away, “No, wait, I need you to do something first.”

“What the fuck?”

Duff was on the floor, hand inside his discarded jeans as he searched for something. Slash, now panting was looking at the blonde as if he was crazy. Just as he was about to ask what the hell he was doing, Duff jumped back onto the bed, handing him a piece of crumpled paper, which looked like it had a number scribbled on it. Slash unfolded the paper, reading the name that was written at the top.

Axl Rose-McKagan


“Who the hell is this?”

Duff was looking at Slash as if he had grown a second head. He rolled his eyes before he answered him,” My step-brother, fuckwad, can’t you tell from the last name? He’s just come into town, and is looking for some work. My mum forced me to give you that, he can’t get a job because of his criminal record or some shit. Will you call him?”

Slash nodded, he had no idea that Duff had a step brother, and he couldn't deny, he was actually exited at the thought of meeting him. Duff’s lips were on his neck again, fingers grabbing the paper out of his hands, throwing it onto the bedside table, before pushing Slash onto his back. He let out a loud and long moan as Duff quickly tore off his boxers before coming face to face with his crotch, blue eyes meeting his, full of lust and playfulness.

“...and I think that I should thank you.”

As the story goes on, I will make the chapters longer, so please review.
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