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Part 2

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“I ain’t wanting the job, thanks, but since your a friend of Duff’s, it’s not gonna hurt getting to know you, yeah?”

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1 Week Later...

Slash moaned softly as a loud thumping noise stole the brunette from his deep slumber, like it was echoing through his ears. He flipped over in his bed and grabbed the nearest pillow and held it over his ears, letting out a loud groan when the sudden move caused his hangover to hit him full force. The thumping began to get louder and at the same time Slash heard yelling from outside his front door. He didn’t recognize the voice, so thinking that it was some random kids from the house next door, Slash closed his eyes and began to fall back asleep.

But then the banging began again...


Slash swore loudly and threw the pillow across the room before jumping out his bed, yawning loudly, checking that he had his boxers on before he left the room. He laughed loudly as he remembered the look on the elderly woman who lived next door to him when he answered the door a few years ago. Running a hand through his tuggy hair, Slash unlocked the front door before pulling it open. On the other side was a redhead, pacing the path in front of the door, mumbling to himself. His fists were clenched, and Slash wished he could see what was behind those black, tinted sunglasses he was wearing. As he continued to pace, he took a long but angry drag of his cigarette.

“...if that blonde fuck gave me the wrong house i’m gonna fuckin’ castrate him.”

As if he couldn’t help himself, Slash leaned against the door frame, a small smile on his face as he listened to him. His eyes roamed his shorter body, from the blue bandanna that was tied into his hair, to the scuffed cowboy boots that also had bandannas tied into the hoops. His bracelets were clinking together as he walked back and forth, still not noticing that Slash had opened the door.

After a few more amusing moments, Slash cleared his throat, causing the fiery redhead to spin around, his hair flying around him, a stone cold look on his face.

“Oh, there was someone in! I’ve been knocking for fuckin’ ages.”

The redhead pulled off his sunglasses slowly, his own green eyes trailing up Slash’s dark body, from head to toe. Slash suddenly felt like an animal at a zoo, being stared at in his cage as the kids observed him. He felt hot under this man’s gaze, those piercing green eyes were almost making him shake. Clearing his throat again, Slash met his eyes before speaking.

“And you are...?”

He smirked at Slash before throwing his cigarette onto the ground beneath him, grinding it into the ground with the heel of his boot.

“Axl Rose,”

Slash raised his eyebrow, a sign that he needed more information. Axl rolled his eyes, mumbling ‘brain probably mashed from all that fucking drinking...bastard reeks of it.’ Slash heard it but still kept his mouth shut, something told him that this man was not to be crossed.

“Duff’s step-brother. If I was his full brother I would've killed him by now. Sent me here because you didn’t call or some shit like that. I don’t even know why i’m here. You?”

Slash’s eyes widened as he remembered the task Duff asked him to do but then a secretive smile appeared his face as he also remembered what the blonde did in return. The smile soon disappeared when Axl glared at him, waiting for an answer. Slash stuttered, wondering why he was so eager to obey this stranger, for some reason he didn’t want the redhead mad at him.

“S-Slash. M-My name is Slash, Duff asked me to call you about. He said that you needed a job.”

Axl let out a breath, clearly trying to calm himself down. He was so sick of his family trying to make choices for him, all he wanted was for them to leave him alone. He had agreed to come into town a few times a year to let them see that he was alive, or for special family occasions that in return they leave him alone and stay out of his personal life. Axl was tired of it, he was finished with them.

But then a smirk crawled onto his face when he noticed Slash’s shy look, the redhead had to admit, the curly haired brunette was adorable. Slash was chewing on his full bottom lip, and looking at the ground, clearly nervous. Axl stepped up the stairs leading into the front door, and stopped in front of Slash, looking up innocently but still kept the smirk on his pale face.

“Well, Slasher, aren't you gonna invite me in?”

Slash felt his heart beating against his rib cage, so hard that he could hear it in his ears. His palms became sweaty, and the brunette felt like he couldn’t breathe. Slash began to take slower breaths, trying to calm himself down slowly before he mentally slapped himself. He felt like a spotty teenager on his first date!

“You wantin’ the job then? It’s nothing special but it’s mo-”

Axl raised his hand, running his tongue along his teeth, shaking the loose strands that fell in front of his eyes. Again, he couldn't stop his eyes from running up and down the dark man, stopping himself from licking his lips. He made a mental note to thank Duff for forcing him to go to Slash’s house in the first place.

I knew I came back for a reason.

“I ain’t wanting the job, thanks, but since your a friend of Duff’s, it’s not gonna hurt getting to know you, yeah?”

Slash’s mouth open and closed a few times as a million thoughts raced through his mind before he stepped aside, giving the shorter man space to enter. Axl nodded like he was pleased with Slash’s act before accepting the invitation, walking into the house happily. His green eyes observed as he made his way into the living room, Slash shut the door and followed the redhead slowly.

Duff failed to mention that his brother was hot.

“ do you want to know? I’m not a serial killer if that’s what your thinkin’”

Axl chuckled, sitting down on the couch and propping his feet up onto the coffee table. Slash smiled silently before sitting on the chair across from him, one leg hooking over the arm of the chair, as he waited for Axl to say something. Moments passed, Slash avoiding Axl’s sharp gaze, looking anywhere but his piercing eyes. Axl grinned, loving how he had so much control over someone he met only minutes before. He laughed before answering.

“How about you and Duff? Are to put it exactly? Are you in a relationship with my step-brother?”

Slash coughed, surprised by the question. As he glanced up, he could clearly see the smirk on Axl’s face at his reaction, but he could also see the seriousness in his eyes. He actually wanted an answer, and his expression told Slash not to lie to the redhead in front of him.

“I-I wouldn't call it a ‘relationship’. We’re just having fun.”

Axl nodded, accepting the truthful answer. But then his smile disappeared, and he put on the best pissed off expression he could manage, raising an eyebrow as he responded to Slash.

“Is my brother not good enough for you?”

Slash’s eyes widened, suddenly panicking, and he sat up straight as he thought of what to say.

“ like that.”

Axl laughed and shook his head,”I’m fucking with you. It’s fine, I don’t give a shit what he does with his life anyway.”

Slash nodded, his heart rate slowly going back to normal when he knew that Axl wasn't mad at him. The dark man didn't know what was wrong with him, no-one had ever this kind of power over him before. Slash had just met this redhead, and already, he wanted to bow before him and obey his every order.

Slash wasn’t sure if he liked it or not.

“Do you want anything, a drink or something?”

Without waiting for an answer, Slash stood up and made a move for the door. Just as he was about to enter the kitchen, Axl grabbed his arm and shoved him against the hallway wall, his head banging off of it from the impact. He let out a little groan, not from the pain, from the feeling of Axl’s body pressed against his own. He let out a little whimper when Axl’s hand ran up his chest, and fingers wrapped around his throat, keeping him firm against the wall.

“ can, please.”

Axl looked up, green meeting brown. He smirked at Slash, who was biting his lip in anticipation, looking down at the hand that was locked around his throat.

“You. I want you.”

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