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The Walls are Thin

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Lazer and Ghoul's conversation had come to an end and they were left in silence. Little did they know they weren't the only ones in on the conversation, someone else had heard every word. Party Poi...

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Hey guys, another chapter up. I'm just warning you now though that from this point on the POV's will change from time to time, but I'll tell you when they do so you won't get confused. This chapter has switched to Party Poison's POV and it's just after Lazer and Ghoul's conversation has ended. I hope this helps you to keep up and I also hope you enjoy the chapter.

BTW just in case any of you don't know what POV is (which us very unlikely, but you never know) it means 'point of view'. Now, enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 24. The Walls are Thin

I heard Lazer and Ghoul speaking from the other room. Heard them talking about her leaving, heard her saying she can't be in our group. It upset me, and I'll openly admit that. I like Lazer Queen and we all enjoy her company, she's really positive and has lightened all of our moods in her time here. Lazer Queen is such an amazing Killjoy, not the type of Killjoy I'm used to meeting.

Lazer Queen is definitely not what I expected her to be, to a level. I expected her to be a serious Killjoy, a rebellious Killjoy, but not the good kind of rebellious. I didn't expect her to be the bright, positive Killjoy she is, and in no way did I expect her to be so different from any other Killjoy out there. In some ways she works in true Killjoy style, but in other ways she is almost the complete opposite from the norm.

Like the day when we first met her for example. She walked up to the camera and held up a sign with the words 'I Have Your Property'. Now that is true Killjoy style. We drove down to the entrance of Zone 6 to collect the girl, this is where Lazer Queen mode kicks in. Any other Killjoy would have just let us take Grace, but not her. She bluntly refused to let us have the her unless she came with. I now know that was only for Gracie's health.

I will always remember that day, the day we first met Lazer Queen. She is one of the most well know Killjoy's out here in the zones, just below Doctor D I believe. Anyone should be proud to be in her presence because I certainly am. We didn't even know who she was when we first met her, didn't know anything about her in fact, but we didn't need to. Everyone knows her name, everyone's heard of Lazer Queen even if they don't know who she is or what she stands for.

The day we met her all we cared about was getting Grace back, Gracie was our responsibility and we lost her, but Lazer found her and brought her back. We didn't know that Gracie was hurt, and even if we did we wouldn't have had a clue what was wrong or even how to treat it. But Lazer Queen, the only member of Clan Killjoy left alive and wanted dead by the Sad Man puts a little girls wellbeing before her own life, and I will always be thankful for that.

Lazer is a brave Killjoy, a selfless Killjoy that thinks about others before she thinks about herself. She's scared to die, I know that and I understand it too. She's afraid, very afraid, but who wouldn't be in that situation. She's wanted dead by the highest power in Battery City, and that's big enough to scare the toughest of Killjoys. Yet she will still put other people before herself, she will never put herself first. That not only makes her brave, it makes her strong too.

I wish I could be like that, wish I could be like Lazer Queen. I wish I was selfless, strong, brave and even trusting, but I'm not. I'm not like her in any way, shape or form, and in reality I'm ashamed of that. I'm ashamed to say that she has been through a hell of a lot more shit than I have, yet she hasn't turned out like me. She isn't bitter, angry or distrusting, she isn't cold and heartless, especially when it comes to people she doesn't know or trust, yet I am. She's better than me, stronger than me, and I'm ashamed of that.

After all this time I finally know what kind of Killjoy Lazer Queen is. She is a dedicated Killjoy that puts other Killjoy's safety's before her own, even at a time as dangerous as this for her. Right now her life is in the balance, she's walking on a thin line. She is in danger of being found and killed, yet she still put Gracie's health before her own life. She is such a remarkable Killjoy, an amazing Killjoy, and I don't want to see her leave.

This girl is really starting to grow on me. Yea, at times she can be a pain in the ass but at other times she can be amazing, astounding and comical. I love gaining her attention, and when she gives it to anyone else I can't help but feel jealous, like I'm missing out. It's a strange feeling that I'm not accustomed to, but it's something I can't help but feel or even control.

Lazer Queen is so different compared to any other Killjoy I've ever met. She's down to earth, mature and flirty in a way you would be around close friends. And hell, I love her flirting, and I know the guys love it too. She is just so friendly, so humorous and makes a joke out of everything. She gets along with everyone here so amazingly well, almost like she's already a part of this little family of ours and always has been.

In the time she's been here with us she's fit right in, almost like a piece to a puzzle. She's funny, sophisticated, classy and eye-catching. And she has a history, as a Killjoy I mean. She's highly skilled and highly trained, a professional Killjoy at heart, more than all of us put together. But through all the shit she's been through, all the obstacles and suffering she's had to face, she can still manage to smile through the day. I think her other group just don't understand that, not as well as us anyway.

This girl has such a huge life story and I can't help but want to know more. She's been a Killjoy for so long that she doesn't know any different. Every member of her group is dead, she's the only one left, the only one still alive. She's held on throughout all the years of death and destruction that has entered her path and she hasn't let go, has never loosened her grip. She's been through hell and back all alone for all these years, yet she can still be honest, smile and trust. That's more than I can say, any day.

Well, that's the end of it. Just in case any of you are a little confused I wrote this chapter because I wanted to show how I think Party Poison would see Lazer Queen at this point in the story. Also, some of you may be shouting at me saying "where's the bloody action?!" but I didn't want this story to be packed full of constant action. I like to have long sections between the action, but I'm not gonna release any spoilers related to the progression of the story and I'll leave you hanging for now. But if any of you are following the story you'll know that Lazer Queen should have to leave the base soon, but again, no spoilers. I hope you enjoyed the chapter and I'll see you next time.
S xx
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