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Looked a Little Better On Me

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Brendon's a classy bitch and Gerard sees something he shouldn't have.

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“You make a good point.” I looked him up and down with my arms crossed over my chest. “I like you Gerard. So rent is $450 and electricity and water are $100.”

“I really appreciate this Chloe, seriously. I had some other choices but they were all batshit, one dude, he had a mullet.” Gerard shuddered as I laughed

“But then, all of the sudden, my brother shows me this ad, in pink paper sent from the heavens.” He said pulling out the tattered and moist piece of paper from his backpack.
“Yeah, the pink was Brendon’s idea.” I chuckled and started pouring the batter for the pancakes.

“So, did Brendon say anything to you before waking me up?”

“Yeah, he asked me if my brother Mikey was my boyfriend and when I told him no he asked me if I was single, to which I replied that I was straight so he proceeded to ask me about my brother’s sexual orientation.” He laughed

“I warned you, didn’t I” I said while serving the pancakes and drenching mine in butter and syrup.

“So, Gerard, since you’re going to be living with me there are a few things I need to know about you, you mind if I ask you a few questions?”

“Yeah, no problem”

“Great!” I said while reaching for my purse and pulling out a laminated list of questions that Brendon had prepared me for the occasion.

“Brendon seems…organized”

“You don’t know the half of it”

“Are you currently single?”


“Do you like men?”


“Unicorns: yay or nay?”

“Meh, I’d say yay. My brother’s obsessed with them”

“Favorite bands?”

“The Smiths, Misfits, Smashing Pumpkins, Maiden, Green Day”

“I love all of those!”

“Any fetishes?”

“Umm, no…” I could tell he felt awkward but Brendon was making me ask

“Homophobic, racist, rapist or just assholeish?”

“No,never,fuck no, and I hope not”

“Interested in a piece of my sweet apple bottom ass?” Brendon asked while barging into the kitchen

“I don’t swing that way Paco.” Gerard said in reference to some video I haven’t seen

“Damn, anyway Chloe we NEED TO TALK ABOUT WILLIAM!!” he said helping himself to Gerard’s last pancake

“Hey!” Gerard said playfully

“C’mon Gee! I’m starving!” Brendon added while licking syrup off the plate

“Gee?” Gerard smirked

“Get used to it”

“What’s up with this William guy?” I ask

“Well, he sings in a band called “The Academy Is…” and-“ I cut him off

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, you mean Beckett?”

“You know him?”

“Of course! I was the one who made Pete sign his band to Decaydance! The guy is hot as hell! But I think he’s straight…”

“Pete singed him? And nope, because we made out at the sonic parking lot” Brendon smirked

“Wow, Brendon, you classy bitch!” Gerard said unexpectedly and I laughed

“Sassy. I like it.” He winked at Gerard

“Ok, seriously, he asked Pete for my number. Obviously he didn’t give it to him cuz he thinks were gonna fuck or something.” I say while daydreaming about Beckett’s pale chest glistening in the moonlight.

“You and William or you and Pete?” Bren said confused

“Me and William!”

“ok, who the fuck is Pete? I’m confused” Gerard spoke up

“Pete’s my boss and he thinks he’s gonna get some with me.” I shudder

“Chloe, we both know Pete’s hot” Brendon spoke up

“Yeah, if he weren’t such a creep I would probably be making out with him right now instead of talking to you two losers” I said smirking

“Hey!” Bren and Gee said outraged

“Sorry, but it’s the truth”

“Anyway, I have to go, we’re still on for tonight right Chlo?” Brendon asked while retrieving his cardigan

“I can’t tonight” I said fake coughing “I’m sick”

“Boo, you whore” he replied before leaving

“What’s tonight?” Gerard asked

“Same as every other day, Bren sleeps over and we gossip and shit”

“Oh, ok, so do you think things are gonna work out with this William guy?”

“Not if he’s straight or bi, then I’ll probably be tapping that”

“I’m serious Chloe, I don’t really know Brendon but he acts like a girl so I can’t imagine what he’ll be like if this doesn’t work out.” He said crossing his arms

“Well usually, he just barges in through the door approximately five minutes after it happens, he cries, we consult the bible of sex and love known as Cosmo and then we watch Mean Girls while quoting and eating pizza.”

“Well then, I’m glad it’s not often.”

“It happens almost every two weeks, just giving you a heads up” I said while making my way to the bathroom.

“Hey, We’re out of milk, I’m gonna go hit the store, you need anything else?” Gee called from the living room

“Um, Oh! Get some condoms for Brendon just in case!” I called from the shower

“Are you serious? Does he need lube or a sex toy?” he asked sarcastically

“Nah, he has some of those stored under your bed for easy access” I said grinning

I heard the door close after Gerard uttered a few profanities about the Brendon thing, and proceeded to relax. It’s been a while since I’ve had some time to myself; believe it or not, Brendon stalks me and talks to me while I shower. Once, he said he would be able to get over the whole vagina thing and showered with me. He doesn’t do that anymore because he said my boobs almost turned him straight. I’ll take that as a compliment. After giving myself a soap beard and singing A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton for the fifth time I decided I was cold enough to get out.

It was then I realized I didn’t take my clothes with me. Wrapping a towel around myself I made my way to my room and started to get dressed.

“Hey Chlo I- OH MY FUCK!’ Gerard said while staring at me, not even covering his eyes. He was shirtless, which distracted me.

“Fuck, Gerard, don’t you knock” I said reaching for my underwear.

I heard the door open and Brendon appeared.

“So Chlo I was- Oh my God!” he shrieked “Chloe, you dirty slut!” he said grinning

“Brendon, nothing happened” Gerard said putting on a shirt while I, on the other hand remained naked

“It sure looks like it, cover up slut, your boobs are staring right at me” Brendon said staring at my chest

I quickly recover from my shock and got dressed.

‘Gerard, I’m sooooo sorry! I didn’t know you were back.” I said making my way to the living room where he was.

“Imstayingoveratmikeysbebacktomorrowbye” he said in a rush while leaving

“Nice one Chloe! Always scaring away the hot ones.” Brendon said laughing at my face
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