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Be you

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Just a short poem, putting it here because its where my readers are. It's just my way of expressing to you guys that you should never feel alone.

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I hate feeling alone but I don't feel alone here. This isn't one of my best and I don't expect anyone to review or whatever, I just hope it can give you a little boost if you're having a bad day

Vikki xoxo

You will never be alone
Even when I'm not with you
Just pick up the phone
I'm sick of running
I'm tired of the fight
Let's just be ourselves forever
Let's just be what's right

My darling I need you
And its so hard to say
The way my heart beats out my chest
When you look my way
Your smile, its beautiful
Though its rare to see
You hide it from the world
But never hide it from me

Don't let them crush who you really are inside
Don't let them destroy you, there's no reason to hide
Place your hand in mine, together we stand tall
They can push all they want, I'll never let you fall

One final thing honey, just never forget
I've loved you from the second our eyes met
The scars that litter your arms cause me so much pain
I'll protect you from your demons, they'll never hurt you again.
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