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Safety Precautions

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It was back in the zone 6 base and Lazer Queen had just found the empty, half made explosives. She knew they were of no danger detonation wise, but if put into the wrong hands can become a dangerou...

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Hey guys, another chapter up. Just so you know I'm not gonna babble on this time so I'll just let you read. Hope you all enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 26. Safety Precautions

I moved closer to the workbench in front of me to get a better look at the half-made explosives that littered its working surface. I knew I couldn't just throw them out onto the side of the road for the safety of other Killjoy's out in the zones. They may not be fully constructed, but any Killjoy could try and finish it off. I wasn't prepared to take a chance on another Killjoy's safety but I haven't been trained to disarm bombs myself, this means that I need someone who can, someone I know I can trust.

I needed an expert, someone who had been effectively trained to defuse all types of bombs as the book foretold. Unfortunately, I don't think I have one of those at hand which left me with a small dilemma, but one that could easily be fixed. These weapons need a steady hand and a person with engraved knowledge on how to defuse explosives such as these. I needed help, I needed expert assistance. All I need to do is call Doctor D and he'll send someone over that we can both trust, he'll work around me. But to do that I first needed to inform Party Poison of the situation so I shouted.

"Hey Party?!" There was a short silence before I got my reply as he shouted back.

"What?!" I smiled a mischievous smile, knowing my question would make him panic, even if just slightly.

"Do you know anyone who can defuse a bomb?!" My smile got wider as I heard the confusion in his tone.

"Why?!" Smiling wider I decided to wind him up a little, as I do with every chance I can. I just can't help it really, it's not my fault he makes it so fun.

"Oh, I just found some active explosives down here is all! I was gonna try defuse them myself but I'm not trained, you see?!" Now the awaited panic came.

"What?!!" I smiled more and giggled slightly before speaking again.

"Yea, I just thought it might be dangerous if I did it! I can try if you want?!" I don't enjoy winding him you know. Well, I do, but not in that way. I know I give the man hell but I love him really, just like I do the others.

"Don't you dare touch them Lazer!" I smiled more before I continued with my unfortunate teasing.

"What?! Touch them?! Ok!-" But I paused as I heard him shout.

"Lazer!!!" That's when I couldn't hold my laughter back anymore and burst out laughing. I was laughing so much I had to prop myself up against the wall next to me for support.

After a few more seconds I heard multiple footsteps running towards the room, but I still couldn't stop my laughter. The four men halted in their paths as they reached outside the doorway, noticing the once locked door was now open and it was pitch black inside. It was Jet who spoke first.

"Lazer?! You in there?!" My laughter calmed down enough for me to say.

"Yea, I'm in here." Party was the one to speak next.

"How did you get in there?" And Ghoul followed to ask.

"Why is it so dark?" Once my laughter had faded away I answered in my know-it-all fashion.

"Well, as you guys have probably noticed this room has been locked for many years now, and unless you are all completely oblivious you will have noticed it. I saw the room was locked and got curious as to why so decided to investigate. I picked the lock and had a little search, but I only found some empty shells and half made explosives." Party spoke up first.

"But, you said they were active explosives!" I let out a giggle.

"That was just to wind you up Party." He looked slightly angry but I could also see the relief hidden behind those eyes. I shouldn't wind him up so much, but it's who I am and it's what I do. It was when I was in mid thought that I finally remembered I was still stood in the darkness of this unexplored room so I asked.

"Hey, could one of you guys find the fuse for this thing? 'Cause as you can see the lights aren't working." Ghoul laughed before speaking up.

"Then why are you still stood in there?" I smiled and answered in a childish tone.

"To be mysterious!" Three of the men stood there laughing slightly. I think Party was still a bit pissed off with my latest little wind up session, but he'll get over it soon, he always does.

Kobra spoke up and said.

"I'll go find the fuse." I smiled my thanks even though I knew they couldn't see me before I shouted my thanks.

"Thanks Kobra!"

Well, this chapter is over and done with. I hope you liked it and will hang on for more.
S xx
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