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‘Why does Duff get all the attention, and not me?’

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3 Months Later...


The crowd cheered loudly, screaming the band members names as they ran off the stage, but Steven stayed back, sitting on the edge of the stage, chatting up a young blonde that had been giving him the eye all night. He enjoyed all the new found attention he had been getting the past few weeks since their name had started to become popular in local bars and clubs.

They had just played their fifth gig as a full band together, and it had been going well, they were making some money which was also great for Steven, who could now afford some ‘good’ drugs.

“ a pen? just write your number on my arm...thanks.”

Outside, Duff and Slash were stumbling towards the bus, the brunette laughing at something Duff whispered into his ear. Their arms were wrapped around each other to keep the other standing straight, not noticing the pair of green eyes flashing in anger and jealousy at them. Axl strolled behind the laughing guitarists, eyes narrowed as he followed them.

The pair had become the closest friends in the band, closer than Izzy and Axl which didn't sit well with the redhead, but he chose to keep quiet. He loved Duff like a brother, but he only had one question about his friendship with Slash.

‘Why does Duff get all the attention, and not me?’

Axl couldn't understand why Slash wasn't giving him all the attention, he had spent more time with the guitarist than Duff did. They were close, and had more in common, like their fondness for writing music together. Axl couldn't help but feel hurt, and angry. He was angry at the fact that Slash hadn't given into him yet, no-one had ever resisted Axl Rose this long, and he knew that deep down the brunette wanted him almost as much as the singer lusted after the guitarist.

“SLASH! I hit the jackpot!”

Steven suddenly ran in front on Axl, just as the redhead was about to climb onto the bus, and bounced up the steps, taking a seat at the back next to Slash. He was giggling like a school kid as he shoved his arm in front of the lead guitarist’s face. Rolling his eyes, Axl made his way onto the bus, taking his seat next to Izzy, who instantly knew that something was wrong with him. As he sat down, he could hear Slash and Steven talking behind him, he turned around and watched their conversation.

“She has a fuckin’ TWIN, Slash!”

Slash chuckled loudly, and rewarded Steven with a high five. The blonde was bouncing on the seat, hair flying around, he was like a small child in a candy store, who just got their favorite sweet for behaving. Axl couldn't help but smile at the sight of the drummer being so happy, before turning back around, only to be greeted with Izzy’s stern expression.

“What are you lookin’ at?”

Izzy crossed his arms and leaned against the seat before he replied quietly. He had been keeping an eye on his redheaded friend for the past few months, making sure to never leave him alone with Slash, even though he knew that he couldn't stop Axl going after the young man if he wanted to. But he would do anything in his power to keep them away from each other, it would be doomed before it even started and Izzy wasn't going to stand by and watch his friends and his own career go down the drain.

“You've been glaring at Slash and Duff all night. I thought I told you to leave him alone, Axe.”

Axl whipped his head around to make sure that Slash hadn't heard before settling his eyes on his best friend, fire flashing in them. His hands were starting to shake with anger, there was no way that he was going to allow Izzy to tell him what to do. Crossing his arms, Axl looked around to make sure that no-one was listening before he responded, whispering angrily.

“Told me? Who are you, my fuckin’ mother? It’s none of your business who I ‘glare’ at, Iz!”

Izzy ran a hand over his face, looking over at Axl pleadingly.

“You know what I mean, man. We have finally found people who are willing to commit to this band, and I know we can make it to the top. But we can’t if you are fucking one of them, Axl! You know that it would never work out, because you will use him until your finished or bored, and that will leave us no choice but to let him go. You know that if he goes, Duffy and Stevie will go too. He’s good, Axe, one of the best I reckon. Please...i’m begging you, just leave him be.”

Izzy took a deep breath once he finished, still pleading with his childhood friend. He knew Axl better than anyone, and he knew what he could be capable of. When this man set his mind on something, he was going to get it. Izzy knew that Slash would easily fall in love with Axl if he started to chase the guitarist, but then it would turn sour when Axl got tired of him.

“You really think low of me do you, Iz? Do you really think that I would fuck this up for you, and the rest of them?”

Axl’s angry expression turned to hurt, and he sunk further into his seat, ignoring his best friend. Izzy just shook his head, he knew what Axl was trying to do, he was trying to make Izzy feel guilty and unfortunately it was working. Izzy placed a hand on his best friend’s shoulder, surprised that Axl didn't shake him off.

“I know that you wouldn't mean to, Axe, but you just get so obsessed with what you want, you forget about everyone else around you. Will you promise me that you will leave Slash alone?”

Axl huffed and pouted, like Izzy had just taken his favorite toy away. A few moments passed and he eventually raised his head to look at his best friend, who asked him again. He looked over at Slash, who was laughing again with Duff, head rested on the bassist’s shoulder, throwing paper at Steven, who had moved seats to call the girl who had given him her number. Jealousy ran through his body like an electric shot. Izzy squeezed his shoulder, still waiting for an answer.

“Fine! I’ll stay away, OK?”

Izzy let out a sigh of relief, before nodding, silently thanking him. Axl leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes as he began to try and fall asleep, a small smirk appearing on his face. He licked his lips as Slash’s laughter ran through the bus, images of the guitarist filling up his head.

Game on.
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