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Check This Out!

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Lazer Queen had informed the four men about the small predicament and they contacted Doctor D for help. Doctor D informed them that he'd sent someone over, but this person's identity wasn't liked b...

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God, it's been so quiet lately. I hope people are still reading even if it's only silently. Anyway, another chapter is up and I am nearing closer to the story really coming to life. I hope people are holding on for that, but I'll leave you to read. Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 27. Check This Out!

After my little wind up session was over I told the guys to called Doctor D and ask for someone who knew how to safely disarm a bomb... or take apart a half made one at least. After a few minutes of thought he told the men that he would send someone over to the base, someone he knew he could trust. I knew that he would do just that and the four men accompanying me were also washed with relief. They know just as well as I do that it's a danger me being here, but we can all trust Doctor D's judgement.

Back to the subject of the mystery room though Kobra had eventually found the small fuse that powered the room and we switched on the lights for the large, rustic, battered space, and this led me to identify the room as a small garage. Upon turning the switch I found my own personal paradise, things that would seem like garbage to others but in fact were worlds of possibilities for me. There were scraps of metal to and fro in this room, equipment that can be used for welding and altering the scraps of metal to any shape I desire. I could create anything I wanted in here, I could go as far as my heart can see.

After I had left the newly found garage and again entered the main room we heard the buzzer ring, meaning the person Doctor D had sent was here. This was a relief to the men as we could safely get rid of these harmless chunks of metal, but one mistake could prove fatal and even professionals can make mistakes. But, unfortunately for Party Poison this expert that has come to help us was one person he didn't take a shine to, my old friend Green Machine.

Me, Party and Jet decided the three of us should go up and we walked through the locks and up to normal level, upon our arrival we were greeted by my old friend. As we passed through the final lock we were greeted by a smiling Green Machine, a man dressed so unusually I couldn't help but smile at the sight. When he saw me also pass through the locks with the two other Killjoy's he shouted.

"Lazer Queen! I didn't know you were still with these guys!" I laughed my response before I replied.

"I'm afraid their stuck with me for a little while longer." He returned my laugh with a genuine smile, but this didn't hold back the annoyance in Party Poison. I knew Party didn't want him here long and I have to respect his wishes, so I got straight to the point and spoke in a formal and serious manner. Well, as much as I could handle to anyway.

"So, Doctor D sent you to disarm our harmless chunks of metal, did he?" Green gave me a smile out of humour before he spoke.

"He sure did! Now, where are these half made explosives?" I returned the smile before I answered.

"They're inside, but Party would prefer them to be brought up here to be disarmed. A safety precaution really, you know?" He happily nodded back at the lie I had spouted, but I wasn't going to tell him about that. It was actually that Party didn't trust him so didn't want him inside the base, even though both me and Doctor D trust the guy.

It's kinda hard to explain Party Poison, well, putting it into words anyway. He's a very distrusting man, he only seems to trust the people he's close to. It took him just over two weeks to get to the point of even slightly trusting me, and that was only after he found out my biggest secret and even more so when it was actually confirmed. I know he still doesn't completely trust me and I don't expect him to, it's just difficult to work around it sometimes. But I finally came out of my thoughts when I heard Green reply.

"Yep, that's fine with me!" I smiled back at my friend before I turned to face Party Poison's direction in a suggestive manner. He noticed me looking and knew what I was wanting him to do so he demandingly said.

"Oh, no! I am not touching those things!" I sighed in annoyance before I showed it in my tone.

"Why not? They're not exactly gonna blow up on you." He again shouted in demand.

"I'm not touching any damn explosives! Do you even realise how god damn dangerous they are?!" I gave a large groan before I again showed my annoyance in my tone.

"They're not active Party! They're not gonna hurt you, just go and grab em'!" He tried to lay down the law.

"I am not touching those things!" I was getting slightly pissed off with his stubbornness. This was another pointless argument, but in reality we're both just as stubborn as one another.

Of course Green Machine stood there smiling so wide I thought his cheeks were gonna fall off of his face from the pressure, but he just stood there as he watched us fighting like an old married couple. It was as if it was the most amusing thing in the world, which in reality it probably was to him. He never really had an interesting life to begin with, so a little tussle between me and Party Poison might just in some strange way brighten up his day. But our argument continued with me being the next to speak.

"Would you rather us disarm them inside?!" He shouted his reply.

"No!" I in return demanded.

"Then go get them!" He shouted back.

"No!" But it wasn't me to shout this time, but the only other Killjoy in our presence.

"Would you two just stop fighting?!" We turned to see that it was Jet who shouted at us squabbling two, the intolerance shown on his features. We both quietened and stopped our fighting to let him continue. He then spoke up to offer a suggestion.

"How about I go get the explosives? That will solve all our problems and stop this stupid, pointless argument." I stayed silent but gave a thankful smile nodded my agreement. I was thankful he had interfered in our argument, he was in the right mind after all.

After my agreeing with the idea Jet Star started back down into the base to gather the explosives and bring them back up here, an action I am very grateful to him for doing. Upon Jet Star's leave Party Poison also excused himself and followed after his Killjoy, this leaving me to face an amused looking Green Machine.

Ok, an uneventful chapter, well in my eyes anyway, but I still hope you liked it. I do try hard to make things interesting but I know I tend to drag on sometimes. Anyway, I hope you liked the chapter and will hang on for the next one.
S xx
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