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L.A. Girl

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A few days later Austin and I sat outside the diner we had met at. We had checked papers and bulletin boards all over the strip but nobody seemed to be or even know a rhythm guitarist. I was getting frustrated. I crushed my empty Pepsi can and exhaled angrily. Austin tapped a beat on the table with his fingers.
“Hey lovebirds” a voice said from behind me. Austin and I started and looked for the person that spoke.
“Hey Mick!” I said happily, glad to see the only sane member of the Crue. He leaned on the railing that separated the street and porch. “Word on the street is you need a rhythm guitarist.”
“What of it?” I asked coolly. He looked over the rim of his glances and shot me a wry smile. “I might be able to help you out.” Now we were getting somewhere. I folded my arms and watched Mick curiously.
He took that as a sign to continue.
"I have a friend who plays pretty good. I don’t know if she's looking for a band, but you could give her a go. I got her number with me if you want it.” I nodded and took the folded up paper he handed me. He stood back up and gave us a two-finger salute and headed back down the road.
I unfolded the paper and recognized the number. “The guitar shop?” I asked myself. Austin reached over and snatched the paper from me. “She's playing with us. I don't care if she sucks or if she's the greatest rhythm guitarist out there. We need a rhythm guitarist.” Austin said. I nodded and stood up and headed down the street.
“Where are you going?” Austin called, turning around to watch me go. “The guitar shop.” I said without looking back. A moment later he caught up and walked steadily next to me. The shop was just down the road, so we got there in no time. I pushed open the door to the small cool building and glanced around. There was a blonde girl behind the counter reading a magazine. He didn’t even look up at us.
Since she wasn’t paying any attention, I took my time to study her. She was really pretty. Her long pale blonde hair fell around her face, curtaining his grey gaze. Austin pushed past me and headed over to drum stuff. I curiously wandered over to the guitar section. It wasn’t a large place, just enough to fuel the fire burning in the Strip at night. Accessories, strings, straps, and only a few guitars to choose from.
“Looking for anything specific?” A voice said from behind me. I forced myself not to jump in surprise as I noticed the blonde behind me.
“Probably something I won’t find.” I sighed, returning my gaze to the wall of instruments. “You won’t know until you look.” She said, picking up a Fender Jazzmaster and tuning it. I watched her curiously. “You play?” She nodded. “You?” I smiled deviously.
"Guitar. In fact, me and my buddy Austin over there are looking for a good bassist.” She looked up at me and replaced the bass. “I don’t know one.”
My heart sank and I watched her return behind the counter. “What about you?” I asked, trying not to sound desperate. She shook his head again. “I don’t do the whole band thing. I prefer to go solo.” I glared at her.
“It must not be you.” I mumbled, turning around and leaning on the counter to watch Austin.
“Not me?” He said. I exhaled angrily. “Mick said there was a rhythm guitarist here I could get in my band, I guess he lied.”
“Really, Mick?” I turned around and shot him a look. “So what?” She smiled. “Well, it’s just that Mick told me two big shots might come snooping around for a rhythm guitarist.”
“You know Mick?!” I growled.
“Big shots?” Austin asked, now beside me.
She laughed. “Tell ya what, come back later after closing and I’ll see if you two are worth my time.” I nodded and tried to keep my temper at a minimum.
“We’ll be here.” I confirmed, grabbing my drummer and heading toward the door. I went to pull it open when it flew open by itself and I jumped back in shock.
A guy ran in and nearly fell over the counter as he stopped. “Where’s bass strings at, I got practice in 5 minutes and the guys are gonna kill me!” “Nikki?” I asked incredulously. He froze and turned his head slowly.
“Why the hell are you here?” He smirked.
“None of your business.” I retorted.
“Heh, bet you still don’t have a full band, do you?” Both Austin and I didn’t know what to say.
“Actually they do.” The blonde that worked there said. “We’re going to rehearse tonight, aren’t we guys?”
I beamed. “Right!”
“Who the hell are you?” Nikki spat, turning on the girl.
“D'Arcy,” she answered, “their new rhythm guitarist. Now I suggest you get your gear and get out so we can practice mister Sixx.”
“Whatever.” He muttered, grabbing a pack of strings and pulling his wallet out. He turned to leave and shot Austin a glare. “I’ll see you later Sam-Sam.” He said, kissing me as he walked out. Austin was confused. I grabbed his arm.
“Don’t worry, I won’t be seeing him any time soon.”

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