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Safe as Houses

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Lazer Queen was left standing outside with her old friend who was smiling at her with amusement on his features. Lazer Queen and Green Machine where good friends, but Green was no Blade Runner. But...

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Hey guys, another chapter up. I'm not going to babble on this time as I usually do, I'm just gonna let you read. Hope you enjoy the chapter. xx

Chapter 29. Safe as Houses

I stood there staring at my colourful friend that couldn't stop his smiling, he couldn't hold back the humour on his features, or even try to hold it back at that. I'll be honest with you, at this point I wasn't in the mood for his enthusiasm so it was really starting to get on my nerves, but I couldn't get angry at Green, I love the guy too much to do that. So to hold back my anger I instead chose to cross my arms and kindly ask.

"What's so funny?" He let a little laugh escape before he commented out of sarcasm.

"I see you've really fit in here!" I let a small laugh escape thinking about it before I let humour enter my system for a minute to say.

"It was all fine until I told Party I'd found active explosives in the base." Green curled over with laughter and clutched his stomach to try and control his laughter. I was also giving a laugh, but it wasn't as burly as Green's. Finally, after Green had managed to compose himself slightly he asked.

"Why'd you do that?" I smiled a wide smile at my friend at the memory before I said.

"I don't know. I seriously don't mean to wind him up, but he just makes it so fun!" We were both laughing now, letting our shared happiness collide in a way that was so familiar.

I loved times like this, time where I could be my real self around my friends. It was something I sorely missed, it reminded me of being with Blade, my best friend who meant the entire world to me. Me and Blade were so close we may as well have been siblings, Blade was practically my brother. Well, really, he was my brother, the only brother I ever had.

But coming back to Green and I, once our laughter had died down we stood still to catch our breaths, and not too long after that we heard the locks to the metal base open again. I turned around to see Jet Star walk through the locks, confidence in his stride and explosives in hand. He walked up to Green Machine and carefully handed the explosives to him before saying.

"These were the only ones I could find so I think that's all of them." Green Machine gave him a smile and took the explosives from his hands before he knelt to the floor and laid the explosives beside him as he set out his small disarming kit and picked out the correct tools.

I on the other hand was looking from Jet to the doors leading downstairs and back again. I was a little confused at the situation, the fact that the group leader hadn't come back up to join us. I looked backwards and forwards from Jet to the doors a few times before finally asking.

"Is Party not coming back up?" Jet Star turned his head to face me and looked at me with confusion before he in turn asked.

"He's not here?" I gave him a sarcastic smile before I questioned in a humorous tone.

"Do you really think I'd be asking if he was?" He let a laugh slip out at my words but his face soon tailed back towards his usual solemn expression before he spoke.

"I guess not. He's probably just staying downstairs." I look at Jet Star and mentally questioned the nature of his sentence. I could tell from the tone of his voice that that wasn't the full truth and from my previous experiences with Party Poison I can kind of guess what's happened, so I raised my voice to ask in a defeated tone, fed up with the constant strains.

"You guys didn't argue over what happened just now did you?" He knew from my manner that I wasn't really asking.

It wasn't really a question, more a statement. I didn't need him to answer because I already knew the answer, it was all too obvious from his words and body language, not to mention the eyes too. They had argued about what happened earlier and it didn't exactly please me. Jet Star took in my question before he replied with.

"Just Party Poison being Party Poison." I gave a small laugh at the answer, completely understanding the meaning of them. I then led to comment.

"Well I sure know what that consists of." Jet gave a small laugh before we let silence drift upon us.

There was a long silence in which me and Jet Star watched Green Machine slowly disarm the half made explosives. It was interesting to watch, seeing his keen eye at work and watching with bated breath as the expert did his magic. The silence was blissful, until the calming silence was interrupted by Jet Star asking.

"Green Machine, are you sure it's safe to disarm these bombs this short distance from our base? We're practically right outside the door." Green didn't look up as his concentration was targeting elsewhere but he still replied in a monotone voice.

"Safe as houses." I laughed at his words before my humour again kicked in as I commented.

"Counts on what kinda house you're looking at there Green." Green gave me a laugh back before he raised his voice to say.

"Lazer Queen. Always with the witty comments and sarcastic comebacks. Just as I remember you." I laughed at my friends remarks before I sharply replied with.

"Except back then I was younger, and not so battered and bruised." He shook his head in a displeasing manner before he said.

"Lazer Queen. Older, but still always putting yourself down." I also shook my head in a displeasing manner before impersonating my good friends words.

"Green Machine. Older, but still no common sense!" Green looked up at me with fake shock on his face that I couldn't help but laugh at. I was seeing the side of my friend that I haven't seen in a Killjoy for a long time now, the side that showed they had nothing to fear, the side that showed they weren't afraid to live.

Green Machine is a good friend of mine, a friend I look upon as a fond memory. Just seeing him makes me realise that sometimes I need a good friend around, someone who can help me feel like my life is still normal and carefree. Someone who can help me forget that I'm being hunted down by the most dangerous man in all of Battery City, a man that wants nothing more than me on a steel slab, and he will be more than happy with that.

Well, another chapter over and done with. Just so you guys know I prefer to cover every angle of a story before I really get into it, I just hope you're not losing interest. But I'll let you go now and I hope to see you again soon, and remember, any advice, ideas or views don't be afraid to shout.
S xx
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