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The Strongest Weapon

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It had been a few days since the incident with the explosives and Lazer Queen was busy at work and decided she wanted to leave her mark, so she introduced the guys to the strongest weapon in Killjo...

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Another chapter up guys but just to let you know I'm losing the will to keep posting this story. So sorry to be a downer but the day I stop getting views is the day I stop posting. I hope those of you who are still reading enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 31. The Strongest Weapon

It has been a few more days since I last spoke to you and I have been up to a lot. I have been busying myself and I am happy to say that my gift to the girl is ready. It is safe enough for Party to not disagree with her having it, and that was my main worry. But I pushed it to the side as I called the group in.

"Hey guys! Come in here, I wanna show you something!" It wasn't long before I heard a sound of response.

I heard a gathering of footsteps walking into the secret garage I had recently inhabited, the space thankfully big enough to hold the six of us. All four men walked into the room as the girl came running in behind them, Grace happily skipping along beside them. The girl rushed to the front of the group and partially saw the object hiding behind my frame, she was curious so was the first to speak.

"What's that?!" I looked down at her and smiled a wide smile before I answered.

"Oh, this? Well, it's just one of the strongest weapons known to all of Killjoy kind." I looked up at the four men and saw they had stepped back, letting Gracie have her fun knowing this was intended for her. They knew it would make her happy, so let her take the reins. The girl then asked.

"Well, what is it?!" She jumped up and down out of excitement, waiting for me to tell her what it was. I spoke with enthusiasm and used hand gestures to exaggerate my words.

"!" The girl stared at me confused and doubtingly as her tone raised a pitch or two as she said.

"Imagination?! That's not a weapon!" I gave the girl a smile before I corrected her to explain.

"Oh, but it is. Come have a look." I beckoned Grace to come closer as I knelled to become eye level with her as she came to stand next to me. I then turned my vision to the object in the shape of a stereo behind me as we both stared at my contraption, the other four men also moved to stand closer and watch. I then raised my voice to ask her.

"Now, what do you see here kid?" She looked at it confused for a second before she answered.

"A stereo!" I gave her a pleased smile before I looked at her and said.

"Good, but the real question is, what would the Sad Man see?" She looked at the contraption, a confused expression on her face. She let it linger there for a while before she turned to me and spoke out of confusion.

"I don't know." I gave the girl a small smile before I tilted my head to look back at the four men and questioned.

"Guys?" It was Party who smiled and raised his voice to answer.

"A possible weapon." I gave a large smile before I spoke with enthusiasm.

"Exactly!" I looked back at the kid and carried on speaking. "You see Grace, Killjoys will do anything to disguise a weapon, and the Sad Man knows this. So... Let's say I take that to my advantage." Grace's face then lit up with wonder before she asked.

"You make imaginary weapons?" I gave a tilt of the head in thought before I answered.

"..Yea, I guess that's one way of putting it. I do it because to the Sad Man it looks like a possible weapon, but on the inside..." I opened up the back compartment of the stereo before looking inside it and saying.

"It's completely empty." The girls face turned into happiness and wonder and she smiled a great, big smile and said.

"Oh, I get it!" I smiled back at her, happy to see her smile so big. I let my smile spread further before I spoke.

"Well good. You see, I'm not trained to create explosives, so I create imaginary ones instead." She jumped up and down, knowing she had the answer to the secret question.

"To scare the Sad Man?" I answered in a positive tone with emphasis on the 'scare'.

"To scare the Sad Man!" She shouted her reply.

"Cool!" I looked at the girl and smiled at her happiness, the joy it was bringing to everyone in the room. I now understand why these guys keep her around, she's just such a joy to be with and always manages to make you smile. I'm really gonna miss this little girl, I'm gonna miss her bright light and her cheerful smile. I finally raised my voice to again talk to the girl.

"Now, this is my latest creation. And just because I like you so much, it's yours to keep." Her smile got wider and she looked at me with shock before she asked.

"Mine? Really?!" I nodded my reply before I spoke it.

"Yep, yours to hold kid. That is... if Party's ok with it?" The girl quickly turned to Party Poison, her palms held together as if she was begging as she started to plea.

"Please Party! I'll be good!" Party swiftly crossed his arms across his chest and looked at her doubtingly.

"Are you sure you'll be good?" Gracie had her palms still together, begging with her eyes and a slightly more high pitched tune in her voice.

"I promise!" Party kept his arms crossed but tapped his chin with one finger in fake thought. After a while he finally said.

"Well... I guess it's not dangerous, and it won't cause anyone any harm by being here. So, I guess I'm ok with it. Just be careful, ok." The girl let out a high pitch squeal before she shouted her thanks.

"I will! Thank you Party!" Party Poison let a loving smile slip, looking at the girl as if she was his own. That made me smile even more inside, knowing he cared that much.

"It's ok kid, just keep it in base. It may not actually be a weapon but anyone who sees you with it might think it is!" The girl frowned before she spoke in a defeated tone.

"Aww, but Party!" He stayed with his joking attitude but still let his seriousness enter his tone.

"Don't you 'but Party' me! You do as I say. I'm only trying to keep you safe." The girl smiled at her leader before saying.

"Ok Party!" After that conversation was over with Gracie turned to the fake explosive and carefully picked it up in her hands, treating it with care as if it was a real explosive.

Once she was done she ran back into the hall and to her room, fake explosive in hand. My smile got wider as I watched her skip away, holding my creation close and with a tight grip so to not drop one of the most dangerous weapons known in all of Killjoy kind. I just kneeled there for a second and thought, mainly thinking about what impact I've hopefully had on that kids life.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter guys and hope to see you again,but I have an addition to make as to why I'm no longer the happy go lucky girl you saw in the last chapter.

In this past week I've been in hospital twice and had to stay in over night. We've found out my epilepsy has gotten worse, much worse, so they need to bring my scan forward to make sure my caner isn't coming back, the brain tumour that has sent my whole life to shit... And on top of that not too long ago I'd found out something a while back, something that lowered my strength all the more.

When I was on treatment I met a teenage girl much like myself, her name was Hayleigh, we stayed in touch after treatment and even met up a few times. But we lost contact, and I found out a few months ago that she is dead. The cancer came back and she'd died.
No body knows that I'm an emotionally crippled person so I'm sorry if my attitude had changed so suddenly. I hope you enjoyed the chapter because I just don't have the strength to talk anymore.
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