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Doing What I'm Best At

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Missing Chapter Here!!! After finding the empty workshop it was quickly put to use as Lazer Queen busied herself in there and quickly put herself to use. Something about this felt nice, Lazer Queen...

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Here's the missing chapter guys!!! But for those of you who might not know that this is a missing chapter let's just say I'm very dim. But anyway, for those of you who will bother to read this I hope you enjoy lol.

Chapter 30. Doing What I'm Best At

A happy Killjoy makes for a good day, a crappy saying but a saying all the same. It has been a few days since I found the secret room in the men's base and I have found myself spending multiple nights in the recently found garage. It's a nice room, cosy and fresh, it kinda reminded me of what home felt like, something I haven't felt in a long time. I have been so busy in this garage, creating items from scraps of metal during the days and have found myself spending my nights doing it also.

This room really was like home to me. I have been trained in welding, mechanics and engineering, so this small room provides all the comforts a girl like me needs. It's a large room, a cold room that sent small shivers down your spine every so often. It may be colourless, bland and harsh but it was still like home to me. Some people don't seem to understand the small things that take you back to a better time, for me it takes me back to way before now, before the Sad Man decided he wanted my group dead.

It's all in good fun but the few times where I have ventured out of my ant hole I have spoken to the guys, them mainly making jokes at my expense. The most popular ones so far are the ones from Ghoul saying 'The hermit ventures out!' and 'You have practically taken refuge in there'. I know it's all just out of fun and I tend to laugh along, mainly because I like these guys and I've become very fond of their company.

I let them have their fun from time to time, but they know not to wander into the garage when I'm busy working. I tend to be grumpy and harsh when I'm interrupted, only because I tend to make mistakes when I'm not fully concentrated. Me and concentration don't mix very well, so when that concentration gets disrupted they get faced with one very angry Lazer Queen. I don't like to make mistakes because it is very difficult to work with welding metal, you make one mistake and that can set you really far behind.

I have been in this garage busying myself in trying to create new ideas from the multiple scraps of metal I have gathered together and am planning on making a gift for the girl as a leaving present in a way, that way she can remember me by. In all honesty I love being trapped in this room, one reason being that I have my own tranquil space but mainly it's because I'm sat in this room doing what I do best. Nothing can beat that love, not even cold beans for breakfast, and that's a luxury out here.

I have been doing a lot of testing and designing to try and get a shape that I like, and my latest creation I think the girl will love. I am planning on giving it to her as a gift, something to remember me by as I'm planning on leaving soon. I'll miss little Gracie more than anything, she's just always happy. She's this little ray of sunshine that just won't go out and sometimes we need that in our sad Killjoy lives.

I'm sure these guys will be happy to finally get me out of their hair, I know I'm a pain and I would blame them for washing their hands of me. Though I'll admit something to you, I'm afraid I'm going to miss these four men. These four men have brought my life back into normality for such a short period of time, I've really enjoyed my time here and I'm really going to miss that normality. I'm going to miss every single one of these men, they make me feel normal, not special.

Fun Ghoul. Curious as a child yet strong with a gun in hand. It didn't take long for him to warm to me, more than anything he was just curious about the life I've led. He's as sweet as a bunny, as soft as a teddy. If it wasn't for the clothes and tattoos you wouldn't suspect he was an emotionally injured Killjoy, as all Killjoys are emotionally injured in some way.

Jet Star. The older and wiser of the group. I have a lot of similarities with Jet Star, one similarity being that we're both the most experienced in our groups, yet neither of us are clan leaders. We're both the wiser of our clans, the ones that everyone turns to when things turn rough. However, I think Jet's a little scared to open up to me, as if doing so would strip him of his rank in the group. But I have respect for his wishes and will not pester him on the subject.

Kobra Kid. The boy with the silver tongue. In the first day of us meeting he found out one of my biggest secrets, a secret I hold from every Killjoy unless situations change. He found out a deadly secret, yet he held it from his own group, promising he wouldn't tell them. They didn't find out until two weeks later when the circumstances changed. But the point is he trusted me from the moment he found out that secret, and he still trusts me now.

Party Poison. The man with a heart of stone. He didn't trust me from the word go, nor was he kind to me or believe the small amount of information I told the men at the start. That wasn't the only time he didn't believe me though. When I told him why I couldn't go into Battery City he didn't believe me on that either. I always thought this man was as cold as ice but recently, just over the past few days, he's been kind to me, had a laugh with me. Yea, I like to wind him up every now and again but that's just who I am, and I know he loves it really.

Yep, I can definitely say I'm going to miss these men They have helped me to realise that I am no different from any of them and that has really opened my eyes. I will definitely miss these me, to the bottom of my heart and to the core of my brittle bones.

Thanks for reading the chapter and allowing me to correct my mistake lol.
S xx
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