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For the first time in 5 months, Izzy wasn't there to stop him.

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5 Months.

That’s how long it had been since Slash joined the band. 5 long months of Axl trying to keep his hands to himself, and it had been getting more difficult each and every day. 5 months of Izzy keeping a ‘close’ eye on his redheaded friend, making sure that he kept his fantasy in his head and in his pants. 

5 months of Axl throwing girls out of the apartment that had been keeping Slash’s bed warm during the night. 5 months of Axl screwing girls that he imagined were Slash, almost screaming his name as he came. 5 months of Axl wanting something that, for the first time, he couldn't have.

5 months. 152 days of wanting Slash.

It was beginning to irritate Axl, because he had an itch that only Slash could scratch. It was starting to intrude in on Axl’s personal life, because every time he took a groupie home, he couldn't get into it unless he imagined having Slash beneath him, screaming his name. But every time he tried to get close to the guitarist, Izzy was there, his eyebrow raised and tapping his foot again.

Axl wanted to break his foot and shave off that judgmental eyebrow.


The redhead jumped when he felt a finger poking at his shoulder, causing him to snap out of his thoughts. At first he didn't hear his name being said, so he shrugged off the touch and leaned back into his seat. His thoughts began to wonder again but then he heard someone yelling into his ear, a worried voice.


His head snapped up and he turned around, eyes widening when he saw Slash sitting next to him, lightly shaking his shoulder for attention. He had a worried look on his face, looking into his eyes to see if he was on something. Axl shook his head and brushed the guitarist off of him. He didn't trust himself around the brunette, and that meant he couldn't allow any touching.

“You OK? Seemed like your were off in another world.”

Axl nodded his head, keeping his mouth shut, watching as Slash settled down beside him, propping his feet up onto the coffee table in front of them. Axl silently wished that he would just go away, it was like dangling a piece of meat in front of a hungry dog, and there was no-one with them to stop the singer.

For the first time in 5 months, Izzy wasn't there to stop him.

Axl couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face, but then he imagined Izzy’s stern look, and it almost put him off. His mind was telling him to back off, that what Izzy said was right, he would eventually get bored. But his heart and body was telling him to pounce on the guitarist because there was no other way to stop this torture. 

“I’m fine, thanks.”

Slash nodded and leaned forward, grabbing one of Axl’s cigarettes and his lighter before popping it into his mouth. Axl, who would normally scream at someone for touching his cigarettes, eyed Slash as he lit up the smoke and breathed in, tossing the lighter back onto the table. He couldn't help but be captivated at such a simple sight, looking away before Slash noticed that he was staring.

“What were you thinkin’ so hard about?”

Axl’s mouth opened and shut as he tried to think of something to say, but nothing came out. Slash smiled softly at this, the singer was never usually this quiet, and he couldn't stop his gaze from settling on Axl’s lips, especially his bottom one that he was chewing on, almost shyly.

“Nothin’. I just live in my head sometimes. You’ll get used to it.”

Slash laughed, offering Axl his half-finished cigarette which the singer gladly took, taking a long and needed drag before passing it back. They hadn't had a chance to fully get to know each other since the band spent most of their time as a group. 

All Slash knew was that Axl was close to Izzy, that he had a short temper, he was a kickass singer and that they played great live. He did want to know more, because it seemed that Axl was closer to everyone else in the band but him. 

Even though Slash was already great friends with everyone else, he really did want to get to know Axl, because he seemed somewhat more mysterious and more interesting. He had something about him, and Slash couldn't help but feel drawn to him. 

But it seemed like Axl was pulling away from him, which he didn't do to the other band members. He really needed to know what Axl hated about him, because he would change it, if it meant that the singer would take an interest.

“A-Axl, do you have a problem with me?”

Axl eyes snapped up to his own, and Slash met them, the question still clear in his eyes. Axl instantly felt bad, this was what he didn't want, he didn't want Slash to think that he was the problem. He couldn't deny that he had been distancing himself from the younger man under Izzy’s orders.

Slash looked cute when he was confused.

“No! I don’t, what made you think that?”

Slash didn't know how to respond, he had so much to say but he didn't know how Axl was going to react to his answer. He didn't know how to talk to him but he knew that he had to try. Axl scooted closer to him, his expression softening, and Slash‘ s breath caught in his throat.

“I..We...”Slash groaned inwardly as he tried to word what he meant,”You just seem much more closer to the other guys than me.”

A small smile appeared on Axl’s face when he noticed that Slash was shy around him. So he moved a little closer to the younger man, pretending to have a worried look on his face as Slash spoke. He could hear his breathing hitch when he placed a hand on the dark mans leg. Slash stumbled over his words as he tried to think of what to say.

“I-I don’t know what I did, but...Oh!”

He was cut off when Axl’s index fingers brushed against his crotch and he jumped, causing the older man to laugh. Now he knew that Slash wanted him, and he was going to take full advantage of it. Slash couldn't help but part his legs as the rest of Axl’s hand made it’s way towards his crotch again, his eyes closing. Axl leaned forward so that he could whisper into Slash’s ear.

“Do you want to be closer to me? Much closer than anyone else?”

All thoughts flew out of Slash’s head and his mind fogged up, his head dropping against Axl’s, their foreheads meeting. Axl smirked, running a tongue along his teeth as Slash’s gaze dropped to his lips. His full lips parted as Axl pressed for an answer. Axl’s grip tightened on Slash, causing the guitarist to let out a low whine as he tried to buck against the pale hand and he couldn't stop himself from leaning closer to Axl’s mouth. He swallowed before he answered, it coming out like a whimper.

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