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Time to Say Goodbye

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It has been a few weeks since Lazer Queen had first met these men and joined them in their base. She has help bring Grace back to health and so it is time to say goodbye to the Killjoy's she has gr...

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Hey guys, another chapter up. I'm not going to babble on today as I don't really have anything to babble on about, so I'll leave you to enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 36. Time to Say Goodbye

My name is Lazer Queen, and I'm the last living member of Clan Killjoy. For the past few weeks I have been living in the secret hideout within Zone 6 with a group that is not my own, I have been helping their little child to recover, a little angel. I am being hunted down by the Sad Man for being the last living member of Clan Killjoy, a clan that he wants dead, so that leaves only me.

I have been staying with Killjoy's Kobra Kid, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul and Party Poison. These Killjoy's have made me realise that life is worth living, even though mine is not guaranteed. However, I'm afraid the child Killjoy is healed and well and I have served my purpose in this zone, these Killjoy's will no longer need me here. I have already stayed past my due and need to leave this base, but that doesn't mean I'm not sad about it, it doesn't mean that I'm not sad to be leaving here. They know I am leaving today, so now is the time to say goodbye.

I entered the main room where the four men and the girl were waiting for me by the door, ready to say their goodbyes. I looked at the girl I know as Gracie and smiled, happy she was all better but also happy I had left my own little mark in her life. I then looked at the four men standing around the door waiting for me there.

In the short time I have been here I have gained all the four men's trust.

Kobra Kid started to trust me within the first day of us meeting when he found out my deadliest secret, but he kept it a secret to which I was thankful. He became protective over me because he knew that he was the only one that knew my secret, and he stuck up for me several times over. Now, Kobra Kid has full trust and respect for me which was gained over time, and I am proud to say this Killjoy has been a part of my life.

Fun Ghoul took a shine to me within the first week, his inner curiosity playing its part I guess. He's a few years older than me, yet he acts like an overgrown child the majority of the time. He is as curious as he is dangerous, but as soft as a teddy bear once he got to know you. The man was loveable and carefree, yet scarred like the rest of us. I am proud to say this Killjoy has had an effect on my life.

Jet Star took a while to get to trusting me. In the beginning he didn't really trust me, but he didn't not trust me either. Me and Jet are alike in so many ways, and I know from meeting me he realises how lucky he really is to have this group. The man is the oldest and the wisest, but like me doesn't fit the role of clan leader. I am proud to say this Killjoy has made an impression on my life.

Now, Party Poison took a long time to get to the point of even starting to trust me. I now know why that is, but that doesn't mean that the man hasn't made my life more memorable. His honesty, his laugh, his determination and his life. This man has made me realise that life isn't meant to be wasted and to live for today, because tomorrow might not be there. This man, this leader, has made me realise that I haven't lost everything and my life isn't as bad as I'd made it seem. I am proud to say this Killjoy has made me realise how important my life really is.

I looked at each of the men and saw them smiling at me, a smile that silently said 'thank you' and 'you'll be missed'. I smiled back at each of the men in turn and made my way towards the locks leading to the ground above. Once reaching the locks I turned to again face the four men. It was Ghoul who spoke first.

"Do you really have to go?" I smiled a small smile at him before answering.

"Yea, I do. I've put you guys in enough danger as it is." It was Jet who spoke next.

"You don't have to leave." I looked at him and said sternly.

"Yes... I do." It stayed silent for a little while before Kobra broke the still silence.

"...Will you ever come back?" I bit my lip and looked to the floor before answering.

"If I live long enough, then maybe." It was Party who spoke next.

"Don't be silly Lazer. You will see us again, I promise." I smiled at him and admired his certainty. But his promise also brought back old memories, bad memories of a promise that was never kept, a promise that was broken. But he isn't Incinery Bomber, nowhere near like my old leader, so I gave him a kind, sincere smile before I spoke.

"Thanks Party... That means a lot." He smiled back but stayed silent. This left me time to think.

The kid is well enough to look after herself now, has been for a while. So why have I been sticking around? Why didn't I leave this place before? Maybe it's because I enjoy the company of these men? I have fun when I'm here? I'm happy here? I have got some good memories of my few weeks here, and I really am sad to be leaving. I wish I didn't have to go, but I need to keep these men safe and this is the only way.

I know I have to go, but no matter how much my mind tells me I have to leave my heart tells me to stay. These men really are just genuine guys, I enjoy being in their company and in a way love each of them to the bone, even Party Poison... especially Party Poison. But in a world where everyone hates you can't afford to feel these feelings, especially when you're wanted dead by the highest rank in Battery City.

I looked at all four men again before speaking.

"Well... I guess this is goodbye." All four men smiled before Party Poison spoke again.

"Yea, I guess so. But you will see us again, I'll make sure of it." I smiled a kind smile at the men once more before turning my back to them and walked through the locks leading to dry land.

Once I had passed all the locks and felt the sand beneath my feet I sighed an exasperated sigh before I headed to my car. I unlocked the doors and jumped in before I changed my mind. I started the engine... and reversed out of the property. I was heading back to Zone 9 to ride out the rest of the life I have left in hiding. What a life to look forward to.

But what I thought about the most? I hoped that Party Poison would keep his word, and this won't be the last I ever see of those Killjoys. I couldn't handle another broken promise, not one as strong as that, just like the last one, not in this life.

Well, I hope you won't believe that it will stop there, nothing has even happened yet so I hope you'll hang on for the next one. Chow all.
S xx
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