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Ailiana realises what she sees in Ilyan.

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Here we are, laying in bed, staying silent as the outside noise gently filled our eardrums. I hear his breathing, soft, still, quiet, peaceful. I attempted to shallow my breathing so that I could enjoy this small moment of peace. 

"Ailiana," he said my name slowly. I turn my head before I turned my body, answering him with my movements. My eyes were met with piercing blue orbs, even in the ending darkness of dawn I could see their beauty, filled with emotions I could never place or name. My breath hitched as I saw that he was moving closer, towards me. One of his slender, lean but muscular arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him, to his chest. Without warning, my breathing shallowed again. 

"Oh God," he says with his thick Slavic accent, "I missed you so much."

He kissed the top of my head, and I felt the warmness of his breath against my hair, onto my scalp. 

I say nothing, even still, but I did respond by running my hands along his side comfortably, to calm him even though I was not sure about what he actually felt. 

"What's wrong, Aili?" Ilyan asked me mellowly, the old nickname he used to call me rolling off his tongue smoothly. "Is there anything I can do to help? You are not speaking to me."

I pushed away from him, but my eyes never left his as he asked his questions. I did not dare take my eyes off this man. My brown eyes gazed at Ilyan as my hands disobeyed all of my thoughts and reached for him, trailing up his shirt and over the soft, sensitive skin of his neck. I watched him as he silently closed his eyes, his own breathing becoming light and shallow. 

I held my breath as I ran my hands over his face, the soft skin that I barely touched before. The pads of my fingers ran over his blond eyebrows, his well-defined cheekbones, and across his hairline.

My heart beat wildly in my chest as I let my fingertips trail over previously unforeseen scruff, prickly and sharp, before I ran my fingers over his lips. I pause, my heartbeat slowing, but ever so loud in my ears.

I watched him as he breathed. I felt the warmth of his breath as it lingered over my fingertips. 

"What do you see, lyubov moya?" He asks, his eyes still closed for a moment. For minutes, I don't respond, just focusing my attention and thoughts on the beautiful man before me, laying next to me. My heart thumped with every second that passed. 

"Beauty..." I whisper, and I see his eyes open slowly to the sound of my voice, presenting me the beautiful blue eyes that hypnotised me for years. The very same blue eyes that I've always managed to lose myself in ever since I met him. "I see beauty..."

Ilyan's lips turned up underneath my touch, the skin separating from itself as he kissed my fingertips, the wetness of his lips delicate against my skin. 

"As I see in you, my sweet," he murmured. My hands moved from his lips, placing themselves on his chest to feel his heartbeat as I moved closer to kiss him. 
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