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Part 3

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Axl suddenly grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him close,”I want you, and i’m gonna have you.”

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Axl grinned up at the younger man, tilting his head when he felt Slash shiver against him, his dark gaze still settled on the redhead’s pale hand that was still wrapped around his throat. He knew that he was getting to the brunette, to the point where he was sure that the other man would do anything he asked. Slash swallowed, his breath coming out in short pants as he waited for Axl’s reply, his pulse racing against Axl’s hand.

Laughing darkly, Axl asked him,“Do you want me to say it again?”

Axl’s hand dropped when he finished speaking, settling them on Slash’s hips, squeezing them to get a reaction. Slash jumped at the feel of cool hands on his skin, his body smashing against the wall again. He somehow wanted to hear the words again, he wanted to hear them from a complete stranger that he only met not an hour ago. Leaning into Slash, Axl’s hand came up and gripped his chin, forcing the younger man to look at him and he spoke in a low, dangerous tone.

“Answer me, Slasher.”

Brown met green in a heated gaze and Slash slowly nodded, swallowing the lump in his throat as his eyes trailed down to Axl’s lips, biting his own as temptation began take over his emotions. The redhead noticed this and a slow smile spread onto his face, his fingers stroking Slash’s dark skin, observing how beautiful the other man was.

“S-Say it again,” Axl raised his eyebrow, wanting more. Slash sighed at the feel of his fingers on his face,”pl-please?”

Axl suddenly grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him close,”I want you, and i’m gonna have you.”

Slash let out low moan, the words affecting him in a way that he couldn't dream of. He moved closer to Axl, his lips an inch from the older man’s, testing the waters. When he didn't get a bad reaction, he dipped his head and softly captured Axl’s lips with his own, eyes closing when he felt heaven. He moved his lips slowly against the redhead’s, still fearing the worst because Axl hadn't responded yet. Pressing his lips harder against Axl’s, his tongue snaked out and swept along Axl’s bottom one, causing butterflies to explode in his stomach.

‘What is he doing to me?’

A few moments later, Axl began to kiss back, instantly taking control of the kiss. His fingers left Slash’s chin, running them through the dark man’s long curly hair that he had secretly began to love. He parted his lips, but instead of allowing Slash’s tongue to enter, his teeth sunk into his full lower lip. Slash gasped, the pain over as soon as it began when Axl’s tongue slipped into his mouth, seeking his own. Slash returned the kiss eagerly, stairs dancing behind his eyes as his hands hungrily groped Axl, moving against him like he was his lifeline.


Slash’s hands ran up Axl’s arms, making their way to cup his face but an iron grip tightened around his wrists, making him stop. Keeping their lips together, Axl fingers locked tight on his wrists, pulling them away from the wall and pushed him up against the closed door of his bedroom, pinning his hands at either side of his head, caging him in. Slash stumbled, causing the door to shake the force because of the roughness of the move.

It only turned him on more.

They kissed as if they were two long, lost lovers that had finally found each-other again. Slash couldn't believe how attached he had become to the older man in such a short time, he wasn’t even that close to Duff. With each kiss, he was becoming more and more captivated with him, it was as if a spell had been cast. Nails dug into his skin as Axl became more passionate, taking Slash’s breath away as the younger man tried to keep up. He needed to touch the redhead, but he knew that he wouldn't get to, not until Axl allowed him.

Pulling away, Axl’s eyes roamed Slash’s face, taking in the dazed look, hooded eyes and his bruised, swollen lips, which caused him to smirk in satisfaction. Slash fell against the door, still pinned up by the redhead, who was now nuzzling at his neck, running his lips along his neck and collarbone. Axl purred into his neck, whispering as he peppered soft, gentle kisses on his skin, letting his wrists go as he felt the brunette calm down. Slash tilted his head, giving him more access, his mind going into a spin with shock at how fast Axl changed from being rough and demanding to gentle and caring in a matter of seconds.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fought the urge to fall to the floor,”Shit,”

Axl chuckled against his ear, the vibrations running through his body, and he really wanted to get the older man into his bed. Axl raised his head, his bright green eyes had almost turned black when they met Slash’s. Fingertips dipped into the waistband of Slash’s boxers, only inches from where Slash really wanted his hand and the dark man knew that Axl was loving every second of teasing him.

“Ya want more, Slasher?”

Slash crushed his lips to Axl’s again, kissing him long and hard, trying to tell him what he wanted through the kiss. But it didn't last long because he was up against the door again, Axl’s fingers, that were in his boxers, wrapped around his neck again. His breathing hitched, eyes half open as he stared at Axl, who smiled smugly at him.

He shook his head,”Not until I get my answer.”

Slash almost whimpered at the feel of his hand on him, his heart beating faster and faster as the seconds past. Axl shook his head, removing his hand from Slash’s neck, and he trailed it down his dark bare chest, creating goosebumps on his way. The younger man, tempted to reach out and grab Axl again, dug his nails into his palm as opened his mouth and spoke.

“I want you.”

Axl smirked again, raising his head to press their lips together again but a long bang on the front door stopped him.

“Slash? You in?”

It was Duff.
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