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Take Me Home

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"You chose me?" Axl's fingers trailed from his hair, down his face and his finger tips settled on his bruise. He then leaned down and kissed the purple/black mark...

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“SLASH, c’mon, don’t leave!”

Slash shook his head, shrugging on his leather jacket before storming toward the bedroom door, his hand reaching out to turn the handle but was stopped when Axl placed his hand on top of his dark one. He sighed as Axl gripped his shirt and turned him around, hauling his body against his own.

“No, I can’t fucking do this anymore. You have to tell Izzy, I won’t be treated like some fucking groupie that you screw when you’re bored!”

“That's not true, Slash. I”

Axl leaned closer to the younger man, grabbing his hands and he intertwined their fingers together, biting his lower lip as he tried to explain himself. Slash tried to pull his hands away but Axl held them tight in his grip, his pale hands shaking.

”You are the only one for me, I only think about you. You know that, there’s not even Izzy anymore.”

Slash closed his eyes and he leaned against the door, allowing Axl to pull him closer. The singer smiled in relief, the panic feeling in his stomach almost gone. He could tell that Slash was calming down, he then shut his own eyes and continued to nuzzle against him.

But then Slash shook his head and Axl frowned, pulling his hands away and shoved them into his pockets. The singer looked on, confused as Slash brushed his hair away from his face, something he only did for the singer.

”Don't you believe that?”He asked the guitarist, fear creeping up his spine.

Slash looked at the redhead, brown eyes filling up with tears and his lower lip quivered as he started to speak.

“I don't know, I want to, you don’t know how much. Every time I believe what you say, I turn around and your with him. If you love someone, you'd sacrifice anything to be with them. No matter what. Until you realize what you want, I can't be with you.”

Axl shook his head, his eyes widening as he realized that he was fighting a losing battle, but he still fought on. The guitarist didn't know how hard it was for him, he didn't want to hurt Izzy, he still loved him but not in the way he loved Slash. If he ended things with Izzy, he knew that the brunette would either leave the band or go downhill, he would slowly kill himself with drugs.

”I don't need to, I want you, you know how much I want you. I need you to be here with me,”

Slash bit the inside of his cheek as Axl whispered, his pale hands cupping the guitarist’s face,”I always need you, I love you.”

Slash shook his head and gently pushed the older man away, sniffing as he wiped roughly at his face. He swallowed the lump in his throat as his hand moved toward the door handle.

”Until you sort yourself out, I can’t believe that. I love you, though, fuck, you don’t know how much i’m in love with you, do you? No matter what happens, I will always love you.”

He planted one kiss on Axl's mouth, screwing his eyes shut at the temptation to deepen the kiss. Slash opened the door and gave Axl one last look before he walked out and quietly closed it behind him. He leaned against the wall next to the bedroom, his legs finally giving out and he slumped to the floor, placing a hand over his mouth to hide his sobs.

Axl stared at the door for a few minutes before he grabbed a glass and smashed it at the nearest wall, screaming in frustration. He sat down on the bed that only hours before he and Slash were sharing before the whole argument started. For the next few moments, he sat, shaking as he tried to think of something, anything to sort his problem out.

All he wanted was his guitarist back, and he knew what he had to do in order for that to happen. His whole body wouldn't relax as he tried to decide if he should do it or not. His eyes landed on Slash’s top hat that was propped up on the chair across from him, and fresh tears started to make their way down his face.

Then, out of nowhere, he leaned over the bed, grabbed the cordless phone and quickly dialed the number he knew off by heart. Holding the phone to his ear, his face streaked with tears, he waited until he heard a soft, familiar voice on the other end.


He felt tempted to just hang up, but knew deep down that he had to do this, not just for Slash, but for him too. He couldn't lie to himself anymore and he couldn't lie to Izzy either.

“H-Hey, Izzy, it’s me. I think, um, we should’s important.”


A Few Days Later

Slash gulped down the fifteenth shot of that night, groaning as it left a burning feeling in his throat. He slammed the glass on the counter and slapped his hand on it, motioning for the bartender to bring him another. The young man behind the bar rolled his eyes and instead of pouring him another he dumped the bottle on in front of the guitarist and walked away, leaving the brooding man by himself.

“Thanks! Put it on my tab!”

Slash drunkenly giggled and waved at the bartender before putting the bottle to his lips, shutting his eyes contently. After finishing half the bottle, he placed it beside him after noticing that someone had sat down next to him. Turning around on his seat, he came face to face with Izzy, his eyes widening in shock, no matter his drunken state.

His friend shook his head at him, grabbing the bottle and pushing it away from them, ignoring Slash’s protests. He crossed his arms over his chest and for the next few minutes, he just stared at his band mate, even for someone as quiet as Izzy, he was being too silent. It took the younger man a few good seconds to finally realize why the other man was being so quiet.

“Iz, I’m sorry, but I ca-”

Slash was cut off when a punch was landed on his jaw, causing him to fall off his stool and onto the ground. He let out a moan as his back met with the cold, rough floor. His hand cupped his jaw as he stared up at Izzy, who was now standing over him, a somewhat calm look on his face. He could feel the pain running through his jaw after he opened his mouth to say something, but couldn't, it felt like his teeth had been glued together.

“I needed to do that. After this, we’re even.”

Without another word, Izzy stormed away, leaving Slash lying on the floor with the whole bar looking at him now. He lay there for a few more minutes before he slowly began to stand up, a sharp pain flowing through his body, especially his jaw. He was sure that it was going to be swollen and bruised, and was shocked as to how strong Izzy turned out to be.


Paying for his bill, Slash grabbed the half empty bottle and made his way out the bar, stumbling out the door, and looked to see if Izzy was on the street. After realizing he wasn’t, he shook his head and began to walk back the apartment he shared with his band-mates, finishing off the bottle on his way. He flinched with each drop he swallowed, but told himself it was worth it because of the atmosphere he expected once he arrived at their home.

If Izzy knew, he was sure that the rest of the band did too and he had no idea of the reception he was going to get.

A big part of him was happy that Axl had finally told Izzy about them and couldn't stop and skip in his walk. But the other part of him was terrified of how Axl was going to be without Izzy by his side because everything Axl did was to please his best friend/lover. They had been together for so long, he was sure that the redhead didn't know how to be without the rhythm guitarist. Slash was scared and insecure about how he was going to live up to that.

Stopping at the front door, Slash contemplated running in the other direction but reminded himself that he was the one who wanted this and he entered the apartment, placing the now empty bottle on the cluttered coffee table when he shut the door.

His eyes observed around him, listening for anyone as he walked into the living room. He let out a happy sigh when he noticed that no-one was home, but raised an eyebrow when he heard the TV playing across the room. Moving slowly, he peered over to the sofa, noticing that it was Axl, laying comfortably across the couch, now looking back at him. He had a worried look on his face when he saw Slash's bruised jaw.

Slash smiled softly,"Hey."

Axl tilted his head, his green eyes lightening up at the sound of his estranged lover's voice, and he returned the grin. He motioned for the guitarist to come join him on the couch, and Slash happily obeyed. He fell into Axl's arms, closing his tired eyes, finally being able to rest. Axl kissed his forehead, running his fingers through his lover's hair as Slash's head rested on his shoulder.


They both chuckled at the same time, finally smiling for the first time in what seemed like a decade. Slash looked up at him, tears in his eyes and this time they were happy ones.

"You chose me?"

Axl's fingers trailed from his hair, down his face and his finger tips settled on his bruise. He then leaned down and kissed the purple/black mark before moving his lips over Slash's. He met the younger man's gaze before replying.

"I chose you."
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