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Chapter Six

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“You should probably take some of that chocolate back here tonight! I don’t think eating it at the buffet is going to be enough for you two George!”

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Chapter Six

"Ryan, I think we should get a double shower when you move in with me. I've never had the time to redo the master bathroom anyway. It's modern enough but it's a little bland for a vineyard house if you ask me." Brendon had finally gotten to take a shower after Ryan had taken nearly forty-five minutes in their room's shared en-suite and had now emerged to sit next to him on the foot the bed in way nicer pants than the jeans he had on earlier.

"You'd like that wouldn't you Bren? You just want more room to screw me in the shower don't you?" Ryan shot back, poking his arm. "And Bren!," He began to protest when he caught sight of the outfit Brendon was putting together as his boyfriend pulled his shirt on, "I thought you said this wasn't supposed to be ultra formal!"

"Ry. This is a nice shirt and pants and good shoes. It's not formal, it’s pretty much what I’d wear when I’m taking you out and we’re not eating in the formal dining room they have for later this week but I'm glad you think I clean up nicely. And to answer your question," He leaned over to murmur in Ryan's ear, "more room to screw you in the shower would be a nice perk of having a double shower and I already know you are going to insist on moving that antique claw foot tub of yours that we can both fit in to my bathroom no matter how expensive the plumbing is going to be to work around it so don't act so innocent."

Ryan tried to keep a straight face as he perfected his eyeliner in a hand mirror that had now became a feature item for him to bring on trips. He needed it. He might have been barely showing if he wore pants that were too tight or you really looked closely but lately he was rather fatigued and didn't like standing up for long periods of time. That included standing in front of the mirror to do his make-up.

Also, yes, he was giving up his house. One of them was going to have to and he was technically the bride. Don’t think that this reason is the one that would have driven Ryan leave his house behind. His old stone and stucco two story ranch manor house had historical value to the property that Brendon’s modern cliff side, vineyard home didn’t. He was going to have it restored to original conditions by the standard of the Historical society and show it off as half museum/half a place that was better than what he had already to hold large events and wine tastings.

He was not, however, sacrificing his baths. He would tear apart that upstairs of Brendon’s and put the tub back in himself if he had to, believe you me.

Speaking of bathing, Brendon was at it once again about them showering together. They could do that here if they wanted to; it was just a matter of Ryan feeling up to it because this wasn’t one of the cabins below deck with the impossibly small bathrooms. Money wasn’t exactly a problem with two men who made their living selling pricey wine. Theirs was the size of a standard hotel room’s as was the suite that came with it. “Too bad we couldn’t have got you in there just now, huh?” He followed Ryan as he bent down from his sitting position to slip on the dress shoes waiting on the floor at the foot of the bed, “I know it’s not a big as what I want done at the house but I think it would have been manageable. I would have had you pushed up against the wall anyway Ryan-“

“Bren, we never would’ve have left the room in time for dinner,” Ryan pointed out, “and if you keep it up, we still won’t.” He muttered.

Brendon had caught his last remark and pretended to gasp. “Ryan, are you suggesting we ditch your aunt and have filthy sex instead because we are way over due to claim this bed as a couple-“

Ryan ignored him and got straight up and walked over to the door. “Brendon, I’m not missing that chocolate buffet later tonight okay. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since we booked this cruise.”

He heard knocking and the voice of his aunt and another one of her embarrassing, witty comments that would have sounded normal to anyone in the hallway with her. “You should probably take some of that chocolate back here tonight! I don’t think eating it at the buffet is going to be enough for you two George!”

“Aunt Juliette-“

“I think she has the right idea Ryan.” Brendon grinned wickedly at his groaning and blush and Juliette wore a similar satisfied expression (as she had heard there entire back and forth while she was waiting from the point Brendon had joined him on the bed and they knew it), as he opened the door so they could escort her up to the food service. “I’m just saying.”

“And what did I say about encouraging her?” Ryan asked slowly.

“That’s right!” Brendon bubbled with excitement! “What afternoon were we meeting on the pool deck so you can destroy some teenagers who think they can surf?!”
Ryan Ross was so done with him it wasn’t even funny. It was far beyond that.

“Maybe we should do it on Tuesday so Ryan can choose not to watch it since he can’t seem to handle it. He’ll need hours to get ready for dinner anyway, it’s gonna be way worse than tonight, I know my fiance.”

“It’s a deal! And George, sometimes you honestly need to live a little more. Life is short and even shorter for me now and an example of living a little more would be saving some chocolate to take back to your room.“

“Please stop.” Ryan pleaded but she’d already moved out of earshot and was on the path to the elevator.

Brendon wrapped an arm around his waist as they were making the rest of the walk there. “I don’t know why you’re so cranky.” He whispered. “You’re getting a blowjob when we go to bed.”
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