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Duff could never keep his hands off Steven. He couldn't help it. He loved hugging him too much.

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Duff always grabbed me. I really didn’t mind at first. The photographer’s always had us posing on top of each other. Hell, we’d all but slept on top of each other in the hell house. Lately though, Duff seemed to be taking a few too many liberties with my spatial boundaries.

Every photo opportunity that crazy guy would throw his lanky arms around my neck tugging me into a tight backwards hug. I’d just grin for the picture and Duff usually gave me a quick peck on my head before releasing me. It was a friendly enough gesture, really. Hell, I’m Italian. Hugging is how we say hello, goodbye, I love you, I missed you, you’re dead and oh, uh, well… you get the picture. So it’s okay.

Then there was one time I was being hauled into Duff’s strong embrace. He was hard, like full out wood! Squirming forward slightly I laughed, unsure of what else to do. Duff laughed with me. Eh? The knot didn’t go away as we stood up straight again. It was worse.

Wait, what did he just whisper to me? I didn’t catch that and he kissed me again. Oh that was his tongue on my ear! No, he did not just lick my ear. No, no, no, no. Is my ear wet no, wait… yes? Duff’s grinning at me no he’s laughing at an Izzy joke. That’s not right. Izzy isn’t funny.

“Adler, mail,” a roadie said, shoving a package at me. I nod as I take the package out into the hall with me.
Fan mail. I love fan mail. Sometimes they send food, mmm. Oh it’s a photo album. Can’t eat it, but okay. Oooo, a note! For the two hottest blondes in a band I know. Xoxoxo. Whoa, what? I flip open to the first page with a picture of Duff hugging me clipped from the newspaper. The adjacent page was a picture of the band that has been torn in half leaving just Duff and me. AH! It’s page after page of these photographs. AH!

 This is not good. This is creepy. I hate fan mail! I have to talk to Duff. This is just wrong. We can’t… I’m not… there’s no… No! I’ll just tell him to stop standing next to me in pictures. Yeah, that’s what I’ll say.

I found Duff backstage tuning his bass, balancing a cigarette between his lips. His shaggy blonde hair danced over his eyes as he plucked the instrument. His knee bounced along with the low tune of Rocket Queen.

Okay, Steven, just walk in there and tell him. What was I going to tell him? Duff looked up. Wasn’t I going to tell him something? His pink lips turned up at the corners of his mouth, grinning friendly. Two leathered fingers moved to his mouth extracting the cigarette. A a slow puff of smoke lazily billowed from his mouth.

“Hey, Stevie.” He flicked the ashes to the floor. “Getting in some practice too?”

“Uh, no. No, I’m not.” I shuffled on my feet. What was I going to say? Say something! “I’ve got to ask you something.”

“Oh,” Duff said casually, reaching between his legs to caress his can of beer. He slid his long fingers over the aluminum slowly inching up and down the perspiring hard cylinder, before bringing it to his lips. His tongue licked the length of his top lip. “What about?” He took a slow drink letting his throat bob as the liquid slid down.

“I.” I am speechless. This is a first in my life. “Well, um… I want to know something.”


“Why do you always hug me?” I yelled after taking a deep breath. Duff blinked at me incredulously. He cocked his head.

“We’re friends dude. I was just being friendly, and you said you’re family always did it to you, so I wanted to make you feel at home.” Duff looked me over. Why don’t I feel like it’s an entirely friendly check out?

“It’s not the hugging that bothers me.” I began. Duff waited patiently. “It’s the…you know…”

“No I don’t.” Duff shook his head. Aw, he looked like a confused puppy. Wait, I just thought that?

“Well you’re, I mean, you, you sometimes.” Second time wordless. Desperate, I tossed the photo album into his lap. Duff sat his bass against an amp before picking up the book. He casually flipped through it smirking at the pictures.

“This is really nice. Did you make a scrapbook about us?” Duff asked, gazing at me with an unreadable look.

“No. Some crazy fan did and sent it to me!” I protested fervently. “See! You’re touching me in all of the pictures.”

“The photographers always tell us to touch each other,” Duff pointed out matter-of-factly. “Do you know how many times I’ve had Slash’s hip in my crotch, and his head’s been on Axl’s shoulder?”

“That’s not what I mean. There was one time you hugged me, and you…”

“I what?” Duff asked, rising to his feet. My eyes fell to his snakelike hips. As they swayed towards me the leather squeaked subtly. He crossed his leathered arms over his chest, smirking down at me. “What did I do Steven?”

“You, I felt you,” I said. Why am I so damn short! Can’t I have a box to stand on? I need to do something with my hands. Where are my drumsticks? Ah! Duff just hugged me. His bemused snicker sent shivers down my ear to my spine.

“That’s usually how a hug works, man.” Duff’s lips tugged higher into something that was a borderline smirk amongst the grin.

“No .I mean I felt you. You were hard, and then you kissed me, and you one time…” I went stiff as Duff slid into my personal space effortlessly once again. That’s really close Duff.

“What did I do, Steven?” His leathered hands skimmed my waist where my cropped white tank didn’t quite meet my jeans. Oh, his hands are warm. I like that. I do?

“I think you licked my ear.” I gulped. Wow, Duff your eyes are so alluring… Yes, I did just think that.

“Did you like it?” Duff asked, bringing one leathered finger to my cheek. Crooking it slightly, he drew away a stray lock of my hair.

“What?” I mumbled. My eyes are going to explode. I should run. Yes. Legs, you’re not going anywhere. Legs, do you want to stay?

“Did you,” Duff asked, leaning closer. My body tensed as hot moist breath blew over my skin. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Duff slid his tongue along the shell of his ear. Yes, he did it this time. He did! “Like it?”

“Yes.” I exhaled without thinking. Duff chuckled, drawing back.

“Want a hug?” Duff teased as he hooked two long fingers into my waistband, drawing my hips into his long body. I squeaked as I felt that familiar hard knot now pressing into my pelvis. His strong arms came around me, encapsulating me in another tight hug. I was pulled flush against his lean hard body. His mouth pushed my throat backwards roaming it with soft licks and gentle kisses.

Tilting my head back to give Duff free liberties with my neck. He pressed his chest into mine bowing me backwards slightly. One hand danced up and down my torso in long fluid motions, while the other roamed my hair gently tugging the ends. His mouth moved to the nape of my neck, as he tucked the loose strands behind my ear.

My own hands slipped under his leather jacket trying to wrench it off his arms. Ouch! That’s going to leave a bruise. Duff smirked as he drew back from his final love bite. Together, we forced the leather garment from his body. That shirt had to go too. I tugged the hem insistently. Duff laughed, snaking his wiry muscled torso seductively from side to side, letting the cotton slither off his body. Lucky t-shirt!

“You must really like being hugged,” he mused.

I jumped into his arms. Imprisoning his slender waist with my legs, I attacked those appetizing Cheshire cat smirking lips. I could just suck on this bottom lip forever. They were lick a strawberry lollipop and I wanted to get to the center.

“Steven.” His whisper made me pull back. Pushing me up onto his hips, his taunting hands ripped my tank top in half.

“Hey, that was my favorite tank,” I whined. Duff ducked his head to my chest taking a nipple into his mouth sucking it hard with only his lips. Oh, Duff, you can be my t-shirt!

“Still miss that shirt?” Duff teased before descending onto the other nipple while rubbing the first one with the pad of his thumb. Shirt, what shirt?

“God, Duff!” I screamed as he pushed me into the couch, grinding his hips into mine. I tried to touch myself, but his gloved hand swatted me away.

“Nu-uh.” Duff leaned his forehead against mine. “You just stay there and look pretty, baby.” Those magical fingers took my zipper, inching it down my quivering crotch. Faster, Duff!

“Oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” I tried not to curse, but what Duff was doing…damn. My head rolled around my shoulders delirious from the sexual heat. With a firm hand, he forced my face back to focus on him. I arched my neck allowing him to cradle it in long arms. I’m just going to loose myself in those sienna eyes. He glanced down.

“I think you could use a hug there too. Want me to give it a hug?” Duff asked, placing a finger in his mouth. Slowly, he drew the butter like leather off his hand. He did the same with the other, letting the gloves fall to the floor. I shivered, my mouth gaping.

“Oh shit, yes!” I yelled, throwing my back into the couch. His long fingers caressed my cock in sinfully long fluid motions up and down, up and down. Pausing every so often to roll the head between his thumb and finger squeezing lightly as precum slid out. It’s amazing how despite my attention span I’m so focused on this right now. Now he’s squeezing the base, twisting it too. Oh, that’s good, really good!

“That, that’s it,” I pant as my hips shake and buck into Duff. His fingers circled around the head to the underside of my cock dragging a stubbed fingernail along the length. I’m whimpering and pleading. I love it!

“You feel so hot, Steven.” Duff breathed heavily into my ear. “I’ve always wanted to touch you like this. I’ve wanted to run my hands over every inch of your flesh. I could never keep my hands off of you.”

“Then keep them on me. Oh! Duff, don’t stop!” I clutched his shoulders as my thighs twitch with mild tremors.

“Wouldn’t dream of it. I’ve dreamed of hugging you more intimately and now that I have you… I’m not letting you go, but I need to give you an even tighter hug.” Duff hugged my cock with his wet mouth and tender lips. I bucked hard. His hands pressed into my belly, trying to still me. I wanted more and more. I couldn’t sit still. I was so close.

“Duff, I’m gonna. Oh son of a…”

“It’s okay, baby. You can come. Come for me.” He stroked my face with his open palm.

I nodded screwing my eyes shut even tighter as the intense pleasure rose deep in my lower abdomen. A thumb stroked the corner of my eye causing them to fly open. Duff looked at me with his raw hazel eyes. I love those eyes.

“Keep your eyes open I want to see you when you come.” He said before ducking down to swirl his tongue in magical circles. Oh they were magical…yes! My hips bucked as Duff sucked every last drop from my aching cock. He kept licking me even after I had gone flaccid.

Collapsing onto my sweaty body, our hearts thundered against each other. As they stilled our bodies subconsciously intertwined with the other snuggly. I laid my head against his smooth chest. He smelled good. Wait, where’s he going?

“Duff,” I asked a little worried. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, baby.” His face returned to a pouting smile. “Just giving you a hug.”

He lapped the beaded sweat from my forehead as my hands rubbed the small of his back melting into our embrace. We kissed. It was just an innocent kiss, nothing more. Really.

“Duffy.” He smiled at me through his half lidded sleepy eyes. I nuzzled against him brushing his nipple with my nose. “I’m glad you hug me all the time.”

He laughed, placing his lips in my hair. Another kiss. My eyes fell shut as he whispered sweet nothings to me…wait, what did he say?

“You made the photo album?!”

“Go to sleep, Stevie.” He pulled my face into the crook of his shoulder stroking my hair soothingly. “We have a bigger performance tonight.”

My eyes shifted up to his serene smooth face. Well, it was just a photo album anyway. Really. Right? He tugged my neck. Okay sleeping now…
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