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I don't care what you think (especially if it's about me)

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So, this is the one where Ryan Can read minds. It's Ryan/Brendon oh and some implied Jon/Spencer

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So the thing is, Ryan can read minds. Yeah, no joke Ryan can read minds. He's been able to read minds since middle school and at first it freaked him out. Now of cours The problem is he can read everyone's mind, and on a tour bus where the people you have to see are with you everyday for months at a time. Yeah, he hears stuff he really shouldn't. He's never hid it from the band of course. Ryan told everyone for his benefit, so that he didn't have to hear weird stuff. But he was bombarded with questions.

Do, you hear stuff all the time.
No, I can tune people out.

Can you hear everyone.
No, just people I am vaguely familiar with.

Can you pick and choose what you hear?
Well, Usually I pick specific people to hear, I like it better one at a time.

And on and on. The questions exhausted him. So much that he fell asleep on the couch in the middle of it all. Breathing softly into the crook of Brendon's neck. And when he wakes up he's surrounded in dark except the light of the tv flashing. He searches for anyone's thoughts in the room. Only finding Brendon's. And when he becomes awake enough. He feels the skimming of fingers through his hair. He eyes rise up to reach Brendon's face. And Brendon doesn't notice he's awake. Completely intent in watching his own fingers run through Ryan's hair. Which Ryan didn't understand because they've been on the tour bus way too long. Which means that his hair was greasy. Brendon trails his fingers from Ryans hair to the sculpting of his cheek bones. Looking down at Ryan with adoration blazing in his eyes. Brendon stopped aruptly noticing Ryan was awake and his eyes were on him.

"How long have you been awake?" He whispers roughly. Ryan just shrugs and burrows himself back into Brendon's shoulder. Feeling comfort in the warmth radiating off of him and falling back to sleep.

Ryan opens his eyes to see that he is back in a bunk. Not his bunk though, Brendon's, while Brendon's still in it. Brendon's head is pushed against his chest, arms wrapped around his thin waist. And Ryan feels something stir in the put of his stomach. he shakes his head viciously trying to keep it away. Sliding away from Brendon as carefully as he can. Seeing that no one else is still in the bunks he lets annoyed mumbles and grumpy curses slip through his teeth as he slowly stands up and shuffles his way towards the kitchen. The only thing his mind knows at ass o' clock in the morning is coffee and curses. Leaning against the counter is Spencer, without looking up from his conversation with Jon he slides a mug of coffee to Ryan. Jon takes the creamer out of the fridge tossing that to Ryan giving him a quick smile before going back to his conversation with Spencer. He sits there drinking and slowly letting the caffeine buzz through his veins. He hears Brendon come in from the bunks, Ryan listens to Brendons thoughts for a moment.

I don't see why Ryan had to slip out like that. Am I being annoying?

He tries to pay it no mind. But Brendons thoughts are too loud.

See everyone thinks like a different genre of music. Jon thinks chill, and mellow. Like a good up beat acoustic song. He likes Jon's thoughts. They're never negative and it's nice that someone is optimistic without being annoying. Usually Spencer thinks passively at times, but other times it's sharp and forward. Spencer is like a good classical piano piece. The passive thoughts usually put Ryan at ease. With the lingering of fingers pressing the perfect notes. And the sharp thoughts are hands banging down on the keys aggressively and all at once.Brendon however thinks Energeticly, loudly, and in your fucking face. The only thing Ryan has ever thought to compare it to is shitty techno rave music. With strobe lights. Do not forget the strobe lights.

Spencer sits down next to Ryan, while talking to Jon he could feel the tension pouring out of the rigid notches of Ryan's spine. He places a comforting hand on Ryan's back. He's not going to ask Ryan if he was okay. It's pointless when Ryan's confronted directly he closes off. So he sits and waits. Moving his hand around on Ryan's back until he feels it loosen up a bit. Ryan can feel the early morning energy of Brendon when he gets out of his bunk. It vibrates through the tips of his fingers. And Ryan sends a helpless look at Spencer, pressing back into his hand.

Of course, Ryan's in here with Spencer.

And as soon as he thinks it. Brendon's eyes widen and he looks over at Ryan. Shaking his head slightly as if it could take it back. Ryan's irritation flares, and he sits up rigid. Spencer watches him anxiously. He doesn't know what Brendon did to set him off, and it leaves him confused.

Ryan stares down into his coffee as though it is trying to tell his future. He stirs, the coffee hitting the sides of the mug harshly. As he feels Brendon's eyes on him. Blocking out all of Brendon's dumb apologies .

Nope, Ryan decides he will not listen not even a little bit.

Brendon's been trying to get Ryan to show interest in him for as long as he's known him.
But he was always busy with, Spencer. Practicing, hanging with. Just anything he can with Spencer. It's just annoying. Ryan rolls his eyes at Brendon, seriously he thinks he's with Spencer. Spencer and Jon are "secretly" not so secretly dating.

Ryan instead listens to Spencers mind, knowing Spencer the longest it comes in the clearest. While he starts to focus on the incoming stream of thoughts mostly about Jon know whatever. Listening to Spencer is cool, and it's not like he cares Ryan can hear, he's begun to describe the adorbleness of Jon's lisp in great detail before Ryan once again is attacked. And by attacked he means Brendon poking him with quick fingers. He turns his head, obtaining the same expression, but tilts his head as if to say

The fuck you want, Urie?

The Urie in question just smiles. He's decided to stop trying to be subtle. He'll just ask him. Full lips making his face an explosion of bright and sunshine and kittens that drink Red Bull instead of milk.

Can we talk?

Ryan, decides that speaking is completely unnecassary. He just shakes his head and narrows his eyes as if to say

If you want to say something, I can hear you.

Brendon just smiles again, making Ryan's stomach flutter just softly enough that it tickles. And Ryan then decides that he really hates that smile.

It's a conversation made for two people Ry.

Ryan then and only then nods and adds a half assed Later. He winces at the croak of his throat. Taking another gulp of coffee.

Ryan just rolls his eyes, of course he agrees Brendon is persistent. Breaking through his own thoughts is Jon's voice reminding him the whole reason he's up is for an interview.


They were currently in the lounge, after the interview with some magazine that Ryan failed to remember the name of. He could feel Brendon buzzing with excitement. Dropping weird thoughts that Ryan literally wanted no part of. Then looking over to see if Ryan had any reaction.

Ryan, however, wanted to prolong talking to Brendon as long as he could. He of course wants to talk about feelings. And Ryan can't do that. It's not like he doesn't want to. It's just him speaking isn't the same as him writing lyrics. He's painfully awkward and his voice is usually so one dimensional it's hard to come off as sincere.

Ryan didn't want to dwell on it though. He decided he was more interested in arguing with Spencer about what song by the Smashing Pumpkings is better. Ryan thinks Disarm is better then Tonight, Tonight. He tried to get Jon in on the debate but he was content with looking at both his kind of sort of boyfriend and his best friend argue. About 30 minutes in the argument and there dissecting the song into pieces. Debating percussion and lyrics of both songs. Brendon's thoughts began to try to come through louder and more urgent. Until he got tired of using his brain. He stands up, throwing Ryan a pointed glance.

Ryan it is later, and we need to talk now.

Ryan just looked unphased, shooting a glance at Spencer as he hears his thoughts come through urgent.

It's time Ry.

Ryan nods in agreement.Walking outside of the tour bus to were Brendon had stormed off.

Before Ryan could even say something, or attempt Brendon spoke up.

Do you like Spencer? I mean, you could have told me so I wouldn't look like such a complete idiot throwing myself at yo-

Ryan got the point one sentence in, during Brendon's rant. He kissed him lightly but enough to shut him up. Running a hand through his hair he finally broke his silence,

I love you, okay.

Brendon broke out into a smile. His full lips making his face an explosion of bright, and sunshine and kittens that drink red bull instead of milk.And Ryan then decided, he loved that smile.

He grabbed Brendon's hand. Tugging him forward.

You should wash my hair.

And Brendon nodded. Walking with him back to the small bus bathroom. Leaving Ryan there to grab the cleanest towel he could find and a couple of towels and a chair. He sat him down, tilting his hair back to begin. Scrubbing at his hair until he deemed it perfect and then conditioning it. During the final rinse. Ryan opened his eyes to watch Brendon concentrate.

Once finished and Ryan was allowed to stand up, he shook his head like a wet dog, hair flopping in his face. Brendon pushed it back, smiling and leaned upward just enough to kiss Ryan. Wrapping his arm around Ryan's neck and pushing his way forward. Smiling Ryan pulled back.

But did you not realize Spencer and Jon were dating?

Brendon's eyes widen dramatically. Leaving Ryan to chuckle and shake his head. Leaning in to kiss Brendon again

The End e it doesn't. The problem is
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