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Beginnings Are Boring.

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Endings are where it's at.

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I hate that Ficwad makes your story pop up in the recents when you're only fixing mistakes you've made. Sorry guys.

(Ellie Hale would like to point out that she is a cunt, thank you.)

Somehow she thought death would be vacant. She was always told that; "There is nothing waiting for you when you die, Zigzag. Why do you think we're all still alive? We'd rather live in hell than risk being nothing."

Well, apparently you really shouldn't believe everything you hear from a trash can living drunk because death is anything but void. Nope, no empty here, guys. Sorry. Amy waves her arm around, kind of as an experiment to see if she can actually move. Good. She can. Then, she notices that the whatever she's on is sticky. Ew. She hopes it's not Satan's spunk or anything, fucking hell. Literally. The air around her is thick, like the way it feels before it rains in the zones, but somehow more... damp? Did someone fill the afterlife with a bunch of humidifiers or something? A breeze rolls in, and yeah, she is surprised. Breezes aren't exactly what she expected, either. It makes her body feel icy, numb.

She feels alone, yet somehow she knows she is being watched, but when she parts her lips to speak, Amy starts to choke. Like a fish out of water, she flops about. She gets scared and begins to wail. Her screams pierce through the cold, until they burn and singe at the back of her throat. Where she's at is freezing cold now, yet there's a film of sweat over her whole body. She shivers and it sends a wave of pain up her spine. Every bit of her feels so sore, and there's this nagging sense of hunger there, behind all of her terrified yells and pained whimpers. What the hell is going on?

When she tries to open her eyes, she's almost blinded. Her surroundings are white, bright, painful. She can see something, though. Silhouettes of what she thinks could be people, surrounding her, but off in the distance. It makes her all that more confused and scared.

"Help!" She calls out, coughing and sputtering. "Someone help!"

The scene suddenly changes. She is surrounded by bodies, dead, alive, she can't tell the difference between them. There's a hiss, then someone is grabbing her from behind. She lashes out in fear, grabbing at what she can and just tearing. It's easier than if should be as she rips at what she believes to be skin, pulling at bone and guts until there is nothing left of what grabbed her. Her pale flesh is now tainted with crimson. She feels oddly satisfied, and the feeling flows through her veins and fixes her. She feels well again.

But, no. She feels sick. She feels alone.

~~ (Some people were complaining about the squiggles I used to separate pov and time, but they can shush, I can use squiggles as much as I want.) ~~

"Hey, cucciolo." A young vampire jerks awake from his deep sleep, eyes heavy and limbs stiff. There's an ache in his chest and a painful cramp in his stomach. He tries to sit up, about to curl up in an attempt to stop the pain, but is stopped by a heavy boot being pressed to his throat. He squeaks, trying to claw at the--fuck him-- feminine leg attached. "Nuhh, ah ah." The person he's definitely not so happy about meeting in this way coos, and it's almost teasing. "Stay down, pup. "

"Off'a'me." He coughs out, throat dry and scratchy. He digs his nails into her ankle. Damn, he could really use a drink.

"He's of the blood," Sunny rolls her darkened eyes at the young boy struggling to wiggle out from under her boot, addressing the rest of her team. "-definitely a newborn, probably the cause of this mess."

"Dangerous?" A man asks as he's checking the pile of corpses across from them for a pulse. If he's worried about him being dangerous, he's definitely not acting like it as he lays out body bags. "Gonna pop him?"

"Nah, Jack, not yet." Sunny steps back from him and watches as he zips into the corner and curls into himself, gasping for air and staring confused at the both of them. "Nah, he's disoriented, but nothing I can't handle. Bag and tag the rest, anyway. I'm sure Bowie will want to make sure of.. yanno."

"Aye, aye, Capi-tan." Jack mutters, and then squints down at the ray gun on the floor. "I think there's a Killjoy around."

Sunshine follows his gaze and tilts her head. "I know. I could smell cigarette smoke when we came in."

"Think they got away?"

Sunshine shrugs a little, then grins a sharp toothed grin, kneeling down to get closer to the boy and ask, "You know anything about that?"

The newborn cowers further into his corner as the Rebel gets nearer. "Do-" When he tries to speak, barely a noise gets out. "Nooo."

Sunny squints suspiciously. "You are lying. I can hear your heart beating."

The boy curls into himself and whispers. "I'm sorry."

Sunny rolls her eyes, takes a deep breath, and tries again, voice getting softer somehow. It seems forced, insincere. "We're not going to hurt you as long as you don't try to hurt us. Do you have a name? Do you remember?"

The newborn shakes his head. "I-I-no."

"Do you know how you got here?"

"They left me."

"Who's they?"

He starts to look uneasy, now. "I-I don't know. I just woke up and was so thirsty. There were men who brought me those," he motions toward the dead. "Then they left."

"You didn't get any names?"


"Didn't overhear anything?"

"N-no." He flinches. "Not until she came."

Sunny puts her hands on her hips and raises an eyebrow. "She?"

A nod. "She wanted to help. I tried to hold it in, I swear. But she smelled so good an-and I-" As he speaks he glances at the window across the room, watching wearily. "I'm so thirsty."

There's a small noise across the room where Jack is sifting. He turns around and presses his fingers against the neck of a teenage girl. "This one's alive." He interrupts them. "Barely. Her wounds are fresh."

"The Killjoy?" Sunny doesn't bother turning around, eyes fixed on the suspiciously nervous boy in front of her.

"Yeah. Female. Teenager." Jack sighs, fully annoyed. "So, you want me to bag her like the rest and let her smother, or what?"

The boy in front of Sunny begins to look very green. She chuckles. "No. Sorry, Jack. We gotta fix her up or Bowie will have our heads. Go back to the van. I'm pretty sure there's something this one's not telling me, so I'll catch up with you in a few."

Jack picks up the barely alive Killjoy and wraps her up in his favorite jacket. She's getting blood on his favorite jacket.

"Not another one." He grumbles to himself as he shuffles through the sand. "Fuckin' Bowie and her bullshit." He lays her in the back of the van, next to the crate that's full of body bags.

"Okay." Sunshine turns back to the boy after watching her teammate leave. She looks a bit pissed off. "We're going to play a little game, yeah?"

Before he can even think about running, she has him by the back of his shirt and pulls him to his feet. As she drags him closer to the window, he begins to screech, wiggling around in order to get away from the warmth of the sun. He's still too clumsy to put up much of a fight, though, so she's thankful for that. And, trust her, she's not into violence. Sometimes it's just necessary to get the things you want. She sighs and rips the old curtains away from the wall.

The boy whimpers, "You said you wouldn't hurt me."

She just shrugs. "You're not co-operating fully."

As takes another step toward the window, he starts to go red. "I'd say you have about three seconds to fess up, or you're gonna be in a bit of trouble."

He shakes his head and whines. "I swear I don't know anything."

She inches forward a bit more, and there's a sizzling sound. "Never was a fan of the sound of cooking Newborn."

The young boy flails around in her grasp and screams. She gives it a moment to really set in, then steps back again. "Gonna tell me now?"

"I swear I do-" She starts inching forward again, "Fine! Fine! They weren't just some guys, they were some friends I met and they showed me how to feed. I just get so hungry. It's what we do right? We feed because we need it? Anyway, they said they were heading North and I wanted to stay back for the feast, I swear that's all. Please, don't burn me I am only twelve."

Sunshine huffs a little, holding him back as he moves about. She shuts her eyes for a moment, thinking it over. "Well fuck."

She adjusts her grip on him, then yells out to her team mate.


There's a groan, far off, but she can still hear it. "Fuckin' serious, Sun? I just got in the van!"

"Sorry! Bring me some cuffs and a blanket, would ya?"

Jack--if you can't tell, he isn't much for extra labor-- lets out the most frustrated noise on the planet.

"Every damn time I go out with these crazy little shits they manage to bring home another new little shit for me to babysit and I'm getting so tired of it, I swear if I knew of a good bar, I'd be out of here so fa-" As he stomps around in the sand to get what his friend asks for, he continues to fuss, slinging his arms around in a very angry fashion.

He continues to fuss angrily the whole drive back to the base.


Rainbow sighs down at her desk in relief as she finishes writing the last few words of the month's zone report. She's tired of paper. She's tired of ink.

"God, I think I have paper cuts on my paper cuts." The tired Rebel leans back as much as her seat will allow her without tumbling backward, hands rubbing at her eyes roughly as she huffs. Next month she's definitely getting someone else to do this job. She'll trade with Jack if she has to. Even trash duty is better than listing every unimportant and minute thing that happens around this shit hole. She drops her hands into her lap, but leaves her eyes shut. "What I wouldn't give for a way to go digital again."

The small clock on the wall behind ticks away for a while as the woman stays in place. She can't make herself think about the terrible things that the rest of the crew are probably getting up to right about now.

"I hope they're being careful." She murmurs to the empty office, tilting further back on the legs of the chair until her face gets warm; Until she can hear her blood rushing in her ears. Rainbow stays there, listening and eventually dozing off from the heavy feeling in her chest. The only sounds in the room now are the clock behind and her heart, thumping to work against gravity.

It feels like hours later when she hears her door slowly creak open. It startles her a bit, and she sits up too fast. The room wobbles at her change in perspective, but she can't really focus on that when she sees the look on Sunny's face as she trudges in. She looks very bummed.

"Sun?" She asks, trying to stiffle a yawn. "What's wrong?"

Sunshine doesn't answer. She just shuffles around her desk, pushing Rainbow back in her seat and making a space for herself in her lap. Bowie blinks a little and lets her curl up, not minding that she's getting dirt and sand all over the place. Sunny hides her face in her jacket, so Rainbow pets her hair. They stay like they for a while, then Bowie opens her mouth to speak.

"Another one, huh?"

Sun grunts like an upset caveman. "Two; Newborn in the cellar, Killjoy in the guest room."

Rainbow raises an eyebrow, and Sunny grunts again. "Newborn first. He was apparently on a rampage with some friends. Killjoy got involved somehow, and he tore her open like a Thanksgiving Turkey-" Rainbow's stomach rumbles in her ear and it makes her snort. "Now, which part of that made you hungry? The tearing open part or the Thanksgiving Turkey part?"

"Oh, shut up. What about the Killjoy?"

"I know absolutely nothing about her, except that she looks 17 at the most. Hopefully, she'll be out for a for a while 'cause he took a lot out of her, pun not intended. Jack gave her some juice, so she will most likely heal right up." She squints. "Also, about Jack. Next time he should stay here. He's not in the best mood."

Rainbow shrugs. "No one is. But, I guess we can send out Atomic next time."

"Okay, that's good. I am pretty sure that if he doesn't get a break soon he'll run away to join the circus or whatever it is that kids do these days."

"I'm pretty sure he's older than you."

"Not in Drac years. I was a Drac 2 years earlier, so I'm 14 years older than him."

There's another yawn to cover up. "That's dog years."

"No it's not."

Rainbow snorts. "Did you pick up anything else while you were out?"

"Yeah. We found a good amount of bodies. If their name tags were anything to go by, they were taken from the city."

"That's not suspicious at all."

"Ehh. They didn't look that important if you catch my drift. They were probably zonked out of their minds. Word is, Bl/ind increased the doses of meds."

"Who told you that? By how much?"

"Little G, before we left. They doubled it, apparently. Looks like a lot of people were getting out of control."

Rainbow tilts her head to the side. "That's not suspicious at all, either."

Sun tilts her head too, and they both just stare at eachother. There's a short moment of silence.

The younger of the two straightens out, kicking her feet off the side of the chair. "What are you thinking 'bout?"

Her friend lets out a loud breath. "I'm not sure. Hopefully it's just some bullshit. Rumors go around a lot now-a-days."

"I guess so. We can still check it out though, right?"

Rainbow makes a knowing face. "No. Absolutely not, we're not going back into the city."

For some reason, Sunshine Machine has always been a big fan of the city. Obviously not of Bl/ind, but there was always something about the tall buildings and paved roads and air conditioners that she really liked. When she was a newborn she'd always sneak into the city and go into the shops and buy--cough cough steal-- little things to bring back for the kids in the zones. But then one day she got caught and Bowie never let her go back. That's why she never likes to bring up anything about the city. It always leads to this.

"Come on! I haven't been in like a year. I doubt they even remember me."

"Sunshine, they have your face in their database. They would be on your ass before you could even step foot on their grass." (Rhymes take talent.)

"You don't know that."

"I'm not arguing with you. It's too dangerous, and we're too busy with everything else to even think about a side mission right now."

Sunny throws her head back and groans, loud and long. "You're fucking unbelievable! You ruin everything."

"God," Rainbow laughs a little, then pushes her off of her lap gently. "Look, I will go take care of the Newborn because if I don't I'll probably get distracted, just like I am now. You go make sure the Killjoy can't break out if she does wake up."

Suddenly Sunny is a caveman again. "Okay, Bowie. But after that, I'm going to get in bed and not move until tomorrow."

"You do that." The older rolls her eyes and smooths her hair back, then trudges toward the door.

Across the hallway in the guest room, Amy jerks up out of a bed she doesn't remember getting into.

(Life happens. Death happens. Here is an update, if anyone cares.)
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