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I Saw Your Ghost Tonight

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The moment felt so real...

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The term “hate crime” didn’t even begin to describe the scene that Gerard had been exposed to. In his five years in the homicide department, he had seen numerous murders of the sort, but there were two reasons why this one was so different, with the first being the fact that this had been overkill. Even the Klu Klux Klan didn’t chop someone up while their lover was forced to watch. Hitler himself would probably be sickened by the amount of blood splattered across the walls, pictures, and sheets on the bed.

The second was the fact that Gerard was currently looking at his brother’s dead body.
Gerard’s partner and Mikey’s best friend since they were in diapers, Pete, had called only twenty minutes earlier with the news.

(“I’m warning you now, though,” Pete had told him, his voice hoarse from crying, “Y-you’re not going to like this at all. It’s horrible, Gerard, just awful.”)

Pete hadn’t specified what had happened, but as soon as he saw the medical examiner, Ray Toro, and Frank Iero, the new detective that had transferred from Summit, an awful feeling set in. Ray had given him a look of sympathy, while Frank simply apologized.

The stench of blood had hit him hard as he noticed that the room looked familiar- pictures that he had seen in Mikey’s old home were there. Gerard’s heart had sunk at the sudden realization that, only a week ago, Mikey had moved closer to where he had been raised in order to help their sick mother take care of the house.

Gerard stood at the scene of the crime, unwilling to step any closer to the bodies of his brother and Mikey’s husband of almost one year, Gabe Saporta. Just yesterday he and Mikey were talking about getting together for a double date and what his baby brother was going to get Gabe for their anniversary. Gabe’s arm and leg and been sawn off- Gerard assumed that he was still alive, since there were signs of a struggle- while Mikey simply had been shot twice- once in the head, and once in the heart.

(Gerard could see faint lines of drying tears painted down Mikey’s delicate face- he had been crying the entire time he was subjected to watching his lover slowly die before receiving a quick, painful death of his own.)

Struggling to keep his composure, Gerard stepped closer to his baby brother. This was the hardest crime he ever had to solve, that was true, but he had to do his job. He was motivated, that was undeniable, but that in no way meant that he wouldn’t be questioned by a judge or by the captain. He could fake evidence… but he knew that Pete and Frank would keep him from going after false leads.

“Cause of death is extreme blood loss due to losing the left arm and the right leg for Gabriel Saporta,” Pete said, “As for Mikey… two gunshots. Obvious psychological torture occurred.” A shaky breath escaped Pete as he tried to calm himself down. Frank placed a hand on his shoulder as Pete added, “/Faggot/ written in blood on the wall above the bed. All signs point to a h-hate crime.”

From there, Pete lost it. In order to avoid damaging the crime scene, he went into the living room with Frank following behind. Gerard didn’t leave where he stood, knowing that the best thing for him right now was to cool down. From there, Gerard was alone in the room with Mikey and Gabe.

“Why’d it have to be you?” Gerard whispered, “Why the hell did they have to kill you?”

Gerard took out his camera and began to take pictures of the murder scene. He needed every grisly detail, no matter how much it hurt. He felt sick, taking these pictures, but it was his job… and if he was going to catch his brother’s murderer, he needed to have all of the pieces.

About halfway through, Frank stepped back into the room, his eyes a bit red. “Gerard… do you need a minute to-”

“No. I just… I need to do this first. I need to get all the evidence together now, because I’m going to catch Mikey’s murderer.”

“I wasn’t talking about grieving, Gerard,” Frank said, gently taking the camera away from him. “I wanted to know if Donna knew yet. Or Lindsey. Hell, even your father should know about this.”

Gerard’s heart nearly stopped upon remembering that news hadn’t gotten out yet. Their parents didn’t know, Lindsey didn’t know, and he was sure Gabe’s parents didn’t know, either. “Oh my god…”

“Listen,” Frank said, “Go call them. Tell them. They need to know… even your father deserves to know that his son is dead. I’ll take over with gathering the evidence from here.”

“Thank you, Frank,” Gerard whispered, “I’ve already covered this half of the room. Take as many pictures as you possibly can. I need every single detail, every single splatter of blood covered. If I can piece everything together, I can find my baby brother’s murderer.”

Frank nodded, “Of course. Gee… if you need anything, I’m here. I know that this is hard for you.”

Gerard thanked Frank again and left the room, finally allowing the tears to fall as he stepped out to call his mother.


Gerard had barely set foot in his home when Lindsey wrapped her arms around him. She gave him a kiss and whispered, “I’m so sorry… oh, Gerard, I’m so sorry.”

“Why’d it have to be Mikey, Lindsey? Why’d they have to kill my baby brother?” Tears were sliding down Gerard’s face as he held his pregnant wife. “He was a week away from his anniversary with Gabe, damn it! He was so excited to see Bandit…”

“I know, Gerard… it’s… it’s not going to be the same without him,” Lindsey said, “Donna called me… she’s just heartbroken. I’ve never heard her cry before.”

Silence enveloped the two of them for the longest time. They simply held each other, tears dripping from their eyes.

Finally, Lindsey said, “I know that you’re probably not able to tell me much… but what exactly happened to them?”

Gerard sighed. Since Lindsey was technically family, she had every right to know. “From what I can determine, they made Mikey watch as they sawed off an arm and a leg off of Gabe’s body. Gabe was still alive… and Mikey, they just shot him… once in the head, once in the heart. There was blood everywhere and those bastards wrote Faggot on the wall in their blood.”

“Oh, Gerard,” Lindsey whispered, “Honey…”

“I need to solve this, Lindsey. For Gabe. For Mikey. They need justice.”

Lindsey nodded in understanding. She placed a hand on her belly and said, “Be careful, Gerard. I don’t want to raise Bandit alone. I don’t want to have to tell her that her father was killed while he was investigating his brother’s murder.”

“I will, Lindsey… I promise.”


Gerard had well over fifty pictures of the crime scene itself, including a few that Pete had taken outside the house, where the suspect had escaped. Gerard had also taken pictures of the key pieces of evidence found at the scene, including the saw used to cut off Gabe’s limbs, bullet shells, and a cigarette butt. Currently, Ray was working on analyzing the cigarette, searching for any signs of DNA. Since Gabe and Mikey didn’t smoke, they had assumed that they belonged to the perpetrator.

Gerard was pinning many of the pictures on a bulletin board in his in-home office, connecting the pieces together. On the whiteboard a foot away, he had started writing out a timeline. The last twenty-four hours were crucial for this case, so Gerard started off with the first thing he knew about: the conversation he had with Mikey only twenty-four hours or so before the murder.

Gerard was able to piece some of the evidence together:

Approx. 9:34 AM December 6- Called Mikey, discussed anniversary ideas.

8:23-10:23 PM December 6- Estimated time of death of G. Saporta and M. Way-Saporta.

Approx. 7:27 AM December 7- Call from neighbor A. Simpson. Piglet had come to her. She tried to return Piglet to Mikey, but there was no response. (Simpson is a snooper- discovered that the house was broken into and called 911)

Approx. 7:45 AM December 7- Detectives Wentz and Iero reported to the scene and began investigation.

A sigh escaped Gerard. There were many holes in the timeline, which would soon be filled. There were many things that still perplexed him… the first being the other murder weapon. What happened to the gun? There was no sign of a forced entry, so Gerard assumed that it had to be someone they knew… however, why did the murderer attempt to make it look like a forced entry? Was it simply a red herring? Were they attempting to pin it on someone else?

Gerard was really over thinking this. He couldn’t help it, though- there was a lot of pressure on him to find his brother’s killer. He was determined to do so. He couldn’t afford to miss a single piece of evidence.

Gerard decided that the best thing to do was to go back to the crime scene and do some more investigating. He needed to make sure that he wasn’t missing anything.


The murder scene didn’t change much at all within twenty-four hours. The bodies were missing and certain pieces of evidence were taken for the investigation, but everything else was still there. Gerard wasn’t really sure where to start.

Gerard carefully picked up one of the few things in the room that hadn’t been splattered with blood- a photo of Gabe and Mikey on their wedding day, with Gerard and Lindsey next to them. He remembered that day as though it were yesterday.

“Christ, I’m nervous,” Mikey whispered, attempting to straighten his tie. “I can’t believe it’s been six years since he asked me out.”

“You were nervous then, too, y’know,” Gerard said, rolling his eyes. He helped his younger brother fix his tie. “Lindsey was right, Mikey… that suit really does look good on you.”

“Your wife is probably the best female friend I have, you know,” Mikey said, “Um… please don’t tell Kitty I said that.”

Gerard laughed. He pulled Mikey in for a tight hug and kissed his forehead. “Can’t believe my baby brother’s getting married. It seems like just yesterday you were that five-year-old who worshiped Barbara Streisand.”

“Did I really? I mean, I knew I liked her, but did I really worship her?”

“You wanted to be Barbara Fucking Streisand for Halloween.”

“…I really was quite the queer little child, wasn’t I?”

Gerard chuckled and shook his head. “Yeah… but that’s what makes you Mikey Way, my baby brother.” Gerard made sure that Mikey’s tie was straight and that the hug he had given him hadn’t rumpled his tuxedo. “Ready?”

“Yeah… I’m ready.”

Gerard smiled and took his brother’s arm, ready to walk him down the aisle.

Gerard wiped at a few tears that threatened to fall onto the picture. Hopefully, when this investigation was over, he’d be able to take the photo as a memory of his beloved baby brother.

“I’ll find your murderer, Mikey,” Gerard whispered, “I swear.”

Gerard set the photo down, sighing. He took a moment to regain his composure. Silence enveloped him as his mind began to put together possible scenarios.

Gerard had this uncanny ability to piece things in such a way, a list of suspects could come to his mind before anyone had the chance to contact the victim’s friends and family for answers. He could see little details better than anyone else in the homicide division (he was an artist, after all- little details were very important). It reminded him of Will Graham from the Hannibal series- while useful, it was still a bit sickening.

“The blood splatters indicate that there were four perpetrators- two held down Gabe while one sawed him apart, and the fourth held Mikey down and made him watch. Gabe’s not a weak man… it takes quite a bit of strength to hold down that behemoth. That means that they all must’ve been young and fairly big, especially if they were trying to kill him. Mikey, though, is smart- he would’ve been able to at least get them to fight amongst themselves. That means that one or more of the perpetrators was either very intelligent himself, or he knew Mikey very well. The manor of death shows that this was quite the hate crime… unless this wasn’t intended to be a hate crime.”

Come to think of it, the plausibility of a hate crime simply being a red herring was fairly high. If this was a personal crime, then it would be easy to make it appear to be a hate crime.

“Well, if that’s the case,” Gerard whispered, “Who would want Mikey dead?”

Gerard was brought out of his thoughts with the sound of a floor board squeaking. Reaching for his gun, Gerard quietly turned around, stepping towards the door. Without a sound, he stepped out into the hallway, his gun ready. He walked down the hall and peeked around the corner.

Standing there was Mikey, a look of fear of his stark-white face.
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