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Paint it Black

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Frerard revenge era where Frank is thw new kid at the boarding school. Still fixing this up

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"Woow" I mutter sarcastically. This is going to be my place for the next year or so. I look up to the fucking ancient ass builing. Who the fuck thought that having a school in an old European builing would be a great place to send people off to? Oh yeah my rich ass fucking parents because being a homosexual is "so bad".I sigh heavily. Fine. I grab my headphones blast some old Misfits song that I downloaded before my old man sent me off. This is my new place I sigh, I better make the best of things Maybe someone here isn't a clone. I light up what could be my last cigarette. I take every puff in as slowly as possible, once I finish it, I bust it and squish it with the bottom of my old worn out dark red converse. I walk into this scary ass building "This is my next few years"

The school was just as I expected. The floor was waxed, not a single speck of dust. This was not my type of place. The second I take another step into this building I am greeted by the dean. She has short brown hair curled into a sixties model style, she is wearing a generic dean suit. A black blazer, light pink dress shirt and a medium length black skirt. Her eyes narrow as she sees my red eyeliner, and my black and red hair. She doesn't seem to happy but she greets me happily. "Mr.Iero! Welcome to Caldyk Academy!" She exclaims. Caldyk, what the fuck I'm not even surprised why isn't it Gallagher Academy or something fucking stereotypical. "Oh you will love this school! But first I must explain to you the rules and we will have a student show you around and you will unpack afterwards!okay?"she rambles off. Next thing I know I'm in this scary office. Nowhere I want to be sent to any time soon. "First off Mr.Iero we do not tolerate possesion of alcohol or cigarettes on school grounds. Second I'm not very fond of the red in you eyes. I don't want to see it tomorrow." after that I lost interest and stopped listening.
After what felt like two hours she opened the door and a very scrawny awkward looking boy looked up and greeted me "H-hello!I'm Mi-Michael Way..But most kids just call me Mikey. I'll be showing you around. You know campus dorms. You'll love it!" The kid had long brown hair who's fringe got in his eyes and had these bulky white glasses. I felt the urge to help the kid right away. "S-so you're a Junior?" he asks as we start walking "Yeah.
I casually answer. "Oh you'll be in the same class as my brother Gerard! He's real cool and he likes Misfits like you." Wait what the fuck how does the kid know I like misfits? Then I realize I've never lowered my music and its been pretty loud. "Oh god! I'm sorry I forgot about my music! No wonder the dean kept on pointing at her ears!" I stutter I thought that lady was fucking ill.

"So you got a brother who likes Misfits.... Thats awesome!" "Yeah! He's pretty
chill I'll have him show you around the dorms, ya know freshmen aren't supposed to be in the junior's dorm. The rest of the walk was fun the school had this giant music room. That seemed exciting. Then the tour with Mikey ended and he pulled out his phone and dialed gerard. "Hey Gee? Can you take the new guy Frank to the dorms and show him around this kid is really cool you guys will be friend right away hes just like you! K, see ya later bro." and then Mikey too me to the dorms as we got near the enterance, I saw this tall gorgous guy with raven black hair that was up to his shoulders and black eyeliner. Wow I never thought a guy could make a school uniform look so hot. "Yo Gee! You're new room mates here!!" Mikey shouted. The raven haired male cocked his head almost immediately. Holy shit! That was gerard, Mikey's gorgeous brother. "Hey" the raven haired male said as we came over. "Wel! I'm off you two have fun!" Mikey said walking off. Fuck when I need mikey he leaves. "I'm Frank" I say as I stare at the ground. Fuck. If I even tried to look at him I'd fucking get a boner. "Gerard, I see you met my little brother Mikey, he's a shy guy, I can't beleive he talked to you so easi- Fuck. I totally forgot I'm your room mate Gerard. Ugh we got the top floor it's totally the shit but you always hear the jocks having sex in the level below. Heh" he stats off showing me around this really fancy dorm entrance, it almost is like a hotel. "Hey Kim!" Gerard shouts to the
lady at the counter. "she runs our dorm, she's the best." then we walk up to kim and she hand
s me the new key "Oh you must be Frank we were prepared for you! Our school has records on what is every students interest so when we found out we got a punk rock fan we joined you with Gee, oh you'll love it. And if you ever need to get the fuck off campus for a while just tell me and I'll help you!" she exclaims. Man this chick was awesome, Maybe this year won't be as bad as I thought.

Later after talking to kim gerard pushes the elevator taking us to the top level. Floor 11 how the fuck? We walk into the chill hallway. Gerard puts the key into the last door's lock. Showing off an amazingly huge room for a dorm. "Holy shit this place is cool!" I breathe. It hada a big black living room covered with band posters and had giant windows showing off the amazing veiw of the far off city that I used to live in, there was this small white table with a fuzzy red rug underneath and an "L" shaped leather couch. Gerard took me to my room. It was painted a maroon color that wasn't very feminine. "Nice job man. It's like you've known me all along." I'm so excited. "hey it's mostly from ditching classes, and saving up for these things." the raven haired guy says "Hey, I know it's like ten at night but do you want coffee? Cuz sure as fuck am I making some?" gerard asked. "Fuck yeah, hey do you mind if I go out to the balcony for a smoke?" I mutter "sure man. Just don't smoke at school and they won't them away" he replies. Good now I have time to smoke, get some shit off my mind and not die of this guys perfection. Fuck why am I a guy, I would've fucked that guy right away." My cigarette bums out so I toss it down and walk back in. Gerard is in the living room setting up some coqters setting the coffee and some creamers. "Classy as fuck gerard" I smile. He turns around smiling. "Hey wanna watch a mivie, then later you can unpack." gerard asks. "what you got Gerard?" I ask ""collections up front. After you unpack we have a party to go to at the club. Its a shitty place but they play good music and always have good drinks." he casually announces. I like the guy even more now. "k, holy shit! You got Killjoys 3?! I fucking love shitty horror movies!!" THIS GUY FUCKING ROCKS! we sit down finish the movie and Gerard helps me umpack. "hey I'm going to take a shower, and then we'll go." I say "great your on suite is pretty good just please excuse the shampoos. I like to always stock up on those." he was right the on suite is amazing I take a long shower god this guy even has good taste in shampoos. Yes! Vanilla bean! I love that shit. I walk into my room with a soft black tower on my waist. Gerard fell asleep.on my bed. Fuck even when he's asleep he's gorgeous. I goto my closet grab tight blackk skinny jeans and a Smashing Punkins tee and pull on a leather jacket. I straighten my blqck and red hair. This is too much. My bed has a sleeping gerard. I need to be there. With all the urge I decide not to touch him. And I go to make some more coffee. Yes he has those fancy ones my old gry had. I grab a Gloria Jean's k-cup and I grab a mug from the red cabinet above. As the voffee brews I hear moaning. Ugh this is what Gerqrd was telling me about. I grab another cup and make Gerard the same thing. I walk into the room. Gerard squirms around and finally wqkes up, "woah man, thanks!" he says. He takes a sip and lloks at the clock it's nearly two in the morning "It's time to go. I'll just go to fix my makeup." gerard says scurrying to his room. Yep just what I forgot red eyeliner. I go for my suitcase and pull it out. Perfect. I walk into the living room. Gerard is waiting. He's wearing a tight black pants exposing the shape of his ass. Perfect. "Well lets get going!" he exclaims.
The place was just as gerard explained. Shitty outside but great inside. We walk into the dark club and head staight to the bar gerard orders his drink and One of his friends comes over "Gee! Who is this? You're new boyfriend?" says his tall blonde friend with a black lip ring and icey blue eyes. Gerard spits out the drink. "What the fuck?! Where did you even come from qnd no this is Frank my new room mate. Bob don't shout my sexuality like that!!" Gerard exclaims his face is red now. "sorry man" Bob apologizes. "Hey I'm Frank" I pull my hand out this guy is the best. "hey frank nice seeing you I'll see you in class hopefully on monday right?" he ask "uh yeah! Nice meeting ya man" I say. Bob walks away "Sorry about him,, he kinda just says whats on his mind" Gerard apoligizes. "Nah Gerard he seems pretty chill" I assure. "sso um wanna go to the dancefloor Pete's probably off with patrick. They're really cool. " Gerard asks nearly drunk by his fourth glass. A drunk gerardPyes! I will. "Sure man" ai casually say. We head off to the floor and just as Gerard said Pete was there with Patrick a slim guy with short nlonde hair. Pete was just as easy to spot tan with short black hair and a lot of eyeliner. This was going to be fun. After greeting the guys we went off to dance. Gerard on the other hand was a horny drunk. So he grabbed me after dancing to three songs and dragged me to a bathroom stall. "You you knowyou're really cute."
Gerard muttered his head to the ground. Gerard" I pulled his chin up. Still just as adorable. "Fuck I know you're gunna hate me by the morning" I mutter as I pull his body to mine. Kiss his lips biting his lower lip. This bathroom is so hot and I keep pulling gerard closer to me our tongues meet and Gerard moans. I knew it a drunk Gerard is the best kind of Gerard. I pull my hand for his pants. I unbutton is jeans and keep on going deeper. "Frank.. I really like you." is all Gerard say. He moan even louder this time and I let him go. "hey Frank?" gerard asks "Yeah Gee?". "Wanna go home?" he asks like a little child. "Sure thing" I say as we walk out back to the dorm. It's seven in the morning and we pass by walking residents. "Hey Gee" "yeah frnnkk" gerard replies. "I love you" I whisper. We walk back and we knock out on our beds.
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