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Part 6

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At Slash’s shocked look, he tilted his head,”Not who you expected, Slasher?”

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Two Weeks Later

“Come on, Slash. You’ve been locked up in this room for ages, what the fuck is wrong with you?!”

Duff pushed himself off of Slash’s bedroom door, which he was leaning against, and sat on the edge of the bed, looking over at the dark man who was laying on his side, back turned to him, facing the wall. He hadn’t spoke a word to Duff since he had came in the room a few minutes ago. 

He hadn’t been answering Duff’s calls for the past few weeks, the blonde had no idea what was wrong with him. His mother had told him that he had barley moved from his bed, only leaving the room to go to the bathroom or to bathe. He wouldn’t tell her nothing either, and had called in sick at work. So after a few days of letting Slash feel sorry for himself for whatever reason, Duff decided to come over and try and find out what was wrong with his friend. 

“Slash? Your mom is am I.”

He sighed and crawled up to the top of the bed and leaned against the headboard, shaking his head when he still got no response. Slash had been distant, and Duff was sure that it was his fault for wanting more in the relationship, he had tried for months to push his feelings aside, but no matter how much he shoved them to the back of his mind, they always seemed to pop up whenever they spent time together. Chewing the inside of his cheek, he got comfy, and started to play with a loose thread on his dark jeans.

“Fine, you stubborn fuck...don’t tell me then, but i’m not leaving...i’ve got nothing to do, I can do this all day. ”

They lay in silence for a while, the brunette still staring at the wall in front of him while Duff began to pick at the black chipped varnish on his finger nails. Slash felt bad for ignoring his best friend, at a time like this, the taller man was the person Slash would normally go to, but if he told Duff what he did with Axl, he would never talk to him again. Slash couldn’t lose his long time friend. He also knew that Duff had feelings for him, strong ones, and Slash didn’t want to hurt him, he did love Duff, but not the way the blonde wanted him too. 

He had tried to call Axl on the number he had given Slash after their first time together, but there was no answer. He also hadn’t seen the redhead, and figured that the older man was avoiding him the way that Slash had been avoiding Duff. Slash didn’t know what he did wrong, all he wanted was to get to know the person that he had been sleeping with. He had began to feel used after Axl had ran out on him at school, it hurt him deeply, and he couldn’t help but think that Duff felt that waysometimes. 

Slowly, Slash turned around, peering up at Duff, who had his blue eyes closed, and he was snoring. A small smile appeared on his face, and he thought that the blonde looked adorable. He chuckled lightly when Duff’s face scrunched up in his sleep after a loose strand of his hair fell over his face, tickling his nose. Slash reached up and softly brushed the hair aside, letting his fingers run over Duff’s pale cheek before resting it beside him again. The touch made him feel a little better and he shuffled closer, laying his head on the blonde’s arm as he draped some of the duvet over his tall body.

Closing his eyes, Slash curled into Duff’s side, letting out a breath as he felt the uneasy feeling in his stomach disappear. Just as he began to fall asleep, he felt an arm being thrown across his body and he was pulled into Duff’s one. It didn’t disturb him, instead, he smiled again and felt his insecurities drift away, the way he always felt with Duff. 

“Night, Slash.”

Slash yawned,”Night, Duffy.”

Four Days Later

“Now, promise me that you won’t go back to feeling sorry for yourself like some pussy, right?”

Slash rolled his eyes and couldn’t stop himself from laughing as he leaned against the door-frame of his front door before flipping off Duff, who had his arms crossed his chest, giving him a pointed look. He shook his head and playfully pushed him out of the door. Duff had been staying with him the last few days, trying to cheer up his best friend even though Slash still refused to tell him what was wrong. 

They had spent it getting drunk, watching their favorite movies and listening to music which had actually cheered Slash up. They hadn’t spent time like that for years, normally they would have used the time for sex but Duff was more interested in getting Slash back to normal.

“I swear, now fuck off, you need to change your clothes, you smell like shit!”

Duff gasped and held his hand to his chest in mock hurt,”And here was me thinking you were with me for my personality, Saul Hudson!”

The brunette growled at the use of his real name which caused Duff to laugh before he ran off when Slash made a move to chase after him. He waved goodbye to Slash, who returned it as he jumped on his bike and sped off down the street. Slash watched him for a few moments before stepping back inside the house, closing the door behind him. 

He then padded into the living room and began to pick up the litter that was scattered on the floor, before leaving the room and tossing it into the bin that was in the kitchen. He really didn't want to deal with his mother shouting at him because of the mess when she got home from work. He sighed as he began to wash the dishes that had been dumped into the sink by them both.


At the sound of the thumping on the front door, Slash rolled his eyes again before muttering,”What has he forgotten now?”

Turning from the sink, he quickly dried his hands on a dishtowel, throwing it onto the counter before making his way out of the room and into the hallway, walking to the front door. Ready to scold the clumsy blonde, he turned the handle and swung the door open, his smile ripping itself from his face when he came face to face with the last person he expected to see there. In front of him, was a grinning Axl Rose, toying around with his car keys in his hands.

At Slash’s shocked look, he tilted his head,”Not who you expected, Slasher?”

Not knowing what to say, and still shocked, Slash shook his head, swallowing as Axl stepped closer to him, but not near enough to enter the house. The feelings of that hurtful day came flooding back to Slash, and he began to feel that uneasy feeling in his stomach again. But there was a large part of him happy to see Axl, happy to see that he was OK and that he had come all this way to see him. 

Axl broke through his thoughts, tucking a strand of long red hair behind his ear as he looked past him into the house, noticing that he was alone. He took another large step towards the younger man, putting his keys in his back pocket, looking up at him innocently before speaking again.

“You gonna invite me in?”
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