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Chapter Eight

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They found an antique gold band that joined a square of gold interlace at the top.

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Chapter Eight

Ryan was more than happy to have this night off even though he'd been on a luxury ship with Brendon doing all sorts of things and having a crap ton of romantic time for a good fourteen days to get here to Italy, whatever he wanted more, so it was good that they'd be spending another week on vacation and then flying home (somebody else would be taking their stateroom after maid service got through with it, that's how they arranged it) otherwise it would have been a month to get back to work. (Which Ryan was dreading. Though he'd never admit it, he was feeling very clingy. Damn those hormones but fuck, was it a crime to want to squeeze his boyfriend and never let go? Like I said: God, the hormones were making him a little succubus for Brendon.)

...Or was he? He was sort of worried about Brendon and the stricken expression he was trying so hard not to show as they reclined on the blanket in the hills of the Tuscan countryside about five minutes outside of Antinori, leisurely picking at the food and these expensive, high class Italian soda beverages (as Ryan couldn't have wine anymore because of the baby) they had brought with them. Brendon had been putting on a brave front in the first place throughout their entire meet up.

Ryan had been slaving away through home construction and the language gap and pulling some of the many final strings into place to get this new part of his wine company out there while Brendon, true to his agreement, was shopping for a ring for Ryan until he dropped (seriously, how the hell had his brain not dropped out through his eye sockets from all the mental stress?!) with Juliette who was now with Cap along with the dogs going around between all the pet bakeries in the area to fatten them up as if they weren't fed special dog/cat cookies every night on the ocean liner.

They found an antique gold band that joined a square of gold interlace at the top. Brendon paid a mint for it as Juliette had yammered on her congratulations on the choice. It was now packed safely on his person in an old box with the faded name of some Italian jeweler in calligraphy on the satin lining of the inside and all he had to do was pull it out and give it to Ryan.

Asking Ryan was more of a formality and come on, if he didn’t it wasn’t a proper proposal. He had already cheated Ryan out of one by blurting it out that he wanted to be his husband in California two weeks ago and he wasn’t going to do it again.

So he had to ask him to marry him. Brendon already knew the answer was yes so why was this still one of the toughest things he had ever faced in his life?

“Ry?” He attempted not to squeak from nerves.

Ryan regarded him, back to the setting sun in the pink sky, more and more concerned as the pause went on. Then Brendon made himself talk.

“I know I’m really stupid and shitty for not doing this at the house before and making you faint because I have no social skills but Ryan come on, you should know how much I love you.” He dug around and the little son of bitch was purposely making itself hard to get a good hold on he was sure but he eventually pried the box open in front of Ryan’s face, praying he hadn’t made a mistake with the ring selection. “Will you marry me Ryan Ross?”

Brendon’s blood ran cold as Ryan wasn’t saying anything.

At all.

He must have waited a minute (that was about as long as Ryan could bear to hold in his reaction and stare at his fiancé’s falling face) before Ryan about knocked the ring out of his hand trying to get to it and then tackling him until he was flat on his back and Ryan was kissing him and kissing him.

“I can’t believe you are giving me that face Brendon. You know I am going to marry you. We wouldn’t be here if I was going to say no.” Ryan narrowed his eyes. “That was for making me pass out.”

“You’re evil Ryan Ross.”

“Yeah, I can show you how evil I am when we go back to the hotel if you want to accuse me of such things.” Ryan patted him on the head.

Brendon switched them around so he was hovering over him. “Or maybe I should show you how evil I am.”

“Like that’ll happen.” Ryan scoffed. “I give you one look and you do anything I want in bed. I know you too well Bren.”

“You never know Ryan. Maybe I’ll turn you into my little tease slut for what you just did to me.” Brendon threatened, pecking him on the corner of his mouth. He grabbed his hands and pinned them to make a point.

Ryan put on his best pout, the one to which he had referred to being able to make Brendon cater to his every whim.

“Oh no. That’s not gonna work Ry.” He shook his head. “You did this to yourself. Now whose fault is that?”

“Mine.” Looking at Brendon’s eyes confirmed that it would not be wise to give the wrong answer. Ha. Like Ryan wasn’t going to take advantage of Brendon doing this to him anyway.

“I may let you have your fun and tie me up some of the time but somebody has clearly forgotten his place.” Brendon continued, leaning down to suck the flesh of his neck into his mouth. Ryan began to squirm instantly. His fucking lips were going to be the death of him.

He appeared absolutely heart broken when Brendon abruptly pulled off. “Hey, Ryan, you know, I think we should pack this up. It’s getting dark. Aw, don’t stare at me like that. You’ll get to earn your orgasm once we get back to the room. Eventually.”
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