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Chapter Nine

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"Ry," Brendon cut off to dry heave, "don't. You need to finish this. Don't worry about my stupid, fucked up sympathy symptoms. I should be taking care of you. You're the one who is pregnant."

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Chapter Nine

"Brendon! Bren, oh please!" Ryan pushed back hard and tried again to impale himself farther on his fiancé’s cock in order to get more satisfaction instead of this infernal teasing. They were sticky, sweaty and in the spoon position. Brendon's hold on him from behind hadn't budged for the last forty-five minutes and it was apparent that he wasn't about to let it now.

"Brendon!" Ryan groaned into the hotel pillow as Urie kept up his unbearably slow, unchanging pace. "You have to let me come! Please! I have to inspect the progress on the wine for the first shipment tomorrow, we're going to be up all night! Please!"

"Don't act like you aren't enjoying yourself. You've been a filthy, moan-y boy the entire time we've been at this." Brendon nibbled behind his ear. "I can't believe that you thought you were going to try to trick me like that tonight."

"Bren! I'm sorry. Please let me come!" Ryan squeezed his eyes shut, breathing becoming even more ragged than before.

"No. I'm having more fun doing this." Brendon went on pumping but it wasn't anything near enough to tip him over into orgasm. Ryan's skin was on fire as he felt his partner's hands continue running all over him.

Every time Brendon would let his fingers pass over Ryan's protruding hip bones Ryan would get what seemed to be huge electric shocks. His partner laughed deviously in his ear every time he jumped.

"Please touch me Brendon. Please. Something?" He pleaded. He was being edged into madness. Brendon shushed him until he gave up and whimpered quietly to himself.

"Ry, you're so sweet when you're helpless."

All the sudden, moments later, Brendon pulled him back all the way and Ryan just about screamed when he felt the head of Brendon's dick hit his prostate. Brendon then switched the position so he was up on his knees and Ryan was in front of him and Ryan could hardly keep up as Brendon pounded him from behind.

"Please! Please! Please don't stop Bren! Oh, Brendon!" Ryan lay there limply, elbows dug into the mattress. When Brendon added his hand in to jerk him off that was the end of it. It was the end of them both because Ryan exploded all over Brendon's fingers which in turn pushed Brendon into climax inside of him.

"I can't believe the dogs and the cat slept through all that you slut." Brendon mused, amazed as they entwined with one another. Penny, Bogart, and Cap were all in a little pet nest on the other bed, thoroughly stuffed from all the treats they had.

"Well, they're going to have to sleep through a lot more Bren. You are going to have to fuck me on a regular basis, ugh you're so damn hot and these hormones, I think I'll go nuts if you don't. I feel like a stupid fucking teenager. I just hope you won't get tired of me and think I'm disgusting when I start showing more." It killed Brendon that Ryan had started out so confident and sassy with that speech and then had ended up so downcast.

"Ryan, would you look at me?" Brendon put a hand under his chin. "I am not going to ever get tired of you okay? I love you." He tightened his free arm around Ryan's shoulders. "You are the most beautiful person I have ever met." He gave him a long, deep kiss that he hoped proved that he was telling the truth.

"I am pretty tired at the current moment though and you have work tomorrow which I know sucks," He kissed him again and Ryan went for the bedside light and then settled back into his embrace, "but you have it."


Ryan may have had a work requirement today but Brendon did not expect or want in any way, to have the strong, unyielding requirement of the urge to throw up at the scent of grapes. Ryan may have been making his rounds and going over the almost finished wine that was to be shipped and served at the big opening gala for the vineyard set for Friday but when he saw Brendon finally break into a sprint, just barely getting out of the storage/fermenting shed (which was pretty much instantaneous when he got a direct inhale of the progressing sangiovese) he dropped his clipboard, his feet not moving fast enough to get to him. Getting behind because his boyfriend was having another bout of what should have been his morning sickness was not going to be fun to explain to Spencer or the Italian workers he had hired to run this place.

Brendon tried to apologize for puking all over the grapevines but all he got was more vomit coming up his esophagus from looking at them. How professional and attractive he must have appeared as Ryan's rival, spraying all of Ryan's fields with his disgorge.

"Brendon, hush. Just shut up and get away from the vines." Ryan put an arm around him and Brendon tried to keep it in as he was steered away from the fruit aroma and to a bare dirt path. Ryan rubbed his back while it just kept spewing out.

"I'm gonna have to take you back to the hotel." He shook his head.

"Ry," Brendon cut off to dry heave, "don't. You need to finish this. Don't worry about my stupid, fucked up sympathy symptoms. I should be taking care of you. You're the one who is pregnant."

"Brendon. I am gonna leave them with some directions for everything and then you're coming with me." Ryan helped him sit with his back against the fence. "Juliette knows all the weird home remedies for shit. Hopefully she'll know something for you."


Less than an hour later, Ryan was making business calls every two seconds from beside Brendon who was lying in bed in the semi-darkness. Before that he had googled Brendon's condition and sadly, it was clear that it might not leave him for the entire nine months. Other men had complained of different common pregnancy issues afflicting them and every medical website told him it was legitimate.

Ryan's aunt had set aside some ginger tea for him on their nightstand but Brendon was kind of begging Ryan not to make him drink it. He was so afraid that it wasn't going to do what the old woman had said it would do and just start another fight with his stomach.

"Brendon. You're worse than a three year old."

"But Ryan... I can't." They both heard his insides make a very unpleasant noise.

"Bren, my aunt knows what she's talking about. You have to drink this." Ryan insistently held the cup out to him. "What do I have to do to make you take it?"

"Not make me drink it." Brendon threw out quickly. He was going to avoid ingesting anything at all costs.

Ryan rolled his eyes. "That doesn't even make sense and you know it."

"Look at the dogs RyRo. They agree with me." Penny and Bogart moved closer to him as if they were going to be able to provide any protection.

"Brendon, you're their master, they'd do anything for you. Your argument is invalid. Now please, drink the tea for me." Ryan requested yet another time. "We need to get you feeling better otherwise you can't be my date Friday."

"Who else would you go with?" Brendon challenged.

"I can fly Spence over here and then we can take Juliette with us and leave you here alone. Believe me, you don't want to see Spencer after an international flight. He doesn't like you as it is."

"Fine but I'm gonna fuck you in a coat closet or something." Brendon begrudgingly brought the cup to his lips. He'd lost.

"Deal. Whatever." Ryan kissed him on the forehead.
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