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Anniversary- Destiel College!AU oneshot

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Just a tiny college oneshot very short and very FLUFFY!

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Cas walked into the dorm he shared with dean, dropping his books beside the door. "Dean im home!" He called

"Im in the bedroom, Cas!" Dean called from the distance.

Cas shuffled into the room, kicking his shoes off beside the bed. "Dean?" He called again, laying lazily across the covers.

"One sec." Dean replied from in the closet. A second later he emerged, wearing a tux complete with a bow tie. "Ready?"

"Huh? What are you talking about; why are you in a suit?" Cas responded, puzzled.

"Its our two-year anniversary cas. Remember?" He said, "Also, its a tuxedo."

Castiel's face burned red, how could he have forgotten! "Shit! Dean I am so so so sorry, I completely forgot!"

Dean smiled, "We dont have time for sorry now, I got us dinner reservations at a real restaurant, not five guys this time. One with waiters! Get dressed!"

Cas got out of bed and ran into the closet, pulling down his suit and slipping on. As he slid on his dress shoes, Dean grabbed him by the arm and pulled them out the door. Dean drove them to the fancy restaurant down the street.

"Uh, Hey there. I have reservations for two?" He said to the hostess, entangling his fingers in Castiel's.


"Winchester, Dean Winchester."

"Write this way please" she smiled and let them to a table that overlooked the garden outside. The sun was setting and it looked beautiful. Castiel smiled at Dean. He was so sweet. The waiter came to the table and handed menus to them.

"If you two would like to head out to the garden, you may. It's open till half an hour after sunset." The waitor gave a knowing look at Dean.

"Oh, that sounds great. Cas? Want to go out in the garden?" Dean grabbed Castiel's hand, and led him out into the yard.

They walked for a few minutes, until they reached the trellis. Where the sun seemed to fit perfectly inside, as it fell below the horizon.

"Cas?" Dean turned toward him, taking both his hands.

"Yes Dean?" Castiel smiled.

"I have something to ask." Dean reached into his coat pocket and got on one knee. He opened a small case with two silver rings in it.
"Castiel Novak, will you marry me?"

Castiel blushed red, "Oh my god, Dean, oh my god, oh- yes! Yes i do Dean, oh god I do!" Dean grinned as wide as he could, standing up and taking Castiel by the lips. "Dean, i-i love you Dean, so much." Cas said between kisses.

"I love you too Cas." Dean pulled back, "now how about dinner?" Dean held him close as they turned to head back inside.

A/N: This was fun to write. Comment any request you have, for any ship you want and i shall write you a oneshot!
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