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Ice Cream Cake?- Sabriel AU Oneshot

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Just read. Another tiny oneshot FLUFF! This time its Sabriel

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Gabriel rolled over as the sun, streaming through his bedroom window hit his eyes. He didnt want to get out of bed. It was his birthday after all.

"Gabe?" Sam's voiced carried in from the bathroom. He peaked out from the inside of the doorway, half shaven and holding his razor. "You have things to do and I have work. Get up!"

"Forgetting something?" Gabe said as he pulled off the sheets and put on some pants.

"Oh yeah. That reminds me, pick up a gallon of milk on your way home? Were almost out and I wont be home till late. I've got a lot of wiring to set up in the building today."

Gabe sighed and nodded. He got ready and left for work. Who knew that people who run the bar have to be there for normal hours anyway? He sure as hell didnt when he got his manager position, but no matter, it helped to pay the bills and thats what they needed.

All day at work not a single call or a 'happy birthday Gabe!' From anyone, not even Kevin, the cute little busboy who never forgot things like that.

After work he picked up a gallon of milk from the store down the block and drive home. He went to pull his truck into the driveway, but saw cars that didnt belong to him. One looked like Dean's impala, another a small red that looked like a delorian. But a red delorian? Who knows. He pulled up in front and walked up to the door, turning his keys in the lock.

"Sasquatch? Im home. Whats with all the cars in the driveway?" He called flipping on the light switches and turning into the kitchen, falling over as a chorus of 'surprise!' Hit him. Everyone was there. Kevin, Anna, Charlie, Castiel, Dean, and his darling Sam, holding a cake with candles in it.

"Oh my goodness!" He yelled, Kevin and Anna reaching to help him up.

"Happy 31st birthday baby." Sam had put the case and held Gabriel close kissing his forehead.

"Did you do this yourself?"

"Well it was Charlie's idea, but other than some help from her, yeah."

"I love it thank you all so much! I love parties. I also love cake oh and Sam you too. What kind of cake is it?"

They all laughed, "vanilla ice cream cake, my idea!" Dean smiled. "Also, we brought beer!"

Everyone was smiling and having a good time, Gabriel thanking them all repeatedly, still in shock that he didnt see this comming. It was great. They ate and talked and danced a little bit too. Also ate more cake, because as he said, Gabriel loves cake.

i doubt anyone will read this but if you do and if you want more leave a comment with your request and I'll write you a fic! Any ships are welcome!
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