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Happy Birthday Sam

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Its Sam's birthday, and gave gets him a gift.

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Happy Birthday to Sam!(May 2)
"Sam? Sasquatch ya home yet?" Gabriel set his keys by the door of their apartment as he walked in with a very large box, he set it in their kitchen.

"Yeah Gabe I'm upstairs." Sam's voice carried down the stairs. Gabriel followed the deep sound up to their bedroom where sam was getting undressed, he had just gotten home from work and was in his boxers.

Gabe walked over to him, standing on his tiptoes to kiss his significantly taller boyfriend. "Happy birthday Sammy boy." He smiled,hugging the much taller male.

"Thanks Gabe. Please tell me you didn't try to plan something like last year? That was a disaster." Sam remembered the party Gabriel had tried to plan, the cake exploded everywhere and Dean and Crowley drank all the beer.

"Nah, i got ya something much better this year. Come down stairs and take a look!"

"I gotta get dressed, I'll be down in a minute."

"But Saaaaam!" Gabriel whined. "I don't wanna wait. Its important and anyway, you are even hotter without your clothes on"

"I'll be down in a minute relax."
Gabriel made a humph noise and slouched down the stairs. He waited for Sam in the kitchen.

Sam came down the steps and turned into their tiny kitchen. He noticed the large blue box at Gabriel's feet. "This it?"

Gabriel rolled his eyes, "No genus its just a newspaper, of course it is! Open it!"

Sam sat beside the box and pulled off the giant lid. Out popped a huge, fluffy, golden retriever wearing a bow. It jumped out of the box and into Sam's lap. Overjoyed, Sam immediately began playing with the dog, and completely forgot what was going on.

"So you like it i see!" Gabe smiled.

"Yes oh my gosh Gabe i love it! What's its name?" Sam scratched the dog's ears.

"His name is Rufus. He's only 2 years old too. He belonged to an older woman who passed not too long ago, and her kids were looking for someone who wanted him. He's a service dog."

Sam was in awe over his new pet. He loved no animal as much as he loved dogs. He love Rufus so much he just happened to completely ignore his boyfriend for the next four hours. Ten 'o clock rolled around and Gabriel, who was hoping for birthday sex from Sam moped in the bedroom while Sam preceded to play games with the dog.

Eventually Gabe got tired and very bored so he started to formulate a plan to get Sam's ass the hell upstairs. He tried seducing him, he tried to convince him that the dog was tired, tried to claim the bedpost was broken and he needed help fixing it. None of that worked, so he moved onto his final option.

Gabriel walked down the stairs carrying another box at his waist. It wasn't as big as the dog box but it was big enough to cover his torso.

"Oh Sam, I've got something for you. Another important present."
He called a few times before Sam paid any attention. Sam walked over to the smaller male with a curious smirk on his face. He took the lid off the box that Gabriel still held.

It was Gabriel. In the box. Well not all of him, but his dick. It was Gabriel's dick in a box.

"Wow. Creative and original!" Sam mocked.

"You know you wanna finish unwrapping it upstairs." Gabe wound his arms around Sam.

"But Rufus-" he turned around to see that his dog was fast asleep on the couch. "Alright then Gabe." He agreed, and the two of them wandered upstairs.
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