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Baby's First Word

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One shots with Axl, Slash and their daughter, Jessica throughout the years.

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1995 – 13 Months Old

Slash leaned against the door frame, watching as Axl sat on the couch with Jessica sitting on his lap. He was mouthing words to her, trying to coax her into saying her first word but she was just giggling, toying with the cross necklace around his neck.

Axl sighed and kissed the top of her head, bouncing her slightly, smiling widely at how much she enjoyed it. Her small arms flew around, as if she was pretending to fly, and Slash chuckled, sipping on his tea.

“Come on, baby, say it. Daddy! Do it for me. Daddy!”

Slash shook his head, trailing over to the redhead, sitting down next to him. He set his tea on the coffee table in front of them, taking the baby out of his husband's arms. Slash pecked her on her forehead, causing her nose to scrunch up cutely, her small curls falling in front of her eyes. Her small fingers tugged at his own curls, laughing when he stuck out his tongue at her.

“No, honey. Ignore him. Dada...dada!”

Jessica just stared at the guitarist, and for a few seconds it looked like she was about to say something before her arms reached out for Axl again, clapping them, eyes set on his shiny cross necklace. Slash passed her over to Axl, who went back to mouthing the word again, but she was too interested on the necklace. He sighed again and slumped back into the chair, bouncing her when she pointed up, and again her arms waved about. The guitarist jumped when the front door bell echoed throughout the house. Slash looked over at Axl, who didn't even notice it, too focused on the way she was laughing, a grin on his face.

The brunette wished that he had the camera in that second, because that moment was just beautiful to him. He stood up and walked to the front door, unlocking it before opening it, revealing Izzy. The guitarist had a large box in his hands, and without an invitation, made his way into the house. Slash looked at him weirdly, wondering how he wasn't breaking a sweat, the box seemed quite heavy.

“Hey Slash! Where's the little one?”

Slash, eyeing the box suspiciously, pointed to the living room and the guitarist nodded before trailing over to the room. His smile widened when he saw the baby in Axl's arms, her green eyes lightening up when she saw the brunette. He ruffled her hair gently and sat the box down on the coffee table, tearing it open open when she pointed at it.

“I got a present for our youngest Gunner.”

He reached in and pulled out a small wooden rocking horse, that had her name carved in the middle, with butterflies and teddy's surrounding it. On the other side it also had 'Baby Gunner' carved in it, with roses around it. The couple gasped in astonishment and shock, trying to figure out how Izzy had thought of it.

Izzy took Jessica out of Axl's arms and carefully placed her on the horse, settling her hands on the handles and held onto her tight as he rocked her back and forth. She laughed loudly as well as Izzy, who was amused by the look on her face. He was normally quiet, but somehow, she always got him chuckling. He sat down next to her while Slash secretly took out the camera that was sitting on the table next to the front door and snapped a picture of them both.

Axl was still in shock,”How much did that cost, Iz?”

The brunette turned to him and shook his head,”It doesn't matter. I felt bad, you know, I wasn't here on her birthday last month, Axe. Her first one, that was crappy of me. See the look on her face? Call it a second birthday gift!”

Axl and Slash looked at eachother before the two grinned. Izzy continued to rock her back and forth, his dark eyes sparkling with happiness whenever she pulled at his bracelets and he settled her hands back on the handles. She eventually managed to rock herself but he still stayed close just in case she fell off. The three men watched her as Slash took pictures, the redhead still wondering how Izzy managed to keep this quiet, he could never keep a secret from him.

“That thing is amazing, dude!”

The three turned around to see Duff standing behind the couch, a playful look on his face. It was as if he wanted a go on it himself as he went around the couch and kneeled in front of the horse, while Izzy joined the other two on the couch.

“Hey, Jess! Having fun, huh?”

She smiled at him, pushing herself back and forth as the four looked on, each of them urging her to say their names. She ignored them and continued to play while they chatted, apart from Duff, who was back down next to her after being kicked off the couch by Izzy.

“Say it for uncle Duff, Jess.”

“No! Say Izzy, that's easier to say!”

“No, Duff.”

“No, Izzy!”

Slash held up his hands when the two began to began to glare at eachother, ready to fight and he got in between them. Axl sat and watched, amused and slightly pissed that Slash had broke it up. He always wondered who would win in a fight between the two, just like he always wondered who bought more hair product. No one noticed that Jessica had managed to get off the horse and was now interested in the box it came in, she reached up and pulled it off the table, causing it to tumble down on top of her. She laughed happily, clapping her hands again.

”Your arguing over a child saying your name, you get that right? Remember when you fought over girls?”

The two nodded and chuckled at how stupid it was before the four to back to their conversation about the gig that was coming up. They always took Jessica with them, and while they were on stage, Beta, Axl's personal assistant, took care of the baby. She was more than that, she was apart of the family, and the baby adored her. Even Beta was trying to teach her some words of her own.

But always worrying about her, Axl would run off stage during Slash's solo's and make sure that she was OK. Their crowds always shouted her name at the end, and on rare occasions, he took the baby out.

They were shocked at how much she enjoyed it, expecting her to cry and scream at the noise but, just like the redhead, she loved being the centre of attention. Axl barely got mad on stage anymore, he was more calm and collected if anything happened during a concert. It was as if she had sorted everything. Ten minutes went by and Axl sensed that something was off, it was too quiet for his liking. His eyes drifted over to the horse and noticed that she wasn't on it.

“Where's Jess?”

Four pairs of eyes widened when they heard a loud giggle from across the room. Jessica was inside the box, amusing herself with the TV remote when there was a knock at the front door. Instead of waiting for an answer, it opened and Steven walked in, waving to the other Gunners before looking around for Jessica who had now managed to turn the box onto it's side. She rolled out of it, before crawling over to Steven, tugging at his trouser leg for some attention.

Duff high fived him,"Hey, Popcorn!"

“There she is!”

He lifted Jessica into the air, while she snuggled into him, tired of playing. His childlike personality was what Jessica loved about him, she had him around her little finger, he was always lifting her in the air and running through the house with her. Axl hated it, scared that he would drop her, but the look on her face always made him crumble. Her fingers played with his fluffy hair and she lifted her head, eyes fluttering sleepily, returning his smile before mumbling.


All was quiet, eyes moving over to Axl,"You fuc-"

He cut himself off because Jessica was in the room then suddenly, Axl shot up and went for Steven, causing Slash to pull him back. Jessica had finally falling asleep, cuddled into Steven's chest who was looking at the singer with a confused look on his face, but his face was beaming with pride at his nickname being first word. Slash lightly smacked Axl on forearm, warning flashing in his eyes.

“Wake her up and you're sleeping on the couch tonight.”
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