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A Father's Love

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“Daddy, please, it's just one movie, that's all. His name is Damian an-”

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2008 - Fourteen Years Old

“Nope. No way!”

Jessica let out a long sigh, green eyes looking up at him through her long dark curls, a pleading expression on her face. Axl shook his head crossing his arms across his chest, determined not to let his now fourteen year old daughter win.

She copied him, returning the firm look he was giving her. He fought the smile that was fighting it's way onto his face at this, recognising the familiar fire that she had. Her appearance was innocent, like Slash's, but she had Axl's temper and it was starting to show as she grew older.

“Daddy, please, it's just one movie, that's all. His name is Damian an-”

Axl laughed and walked out of the kitchen, into the living room, where Slash was, laying on the couch watching TV. His head lifted as his lover and daughter entered the room, sensing that something was wrong immediately at the look on the singer's face. Axl stood in front of the TV, blocking Slash's view as he spoke to Jessica, who was looking over at him for some kind of help since he was more easier going than the older man.

“Damien? There is no way in hell that your going out to a movie with a boy named Damien. Believe me, a move theatre isn't as innocent as it seems, I know from experience.”

“What does that mean?”

Axl's eyes widened,”Don't change the subject, Jess.”

Jessica trailed over to the guitarist, who was trying his best to keep out of it, hoping that he could sneak out when they were looking away but by the looks on their faces, he was being dragged in. He sat up properly and pulled his daughter into his arms, who was looking up at him with a pout on her face. They were both staring at him, before they spoke at the same time.

“Dad, please talk to him.”

“Slash, please talk to her.”

He swallowed, not wanting to say the wrong thing that could land him in trouble, all he wanted was to watch his TV show. He couldn't see any damage of letting her go to a movie, but he knew from experience that things could happen there, though he was sure that the boy wouldn't dare to try anything with Jessica, considering who her father was. Axl got mad if someone looked at her wrong, and he had been dreading the day that boys became her main focus, ever since the moment she was born. The young girl had no idea how much she meant to both of them, especially Axl because she was his dream, he'd always wanted a child and he was shocked at how fast she had grown up.

Slash thought for a moment, fingers tucking loose strands of curly hair away from her face,”How about we meet him first, yeah? Then we can go from there, he's just worried about you, Jess. You get that, don't you?”

She nodded slowly, accepting the negotiation, kissing Slash on the cheek before jumping off of his leg. Jessica was about to leave the room when she stopped before turning and running over to Axl, arms locking around him in a hug. Axl smiled and returned it happily, kissing the top of her head before she left the room. When they heard her feet run up the stairs, Axl slumped onto the seat next to his husband, head resting on his dark shoulder.

“How the hell did this happen? Yesterday she was hating the look of boys and now she wants to date them? That's it. We're putting locks on her door and bars on the windows!”

Slash laughed and playfully hit him on the arm,”She's fourteen, Axe, not three anymore. Do you think i'm liking this? I was fucking around at the age of twelve, we both know what boys can be like.”

Axl nodded, he knew first hand how manipulative teenagers can be, what lies that guys say to get girls into bed. Being the lead singer of Guns N' Roses had it's perks, before getting together with Slash, he had hundreds of girls giving themselves to him and he hated the idea of his daughter being nothing more than a lay to someone. He was sure that he would kill someone if they ever disrespected her.

Slash's voice broke him out of his thoughts.

”But what harm could meeting him cause? If we say no, she's only gonna pull away further. Also, it gives us a chance to scare the shit out of him because I draw the line at holding her hand. If he tries anything else, you can welcome him to the jungle, baby. Okay?”

Axl smirked and gave him a hard kiss,”He's gonna diieeeee!”

- -

The Next Day

“Daddy! Dad! I'm home!”

Jessica dumped her school bag next to the front door, gesturing for Damien to come in, before shutting the door behind them. The young boy, who was fifteen, ran a hand through his hair as he followed her into the kitchen, eyes observing the large mansion in awe. Pictures of the GN'R were hung on the wall in pride, along with their awards and albums. As they passed the staircase, pictures of Jessica when she was young covered the walls, along with some of Axl and Slash. One was in a golden frame, and from what he could tell, it was the day she had been born. Axl was holding her proudly, looking at her with obvious tears in his eyes, a smile that never could have been faked.

He entered the kitchen, trying to control his breathing when the two famous rockstars came into view, chatting quietly as they sat at the table. Jessica prayed that they wouldn't be so quick to judge, Damien was the first boy who hadn't been scared to ask her out. Axl was the first to look at him, keeping a tight hold on Slash's hand, offering the young boy a tight smile.

“Hey, Daddy.”

Jess hugged the redhead hello before doing the same to Slash, who was more relaxed than the singer. She told Damien to sit down, and took the seat next to him, which he did slowly. Axl stopped the grin that wanted to show, smug at how scared the teen was of him. Slash noticed this and kicked him softly under the table, earning a playful glare from him.

“This is Damien, the boy I was telling you about. I'm sure you know who they are anyway, no introduction needed there.”

Damien smiled at them both,”Nice to meet you.”

Slash nodded at him but Axl just stared at him, as if he was trying to look into the teenager's mind to see what his intentions with his daughter was. But when his eyes landed on Jessica, who was gazing at him, wanting his acceptance, his expression softened.

He sighed and reached out, motioning for Damien to shake it, which he instantly did. His face calmed a little, Jessica told him that Axl was the harder one to deal with, and from what just happened, he was sure that he did something right. He could understand how protective they were of her since she was their only child.

“I'm sure it's nice to meet you too. I, uh, apologize for coming across cold. I'm not as welcoming as Slasher is, I guess.”

Slash saw Jessica's eyes light up and he knew that his husband had just made her day. His lover asked him a few questions, mostly about his family and came to the conclusion that he wasn't as bad as he thought. After a few minutes of chatting casually, Axl cleared his throat and Slash knew what was coming.

“Now, the first rule of dating my daughter...”
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