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Say You'll Always Be There

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"Yeah, yeah...everything is fucking replaceable...even people."

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"Baby, it's Lemmy! Out of everyone out there, he picked me. Look, I ne-"

"NO! You are not working with him, I don't care who the fuck he is, I won't allow it! Guns is my band, not his, which means you belong to me too. Jus-NO!"

Axl stormed out of the bedroom, still screaming loudly, leaving a stunned Slash standing in the room by himself. He paced back and forth the living room, his hands clenched into fists at the thought of Slash working with someone else besides him. Slash's reasonable expression turned into a dark one, and he yelled as loud as he could.

"I'm not property, Axl, I will work with whoever I fucking want to! You don't control me!"

Slash snarled as he kicked the bedroom door shut behind him, locking it in the process before letting himself drop back on top of the bed, body bouncing off the mattress because of the impact. His eyes settled on the cracked ceiling above him as he tried to calm himself down, which was difficult to do since Axl was throwing stuff around the living room. He could hear the coffee table being tipped over.

Listening closely, he began to notice that the singer was muttering to himself, which was something he always did when he was angry, along with wrecking thousands worth of furniture.

"Stupid, punk-ass, mother fucker!"

Slash's head turned toward the door, and he snapped, "I can fucking hear you, asshole!"

"Good to know! Now we know that your hearing isn't as fried as your brain, dickhead!"

Slash growled at the drug-pointed insult, throwing a pillow across the room as he tried to get over the remark. He knew that Axl was doing his best to hurt him, and it did work, even though the older man knew that Slash hadn't done drugs in over six months, which was something he had done for the singer.

He swallowed and let it go, knowing that Axl wouldn't have said it if they weren't fighting. He groaned and leaned against the pillows, humming to himself to block out the noise.


There go my guitars...

"Break as much as you want, baby, I've got plenty more!"

Slash just rolled his eyes and let the redhead get on with it, if it had been a few years earlier he would've been pissed, but now that he had money, it didn't bother him as much because he knew that Axl wanted a reaction. A few minutes later, which felt like hours to the guitarist, he heard the front door slam, causing a photo frame, which had been hanging from the wall next to it, to fall to the floor.

Slash felt a smile work it's way onto his face, thinking that he had won the fight, before he realised that he didn't know where his boyfriend was going. He began to imagine the hell Axl could raise when was angry, and it made a terrified feeling explode in his stomach.

He jumped off the bed and shrugged on his leather jacket before making his way out of the bedroom. He let out a yelp of pain as he stepped on a broken piece of glass which went through the worn out sole of his boot. Cursing loudly, he grabbed his keys before leaving the house, looking left and right to see if he could catch a glimpse of red hair.

"Fucker's fast when he's pissed."

He stood still for a few moments, trying to think of a place that his lover would go off to when he was angry. He ruled out bars and diners because he knew that Axl hated to be around strangers when was angry, he also ruled out the beach that was near their house because his singer hated the smell, it made his stomach hurt.

As he walked toward his car, he prayed that Axl hadn't gone off to find Lemmy, because even though it was almost impossible, the singer still had his ways. He got into his car and sped off, going to the nearest place that Axl could walk to without being around much people, the beach and Lemmy.

About ten minutes later, five of which was spent being mobbed by fans that were chasing after his car, Slash pulled up at their recording studio they bought when they made their first million.

Looking up, he smiled to himself when he saw a lit up room, the one at the top which Axl used to do his part of their albums, he preferred to be alone while he worked on his singing, he didn't like people hearing it before the album came out.

The only person allowed to be with him during that time was Slash, who always cheered him up when he felt bad about himself during recording.

Locking the car behind him, he jogged into the building, "I'm gonna kill him!"

He got into the elevator and pressed the button that took him up to the top floor, but it took longer than usual, which made Slash feel uncomfortable. He hated elevators, ever since he was a young child when he got locked in one with his mother. The idea of being stuck in a place, where the possibility of no one finding you for ages made his skin crawl. But, since it was for Axl, he screwed his eyes shut and waited until the loud bell-like sound came and the doors opened.


"Better not be the rest of my fuckin' guitars!"

Slash bounded out of the elevator and ran over to the door that led him inside Axl's studio, where he found the redhead smashing up picture frames. He lifted a large one off of it's hook on the wall and threw it to the ground, a scowl on is face when he realised who was standing at the door. He glared daggers over at the younger man, but Slash could still see the hurt look on his face, he didn't know why Axl was so upset about this, it was only one song, it wasn't as if Slash was leaving him.

"What do you want?"

Slash leaned against the doorframe, crossing his arms across his chest,"Axl, stop smashing shit up, it's gonna cost good money to replace it."

"Yeah, yeah...everything is fucking replaceable...even people."

Slash narrowed his eyes at the words and he slowly strolled over to Axl, making sure not to scare him off, and carefully placed his hands over Axl's pale ones, before softly pulling the photo frame out of his hands and putting it onto the floor beside them. Turning back toward his singer, he captured Axl's green eyes with his brown ones and set his hands onto his shoulders.

Axl let out a shaky breath, feeling himself calm down a little at the simple touch. But once Slash opened his mouth to speak, he shook his head and ripped his gaze from the brunette's.

"What do you mean?"

Then Axl started to back away, hands raised as if he was trying to push away the conversation, and Slash saw the fear on his face, "I need...uh."

Suddenly, he spun around, running towards the elevator, ignoring Slash's attempts to try and talk to him, to try and calm him down. He began to feel suffocated and he wanted to get out of there, and away from Slash, as fast as possible. Finger jabbing the down button, he felt Slash grabbing him again and the guitarist forced him to turn to face him.

"Axl, what the fuck has gotten into you?"

The doors opened behind them and Axl pushed the younger man off of him, causing Slash to stumble back. He stepped into the elevator and pressed on the ground button, but seconds before the doors could close, Slash jumped in, the impact of his landing shaking the elevator a little.

Noticing how frozen he was, Slash moved closer to him, eyes slightly widening, he'd never seen the singer like this before. He softly turned his lover around and put two fingers underneath his chin, raising Axl's head, taking in how the redhead's lower lip was trembling, like he was trying to fight his emotions.

He made his voice as gentle as possible, "What's wrong, baby, huh?"

Axl could feel himself breaking, he could feel the safety walls around him began to shatter at his feet, but he still held on to what resistance was left. The insecurities he thought that he had killed years ago started to pop up again, telling him that he wasn't enough for the guitarist any more.

He tried to kick them away, but the small voice inside his head took over. Soon, the strong front that Axl had put up snapped and he couldn't stop himself.

"Axl, just tell me."

At Slash's tone, Axl's vision blurred with tears, and he began to pull at the dark man's shirt, as if touching him was the only thing keeping him standing still,"I c-can', please."

"Just let it go..."

The guitarist almost fell back against the elevator wall when the singer fell into his arms, cutting him off. Tears began to soak his skin as the older man buried his face in Slash's neck, sobbing quietly. Shutting his eyes, Slash raised a hand and cupped the back of Axl's head while his other locked around his body, hushing him softly as he rocked him back and forth.

His fingers ran through Axl's red locks comfortingly, kissing the side of his head, but at the same time, he was still confused. It had to be more than Slash going to work with another artist, Axl wouldn't react this badly other than scream and shout.

Axl's feet gave out and they both fell to the ground, the weight of them both causing the elevator to shake again, and Slash pulled the singer into his side, listening to his mumbles through his tears.

"I'll be better, I swear, just don't go...please!"

It all became clear to Slash in that moment. He began to piece it all together, why Axl was so against him working with someone else, why he didn't want him to write with anyone else but him. He was insecure and had let himself believe that he wasn't enough for Slash, that he had forced Slash to look somewhere else. He began to feel sick, and wanted nothing more than to make the older man see how much Slash was invested in this, just like the redhead was.

Axl had spent most of his life dealing with loss, everyone left him eventually, all their promises would break the second they would walk out the door. For years, each time someone left, Axl was alone because everyone blamed him and he ended up believing them. He always expected everyone to leave him, he had built himself up for failure, he believed that nothing good would ever last, not even the band, that's why he wanted constant control.

So when Slash chose and agreed to work with someone else, Axl believed that was the start of their relationship ending because had somehow drove his lover away.

"Axe, you have nothing to worry about. If you don't want me to do it, I won't. I get it know, it's OK."

Slash nuzzled his cheek against the singers' who eventually looked up at him with bloodshot eyes, and the guitarist tilted his head, smiling a him softly.

"There's no-one for me, but you, I love need to learn to accept that. I'm not going to leave you, there is not a chance in hell that's gonna happen. Not matter how much of a prick you can be, i'm still gonna love ya."

The corners of Axl's mouth pulled up, and he returned the smile. It wasn't happy but it wasn't a sad one either, which made Slash feel a bit better.


"What the f-"

The light in the elevator flickered for a few seconds before eventually shutting off, leaving them both in the darkness. Slash let out a gasp, unknowingly tightening his fingers around Axl's as he looked around the small space.

Reaching up, he began to press any random button he could see, searching for any type of reaction but with each button he pressed, nothing seemed to happen. He began to feel that horrible feeling he got when he was trapped in the elevator with his mother all those years ago.

He stood up, still keeping his hand connected with Axl's, and continued to press each button, still not believing that he could be stuck again. The feeling of being locked away made his mind race, the thought of being trapped on the top floor almost made him pass out.

He felt his chest tighten, and he began to yell, kicking the wall angrily. His eyes filled up with tears, and he let out a chocked sob.

"Shit, help...get me out of here!"

Slash pounded on the door with his fists, something that made Axl jump back, and all of his own problems seemed to fly away when he saw how upset Slash was. Axl's thumb ran over the top of Slash's hand as the younger man punched the metal door before slumping against the wall again, whimpering a little.

The singer pulled Slash to the floor and into his embrace, his mind focused on only making the situation a little better as he rubbed his back comfortingly. It was his turn to be there for Slash, no matter how much he hated being stuck in an elevator too.

"It's OK, just breathe, Slasher."

Axl emphasised his breathing, telling Slash to copy him, and at the same time, he began to murmer into the guitarists' ear. A few moments later, Slash closed his eyes, a sign telling Axl that he had calmed down a little.

His head fell onto Axl's shoulder as the older man continued his humming, his fingers tracing patterns on his back. As the minutes passed, forgetting that he was still stuck in what he called a 'metal cage', Slash realised that he knew the song.

Axl met his eyes, a playful look in them as he sang quietly," in an elevator...livin' it up when I'm goin' in an elevator...lovin' it up 'til I hit the ground."

Slash couldn't help but chuckle, shaking his head at his song choice, his forehead falling against is lover's, pecking him on the nose as the laughter died down.

"There's the Axl Rose I love to see..."

His fingers danced up and down Axl's pale skin on his arms, feeling goose bumps raising at his touch. Axl giggled a little, chewing on his lip as Slash's head dipped down and caught his lips in a fierce kiss, his dark fingers trailing from his forearm, before wrapping around his wrist, hauling Axl's smaller body against his own. Axl let out a long moan when Slash's wet tongue swept along the seam of his mouth, silently demanding entry, and he parted his lips.

Slash's tongue thrust into his mouth, searching for it's partner before starting a dance. His fingers let go of Axl's wrists, reached down and grabbed his ass, rubbing the older man against his crotch. Axl's breath caught in his throat, his own hands running up Slash's chest, but before he could lock them around his neck, he soon found himself underneath the brunette.

He smirked down at Axl, smugness written all over his face, "It must be my lucky day...I've got Axl Rose at my mercy."

Axl's eyes flashed and he reached up, grabbed the lapels of Slash's shirt then pulled him down. Crushing his lips against Slash's full ones, he sucked the guitarist's bottom lip into his mouth, his legs hooking around the taller man's hips before he flipped them over, Slash landing on his back. Groaning when his head hit the floor, Slash's eyes opened when he heard Axl laugh above him.

But the second he felt a pair of cool lips on his jawline, his eyes fluttered shut again and his head fell to the side, giving the redhead more access to his skin. Cupping Slash through his leather pants, Axl nipped along his skin, his free hand curling in Slash's hair, pulling his head back to get a better angle.

"You drive me crazy...y'know." Axl breathed into his ear, feeling Slash harden at his touch, "Every second of every day i want you...i don't want anyone else touching you."

Slash's response was a high pitched moan, higher than Axl's singing voice, and it echoed off the metal walls when the singer's teeth sunk into his collarbone, instantly getting rid of the pain with a flicker of his tongue.

Slash bucked against his hand, whimpering when Axl started to tease him by putting all his weight down on Slash's hips, halting his movements.

Rolling Slash's lobe between his teeth, he began to unlace the guitarist's leather pants, he voiced his demands, what he was desperate to hear

"Say you're mine, Slasher. Say i'm the only one."

Slash, who was out of breath, tried to rock against Axl again, with failed results. Slash turned his head, eyes set on Axl's green ones, his eyes dark with lust.

"Axe...I..please, baby."

Axl smiled against him, a real, heart-breaking smile which made Slash's stomach flutter. Panting, the guitarist raised his hands and ran the backs of his knuckles down Axl's pale cheek as he moved so that he was now straddling the older man. Then, as gentle as he could, he captured the singer's lips with his own, giving him the most tender kiss he could manage.

Suddenly, as if his hunger for the redhead had taken over, his soft kiss turned into a vicious, passionate one. His long dark hair fell around them, as if it was a curtain, sending them both into their own bubble. Axl smiled in to the kiss, experiencing real tenderness for once in his life, something that he didn't ever want to lose. Slash reluctantly ripped his mouth from Axl's, only moving an inch away.

"I'm yours. Forever and always. You're the only one, i promise."

Tearing off Axl's belt, he tossed it into a corner, noticing that his terrible fear of the elevator had somehow vanished, thanks to Axl. Because now all he could think about was creating a new memory, one that would replace the old horrible one.

He grinned down at the pale man, tilting his head, watching the pleasurable expressions play out on Axl's face as he ran his fingers along the skin between the singer's trousers and t-shirt. This beautiful, sweet, tough as nails fighter was all his, and would stay his, no matter how jealous he got.

"Now...ever fucked in an elevator, Axe?"
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