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All I could smell was safety,
Warmth killing the dread,
Grieving in your sweater,
I swear to god I didn't mean the things I said.

Trust hasn't been easy,
And the insecurities consumed me,
I knew I was at desperation,
I couldn't stand to bring you down with me.

Loneliness was living in me,
And my bones couldn't keep up with the punching,
And the tempting bleach.

My ears couldn't stand to hear his taunting song.
Her demanding tone.
Everyones talking…
And looking down upon.

My chest couldn't stand to lose another breath.
I had dropped down and given up.
Everything I said I would stand for.



If I was you I wouldn't say a word either.
But please crack a sound.
The not knowing is killing me.
I miss having someone who truly cared.
I miss my best friend.
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