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Our demons

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I would like to write better, but I hope it's not so bad.

Category: Poetry - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Published: 2014-08-25 - 126 words - Complete

Did you expect of something else?
You know what is going 'on
Don't ask me to stay
Don't grab my hand
I just go out for a smoke
You do not croak
and then you go to the home.

Don't touch me please
You soon realize
And run away in tears
I'm not so ruthless
I'm so sorry.

But it is aimless
Because you know
Between you and me
I still demean.
Don't lie me
You like it
And come again
our contact
can't stop it.

I am not ruthless
You're not defenseless
It's just a game
Our demons in the soul .
And all night you sleep on my arms
Now all aright
I stroke your ruffled head.
But in the morning
i don't embraced you.
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