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I'm What??!

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Day came faster than Aleson expected. Especially because she didn't even sleep one second, the excitement of the message had her writing in her notebook the rest of the night. When she looked back up to place the cap on the pen, the sunlight was streaming through her window curtains upon her bedroom floor.

"Damn. I must look like crap." she said to herself as she looked at the clock. It blinked the numbers 7:30 in its ritual repetitions. Great another day without sleep she complained to herself, knowing that due to her lack of sleep she was starting to grew dark circles.

In the hallway she could her hunged over father making his way towards the bathroom to look for aspirin. "Serves you right bastard." she whispered. Down the hall she could hear her sister waking up in the room next door. For some reason she felt envious of her sister. She was just 16 years old, just a junior, and already she had colleges begging for her to go.

"That's the only reason father doesn't touch you. Everyone would know if little miss perfect got hurt." she muttered under her breathe.

Immediately she regretted her thoughts, one of them deserved to be happy, for their mothers sake.

"Ali. Are you awake yet?" her sister called from the other side of her door.

"Yea Mirabelle. I'll be out in a minute." she replied as she put her notebook back into her nightstand.



"I love you sis." Aleson sat on her bed in a daze of what her sister just said. "I love you too Mira." she finally replied. "Get ready for school Mira, I'll drive you on my way to work."


With that being said, the sister bonding moment broke and back down came the reality on Aleson. While making her bed, she started thinking about the boys again. How much they have changed, how much she has changed, just how fame and publicity they have been getting. And with that she began to doubt if their friendship was still that. But leaving those thoughts aside, she walked over to the closet and began to pull random clothes out to wear.

With her backpack ready, packed with her cellphone, her other notebook, a pen, her wallet, and IPod, she stood against her bedroom door with her ear against the door, trying to listen for any signs of her father. With no sounds she walked out and went out to her car to find her sister already in the passenger seat with the car on waiting for her.

The drive was filled with nothing but silence. Aleson had nothing to say, and Mirabelle didn't know what to say. Neither tried to turn on the radio, or hum or even breathe loudly durning the drive. As Mirabelle got out of the car, she stood on the sidewalk and looked in. "For what its worth Ali, I love you for being my sister." and with that she shut the door and walked into the swarm of teenagers. Sighing Aleson continued her drive to work with music on this time.

When she reached the parking lot, she sat in her car for five minutes letting all the options in her life, but kicked them all out. There was no way that she could pull any of them off without the money from the crappy job. She slammed the door as hard as she could in fustration to let it out.

Walking past the automatic opening doors she was greeted by the paniced striken face of her co-worker Elliott. "Aleson Mr.Sperber says that he wants to see you in his office asap! And judging by his expression, it aint nothing happy." "Shit." she muttered under her breathe as she made her way to his office. Inside she could hear him in an uproar, she was about to run the other way when he spotted her.

"Aleson James get your ass in here now!" he bellowed out like the beast he was. Aleson opened the door and sat on the chair in front of his desk. "Yes. Mr.Sperber?" "You are fired is what!" "I'm what?!"Aleson jumped in anger. "You have been late way too many times. Look at this," he said as he laid a file on the desk. "Ten penalty hours, and not to mention that you come to work tired and looking like hell." "It's not my fault!" Aleson replied, thinking of all the times that she was beaten senseless that she couldn't even walk through the door. "Then give me a good reason why I shouldn't fire you." Mr. Sperber challenged. Inside Aleson knew she couldn't tell him the truth. "Fine." Aleson said as she picked up her backpack and walked out, on her way out she slammed his door so hard that it cracked the glass.

Looking at the floor as to not look at the co-workers she speed walked her way out of the store past the revolting doors, and slammed into someone else. The collision made her wince in pain from the bruises. "Watch where you're going."

"Sorr- wait. Ali?" the person said.

Aleson looked up and saw who she just snapped at and her eyes grew wide "Brendon!?"

Brendon helped Aleson up and apologized, after he had a laughing fit, that was. "You are the last person in the world, I'd expect working here." he said as he helped her to her feet.

"Well desperate times call for desperate measures, and this is practically the only place I could find that would hire me, for NOT taking my clothes off."

He laughed again, "Well I'll take your word on that." He hugged her, she winced inside as his arms brushed against the bruises. "Umm," she began to say as an excuse to let go of the hug. "When did you guys get in?" "This morning. Everyone is still asleep on the bus. You know me, early bird."

This time she had to laugh. "Hey!" Brendon said laughing himself. "So.." Brendon said staring at his feet, caught in an awkward moment. "Umm.. Well I just got fired and I'm on my way to buy some breakfast or something. Wanna come along?" Aleson offered. "Yea."

He followed her to her car, and all the sudden stopped. "Can I ask you one thing?" Aleson raised her eyebrows, "What?" "Can I drive?" his face looked as if he was a six year old telling Santa his Christmas list, in hopes that it would come true. Aleson laughed. "How badly do you want to drive my car?"

Immediately Brendon dropped to his knees and began to crawl over to her, "So much that look at me, I'm on my knees. Please let me drive." Aleson could no longer hold it in. She began to hysterically began to laugh at her best friend. "You've been in town for only a couple of hours and already you're asking to borrow my car again."

Brendon got to his feet, "Well if you're gonna laugh at me, then I'm no gonna beg." Aleson handed him the keys. "If you scratch up my car, you are really in for it!" "Yes!" Brendon said happily as he took the keys from Aleson and opened the passenger car door for her. "Why, Brendon is such a gentlemen." "I always have been Ali. You know that!" "Of course I just love to tease you about it." she said as she stuck her tongue out at him.
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