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The Hospital

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The morning after... rather.. five days after

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What the hell. Oww. Aleson thought as she opened her eyes. Blinding white lights filled her view, and a pain fill chest. Not being able to see anything, she began to sit up, and realize she was in some kind of bed, and she could feel that she was completely naked under a dress that did not belong to her. All the sudden the thoughts of what had happened ran through her head.

Her sister saying she was moving, her father coming after her with a knife, her sister looking for her, and then THE KINFE! Aleson quickly sat up in the bed and blinked her eyes as though to clarify where she was at. Everything came into focus slowly, a window that saw tree tops, white walls, white ceiling, white floors, white bed, tubes in her arms / Great, I'm in the hospital, ugg the place I hate the most. But what about Mirabelle?!/

"Mirabelle!!" She began to yell out as an instant reaction to waking from what seemed a nightmare. A nurse ran in as Aleson began to pull the tubes out of her arms. "No. Sit back. You haven't finish recovering yet!" "My sister! Where is my sister!" Aleson continued to wreck havoc on the bed. "She's okay. She's in the hallway waiting with your friends." "What?" Aleson said stopping at the news.

"Ever since you were brought in, she and those guys have been here day and night. WE didn't allow them to stay in the room, so they've spent nights out in a bus outside the hospital." The nurse explained as she plugged the iv back up, and restarted the monitors. "If you wanted to see your sister, all you had to do was say so." the nurse said checking that Aleson's breathing was normal, and so was her heartbeat. "So she's okay?" "Yes, she is. And now I see where she gets her panic from. It must run in the family. I'll go get her for you. Of course I'm not gonna let all five of them in here. Only three at a time." "Thank you. And I'm sorry." Aleson said glad that her sister was safe.

Twenty minutes after the nurse disappeared through the door, Mirabelle, Jon, and Spencer walked in. Mirabelle came in holding hands with Jon, but quickly let o of his hand and ran to her sisters side to hug her. "Ali. Thank God you're okay." she said as she held her sister close, and tears began to run down her cheeks. "What happened?" Aleson asked.

"Well, I ran looking for a big bus, since you said that they just came from tour. So I found it five blocks from the house, and told them that you were in danger and had them come to help you. On our way back we called the police to meet us at the house. When I came in, you were on the kitchen floor, and dad wasn't there anymore. We tired to keep you from bleeding to death by applying pressure on it with a towel. You've been here for five days." Mirabelle explained.

"He didn't hurt you?" was all that Aleson could say. "No." Mirabelle said as new tears began to fall out of her eyes. Aleson threw her arms around her sister. "Thank god!" "No, sis. Thank you."

Aleson not wanting to cry, pull away from her sister and began to change the conversation, "What's this you sleeping in a bus with four guys huh?" Mirabelle laughed, "So you and Jon huh?" "What?" "I saw you two coming in holding hands." Aleson looked at Jon, who was blushing, while Spencer stood there trying to hold in the laughter.

Mirabelle just looked at the sheets on the bed, not knowing what to say. "You two are so cute when you're trying to deny." Aleson laughed. Everyone let out a chuckle. Just as Ryan stuck his head in. "Hurry up guys, we want to see her too."

Mirabelle hugged her sister. "I'll see in later on, I'll sneak you in some real food." "Yes!" Jon came over and hugged her, "Don't worry I'll take care of her." he said. "I'm not worried that's why I'm not bitching about how you guys are making a mistake, cuz I know you two are not." Aleson smiled. Jon smiled at her. "Thanks." Spencer hugged her, "You are still as tough as ever." "You know it Spence." They said their goodbyes as they walked out and Ryan and Brendon walked in.

Ryan ran as fast as he could over to her side and hugged her. "Oh, thank god." he whispered. Brendon stood and stared getting jealous, he saw the way that they held each other, this was more than a friendly hug. / Damn Ryan. I want her, but she likes you, doesn't she. Oh well, it wont last long. I'll make her fall for me./ was all Brendon could think right now.

Ryan let go of her. "Why didn't you tell us?" Brendon walked over and sat on the other side of the bed. "We're your best friends, you know you can tell us anything," Brendon said as he ran a hand through her hair. "I just didn't want to let anything to ruin your good time back home."

After a few minutes of just talking and reassuring Aleson that her father was in jail, locked, not going to hurt her or her sister anymore. Aleson finally allowed herself to cry. Ryan held her close. / Screw this! / Brendon thought jealously.

"Since your sister is going off to live with your aunt and uncle, we decided to take you on tour with us. That way you won't stay alone." Brendon said. "What?" Aleson said shocked. After another few minutes of arguing how she didn't have a job and that it would be better if she was surrounded by her friends, she finally agreed.

/ Now I have time to make you fall in love with me. / Brendon thought as they left the hospital with Mirabelle to help her pack her and her sisters things.
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