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New beginnings... And Hard feelings.

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the demons are behind, but now the betrayl begins

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Aleson hugged her sister as they stood outside of the gate of her plane. "Say hi to everyone for me.And don't try to be too much of a pain to them." Mirabelle laughed. "Don't YOU be too much of a pain." They both laughed. Jon tapped Aleson on the shoulder. "My turn yet?" he asked. Aleson laughed "Yes. Don't forget to call in if you need anything. ok." Mirabelle nodded. Jon tapped Aleson on the shoulder. "My turn yet?" he asked. She laughed. "Yea, she's all yours." She said.

Walking towards the other three she couldn't help but to feel useless and helpless. She was there to take care of her sister, what now? What was her purpose now? She felt like a queen bee, who when they realize their purpose is done, go out and die. Was that what she was supposed to do now? Go off and die?

Standing between Ryan and Spencer she looked up and saw her sister walking down the hallway that led to the inside of the plane. "I'll call you everyday." Jon called after her. Mirabelle turned around and nodded, and quickly began walking again. Aleson knew that her sister was on the verge of crying, thats what they both did from crying, they didn't talk and nodded instead.

Ryan warpped an arm around her. "You okay, Ali-bee?" he asked. She just nodded and started at the floor, and Jon began to walk back. Brendon looked angry. He never thought of Aleson like this before, so why was he suddenly inflatuated with her? What was going on? He looked at Ryan, and the love in his eye that he always had when he talked or looked or thought about Aleson. Jealousy was what Brendon's motivation was. He was jealous that of all the people to have Aleson, Ryan was going to have her. / I'm the lead singer for crying out loud! All the girls are supposed to be in love with ME! But he's my best friend, why do I hate him so much right now? / Inside Brendon knew that Ryan and Aleson were meant to be due to their pasts, and the way that they interacted with each other, but he didn't want it to happen.

"We should head to the bus." Spencer said, as he noticed Brendon's looks of anger. The five began walking out towards the lobby, when inside Aleson began to feel empty. Looking over at Jon, she knew that he was experiencing the same saddness of Mirabelle leaving, as she did. Aleson couldn't stand it. She turned around and began to run through the lobby, Jon knowing exactly what she was doing, ran along side her. Ryan,Spencer, and Brendon stood and stared for a moment, and then began to run after her.

Aleson and Jon ran through the lobby and through the waiting room, faster and fster over luggage and avoiding people. The window came up, and they both started slowing down. Outside the window they watched Mirabelle's flight go down the runway and begin to lift off the ground. Aleson put her hands against the glass, and tears began to roll down her cheeks."Bye, sis." Next to her, Jon whispered. "I love you." Aleson looked over and smiled at Jon , "At least I won't be the only one missing her." she said.

Ryan Spencer, and Brendon arrived short after, all out of breath and tired. Ryan walked over and hugged Aleson.

Inside she knew was ready to move on. Her sister was safe, so was she, and now its was time to move on.
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