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J&F: When was the very first time you were nude in a social setting?

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RJ: I said, you want a unclothed beach, this is how you can run it.' Actually the children were hang gliding off the top.I walked up, I did not k

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RJ: I said, you want a unclothed beach, this is how you can run it.' Actually the children were hang gliding off the top.
I walked up, I did not know how I was gonna do it. We took the 2 mile walk north to the nude beach, and then once I was not paying attention I looked around and suddenly noticed nobody was wearing clothing. I had a sunburned ass the following day.
J&F: Has it changed here over the past few years so far as the presence of families and children?
RJ: And I discourage children from comin' out here because they attract the perverts. I see families with preteen daughters, and I could tell they will pop up all around them. I've gone to the rangers, but if they're not doing anything, there is nothing we may do about it.
J&F: How can you discourage it?
RJ: We don't socialize with them. In a nudist camp or club, it is possible to screen individuals coming in. We have got a man that really cut a hole in his cooler with a clip camera. That's how insane it truly is. My attitude is you got the whole planet to take your kids. If there was way of controlling the perverts, I wouldn't care. The rangers told us we can not do nothin' about it.
J&F: The rangers do not hand out fines and such?
RJ: They haven't broken the law. I could stare at you all day, and there is nothing you are able to do. I could really have a camera running on you, and there is nothing legally you are able to do about it.
J&F: What exactly does one do, attempt to scare them away?
RJ: Yeah, but if they call my bluff, I'm not gonna hit em and start trouble. You can control at clubs, but here you don't understand who is gonna walk on. But that is the only negative thing.
J&F: In a great world what do u find Ranger World becoming?
RJ: Have a superb time. Dance, do what you may enjoy to do. That's it, I don't have any aspiration or none of that.
J&F: Would you like to see this section become considerably larger?
RJ: I'd rather have quality than quantity. I had rather have 50 or 60 great folks. You can expand, but I Had rather have additional groups form.

J&F: We know there has been some play between Friends of Gunnison (FoG) and RW over the years?
RJ: I've seen groups like FoG come and go. To each his own. They do their thing, we do ours.
J&F: This really is a sanctioned nude beach, right?
RJ: Yeah, federal government sanctioned.
J&F: We know the fed government does not have any laws controlling nudity, but they can be asked by the state to outlaw it, right?
RJ: Yeah, they are able to close you down tomorrow. That's one of the reasons why, God forbid, something happens to your child out here, with some innocent parent. And boom, they say Oh, that's going on out there? We gotta shut it.'
J&F: Well at Hippie Hollow nude beach in Texas, there were all kinds of rumors about sexual activity going on so they regulated it to age 21 and over. Once they did that, it became a total swinger place because the presence of children had kept lots of people at bay. So it is an appealing turn where the reverse happened.
RJ: Well, don't ask me to give a prediction, because I'll likely be erroneous. I just enjoy the day and time we have. This plage is the best nude beach on the eastern seaboard.
We've done off season celebrations, but it is time for you guys to take action. Appreciate it. Have fun. That's what this is really all about. It's possible for you to sum this interview up with, let us just have fun.
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