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The quest of happiness and the right to be naked

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Blog by: Logan Green (The Oregon Trail Nudist Blog)The Right To Be Unclothed:In San Francisco they passed a law that prohibits nudity in pub

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Blog by: Logan Green (The Oregon Trail Nudist Blog)
The Right To Be Unclothed:
In San Francisco they passed a law that prohibits nudity in public except during particular parties, does this infringe on our rights?
To put the answer simply, yes; yet it's considerably more complex than that. I heard it often said that people should wear clothes because it would infringe on their rights not to see someone's genitals, or someone's rear, etc.
If we could consider that statement a step farther, my right to clean air is continuously infringed upon from smoking, overuse of gas, etc. Should we then make those illegal because they infringe on my rights?
The problem with this argument is that folks will subsequently use, Majority of folks are fine or at the very least bear smoking, overuse of petrol, etc. It is a very unlucky argument for the primary reason individualism disappears and each man is simply viewed as significant as the quantity of people that support him or her. This greatly saddens me.
Right To Be Naked
If It doesn't create harm physically or emotionally to themselves or others, why should it be erroneous? Naturism will not create physical nor psychological injury as some people would like to believe, it in fact does the precise opposite, naturism benefits everyone both emotionally, physically and can affect individuals spiritually also.
Some individuals are naked because they feel closer to their deity, should we keep them from being close to their deity? I do not believe so.
We should have the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and it should be unalienable just as we are all created equal. I thereby believe that naturism whether done in private or public should be allowed.
I do believe clothes have their purpose such as, cooking (especially oily things), fire-connected when it can combust us or get us on fire (including skin and body hair) and general other security functions. Another common rule should be followed is sitting on a towel when bare for hygienic purposes.
We have been naturists, naturists, nudies, etc and we do have standards and I hope as time goes by we shall not be treated otherwise and our way of life will be at the least born and viewed as nonsexual.
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Logan Green is a naturist blogger located in Oregon.
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