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Chapter 3

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Earth is threatened by an unstoppable force, and it's only hope is a man who lives in his own world.

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"Here we are," Reno said as the car came to a stop in front of an abandoned house. It was a small, cramped looking place, with a faded yellow color, giving it a gaudy, almost nauseating look to it. On top of that, the paint was peeling, and the entire house had an atmosphere of unease to it.

"Do you recognize this place?" Reno asked, his gaze fixed on the decrepit place. If he had looked to his right, he'd have seen Vergil was distracted by other things, such as a seemingly harmless small, barking dog. Seemingly harmless, because it was. But that fact did little to ease the man's paranoia.

"You should," Reno continued, despite the lack of a response. "This was the home of your last victim, remember?" With that, he pulled out a photo of a short, fat little man in a well-tailored suit.

"Why'd you do it?" Reno persisted. "Of all the assholes in the city, why this guy? Didn't seem like a threat to anyone, had a nice job as a store manager, paid his bills, what could have made someone like this stick out? What made him the perfect target?"

"You mean you don't know?" Vergil asked with a look of surprise. "Are they really that inconspicuous?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Reno asked in an annoyed tone.

"Very well," Vergil began, "I shall explain in full the details of these invaders."

"Invaders?" Reno asked doubtfully, growing more and more untrusting of any of the mad rantings coming out of the man's mouth.

"Yes, that's right...ALIENS!" Vergil dramatically explained, throwing his hands in the air as if to annunciate his point.

"...what?" Reno let out, at a loss for words.

"They come from another planet, I'm not yet sure where their home world is, but...

"Mars?" Reno mockingly suggested.

"Heavens no, such a notion is mad!" came Vergil's response. "Aliens couldn't survive on such a planet in it's current state. No, I feel it is probably in another Galaxy. Most likely the Sombrero Galaxy. I'm not certain. I just have a bad feeling about the Sombrero Galaxy." With that, Vergil looked up into the sky, as if he was gazing at the object of his hatred. Reno, however, was becoming increasingly skeptical.

"...okay, I'll play along. So just why did these aliens come here?"

"Us!" Vergil explained, his eyes shooting back down from the sky. "They must have come to harvest us as livestock!"

"And they've just gone unnoticed by everyone else..." Reno replied.

"Yes, you see, they're able to disguise themselves as ordinary humans, I think they must have copied our genetic DNA in order to replicate our chemical structure." Reno was at a loss for words.

"So all these people you...killed...were just 'aliens'," Reno finally said, earning a nod of confirmation from Vergil. "Well, I suppose there's no law against taking an extraterrestrial's life. I don't even know why I haven't let you out of custody yet. In fact, go ahead, just get out of this car, right now. You're free to go, since you're clearly innocent." Failing to notice the officer's cynicism, Vergil attempted to leave the car, before being grabbed by the back of his shirt collar.

"That was sarcasm, you idiot!" Reno shouted. "Do you really think I'm going to buy this psycho bullshit?"

"I'd suggest you watch your language, there may be children nearby," Vergil advised, "And this is no lie, by any means!"

"You really think I'm so stupid that I'd actually believe some story about space aliens coming here, managing to integrate into society, without the notice of the IRS or INS?"

"Yes," replied Vergil, "I'd say the government's involved, in fact! They've probably sided with the aliens in order for them to achieve their mission!"

"And why would they do that?" Reno asked, far beyond skeptical at this point.

"Probably some kind of...alien technology, I suppose...maybe...something space-related, perhaps." If Reno wasn't already aware of this man's mental instability, he'd be convinced he was on narcotics. But knowing better, he instead chose to continue the conversation.

"Okay, then," Reno began, being far more tolerant than he generally was, "So how do you know which ones are 'aliens', exactly?

"I simply look around for those who have little backround information available, these aliens don't have the time to make up a complete life story," Vergil explained.

"How do you know they're not just illegal immigrants?" Reno asked skeptically.

"Oh, that's happened a few times before, in fact a while back I ended up running into a family from Mexico. After I explained that I had thought they were the extraterrestrial sort of aliens, we all had a good laugh and they invited me to stay over for dinner. Nice people," Vergil reflected.

" when exactly did you first meet one of these things?" Reno asked, still unconvinced.

"Ah, now that was a long time ago," said Vergil, thinking it over, "I was but a child when it happened, being raised by my father and the maid, Elizabeth was her name. Yes, I remember that day vividly, how I was playing merrily on the swing set, enjoying my life as a child. Oh, that was-"

"Could you move to the part I give a shit about?" Reno interrupted.

"Oh, yes, of course! My apologies, I do tend to ramble a bit sometimes. The murders, yes, that was afterwards."


"That's right," Vergil continued, "I became aware of a disturbance while I was playing outside, hearing a high-pitched shriek. Running inside the house, I first found Elizabeth lying on the ground, sleeping as I had first thought, in a pool of red liquid I now know to be blood. Of course, as a naive child, I wasn't aware that she had been brutally murdered while preparing dinner in the oven. After finding it impossible to wake her, I then decided to look for my father in order to see if he could explain why she fallen asleep in such a strange place. Hearing noise coming from the dining area, I looked into the room, finding my father and an unfamiliar man. He was a very unsettling fellow, I must say, with a crazed look on his face. It was his left arm, however, that frightened me. Instead of a normal appendage, like the one on his right, it looked like some sort of long, sickled claw. It was fairly difficult to describe, however, since it was covered in my father's blood as it lay embedded in his chest. Pulling his limb out of my father, the man allowed his lifeless body to collapse to the floor, and used his normal arm to pull out a cigarette. Now I must remind you that Elizabeth had been preparing a meal at the time in the oven, a gas oven, which still lay open. I don't suppose I have to explain what happened next, though I can assure you I myself came out alive and well."

"No kidding?" Reno said in mock surprise.

"Yes, but the intruder was not so lucky," Vergil continued, "In fact, when I later attempted to find the body, it had appeared as though it had completely disappeared."

"Yeah, funny how someone who gets blown up can seem to suddenly vanish," Reno said sarcastically. "But tell me, in this whole crazed raving of yours, when did you come to the conclusion that the thing you saw was an alien?"

"What else could it could be?" Vergil replied.

"The result of an overdose of LSD," Reno suggested.

"Ah, yes! That's it!" Vergil exclaimed, remembering something, "My father was an astronomer!"

"...yeah?" Reno said, failing to see the connection.

"It's clear that this must have been no simple murder, but instead an attack on my father!" Vergil exclaimed.

"Why, because someone-"

"Something!" Vergil interjected.

"Yeah...yeah, so 'something' kills your old man, and you feel there's some connection between his occupation and the murder?"


"Really," Reno replied in annoyance, "And why is that?"

"I...I suppose..." Vergil stammered, trying to think of an explanation, "He must have made an important breakthrough, dealing with space or something. So they sent a member of their extermination squad to eliminate him."

"So your father was killed by a chain smoking alien soldier," Reno said. Vergil was silent at that point, clearly caught in his own complicated theory. Reno stared at Vergil for a moment, a growing sense of resentment building inside him, before getting out of the car in anger.

"Shit, I need a smoke..."

End of Chapter 3
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