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Florida and Skater Boys

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A/N for story sake I'll have them following the tour they are taking this winter, but I am replacing Bloc Party with The Academy Is, and Jack's Mannequin with Fall Out Boy. Hehehhe.. That is all

TakeMeAway_X: lol. I know ! I'm gonna write a different one where Ryan is the dumb one XP
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As the bus began to stop at the hotel for the first venue, Aleson was the only one awake on the bus. It was three in the morning, and she was taking pictures of the night life of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When the bus had parked, the boys were still asleep and Aleson decided not to wake them. She got off the bus, and the driver walked inside to register the boys. Standing in the street she say the night life is smiled. Remembering that she had Ryan's dibs on Ryan's camera, she ran back inside and quietly crept into the "bedroom" where they were all sound asleep.

Looking through Ryan's bag she found his camera tucked away. As she was putting it back, a notebook fell out. "Shit." she muttered, she could tell that a page ripped out. Trying to be quiet and sneaky as to not let anyone know she was in there, she tried to stuff the notebook back into the bag. When she say her name scribbled on the side of one of the pages. And couldn't help but read.

I have class with this girl named Aleson. I don't know why but I found myself staring as she sit across from me, and said "Hi."

Aleson saw the writing and knew that he was talking about the say they met in sixth grade. When she moved to Vegas with her dad and sister. A compelling feeling within her kept her eyes on the paper, telling her to keep reading.

I invited her to lunch with me and Spence. I learned that she just moved her from San Francisco with her dad and sister, She loves photography, and that she was the cutest smile when she's shy. I wonder if maybe, just maybe she likes me the way I like her.

Aleson smiled and put done the notebook, to take a look at a sleeping Ryan. Flipping to the last couple of pages, there she found some more.

Today I get to see Aleson again. I'm so thrilled. I can't wait to see her. I miss her so much. But I shouldn't. Because I know that she doesn't love me back the why I love her. I'm happy we're friends, but after all these years I wish we could be something more.

She couldn't believe it. The way that she felt about Ryan, and he felt the same way about her. Here she thought that he never liked her more than a friend. Someone began to stir around in their sleep. Aleson quickly shoved the book back into the backpack and hastily left the room.

Deciding that it would be best if she just left them in peace, she got off the bus and began to roam around taking pictures of the night life. But still swirling in her head were the words that Ryan had wrote, and the feelings that she held inside.

But how? Alesons' thoughts ran as she snapped a picture of a women wearing a trench coat walking down the street. She was crying and her mascara and caked on makeup were running down her cheeks. As soon as she took that picture she turned around, to find a great picture of a moon goddess leaving a club.

For the rest of the night the thoughts of the boys left her mind as she began to look at all the beauty around her. She smiled as she walked up and down the streets. Taking twists and turns through alleys and streets. Making sure that she saw what was there for her to see. Taking picture of what was to be captured. She laughed as she tripped over a boys skateboard trying to get a picture of his friend doing tricks.

"Thanks for letting me take pictures of you guys." she said as she shook their hands. Day break was coming, she looked at her watch to see that she had been out and about for over five hours. "Aren't your parents gonna be wondering where you are?" she asked. The boys just stood nervously looking at the floor. "Umm...we sort of don't have a place to call home. If you catch our drift." one said. Aleson quickly regretted asking the question that she just had asked. She stuck her hands in her pockets to see that she had some twenties that she had saved crumpled in there. "Umm. Well do you guys want some breakfast? On me, least I can do for you guys letting me take picture of you." she offered.

The two just looked at each other and then nodded. "Sure." the three of them headed towards the nearest fast food restaurant, which of course turned out to be McDonalds. Over Big Mac's and Biggie fries, Aleson gave the boys her number. Telling them that she can help them when ever they'd like. They smiled and accepted the napkin. They walked her "home" to the bus.

When they reached the bus, they were greeted by very worriedsome Ryan and Jon. They were waiting on the tour bus steps. "Aleson!" Jon said getting up running towards the three of them. The boys stood their, with their jaws dropped, and dropped their skateboards. "You know Panic at the disco?" Ryan hugged Aleson "Where were you we were so worried."

Aleson looked at the two boys. "Sorry I have to go now. I'm getting grounded." she joked. Jon looked at the boys with raised eyebrows. "You're Jon and Ryan." they said. Aleson laughed. "Lex, Henry. Ryan,Jon." Aleson said. "Can you please sign my board." they said holding out their skateboards out for them to sign.

After doing so, and then being dragged back into the bus, and being lectured about taking others feelings into concideration, and should at least leave a note about where she is going to be, or have someone go with her to make sure she was safe. "So where are Brendon and Spencer?" was all Aleson, a bit angered yet flattered that they were worried about them. "They're out looking for you." Jon said.

The rest of the day, the boys spent it rehersing and setting up for the concert, Aleson spent it in the hotel room uploading all the pictures that were in the camera. As she did, she found one of her. It was when she was playing against Spencer. She had a smile on her face, and she believed that,that was the first picture that she looked happy in, in a long time.

she leaned back in her chair and smiled, it made her feel like she belonged.
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