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A Little Unexpected Adventure

by Predaliena

When you discover a dark secret, it usually means death. But sometimes things turn out in an unexpected way.

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Where am I? What is this place?

Wait a minute… Cargo section? How did I even manage to get here? Usually passengers are not allowed to go here… And why no one is guarding this place or at least locked it? Strange, very strange… All right, never mind. If I got here, then I’ll have a look. I’ve always wondered how the cargo section is like.

Slowly I opened the door, expecting to see different kinds of cargo. But… What I saw there made my blood turn cold. I had a feeling that I got into one of the horror films that I’ve watched. There were a lot blood stains on the floor and walls and a lot of severed human body parts scattered around the floor. I have lost the ability to talk from what I saw. What the hell is going on here?! Does the captain and the crew know what’s going on? I guess they do because otherwise this wouldn’t take place. It looks like some kind of secret laboratory or something like that. Whatever it was, diabolical experiments were made on people.

I have no idea how I managed to get to this place but I understood one thing – I must get out of here. But before I could react, my attention was caught by a corpse, hanging from the ceiling. It looked skinless. I came closer to have a better look. After examining it I realized that it wasn’t a corpse but a mutant monster. Looked like it was human before, and this mutation is the result of those experiments. His body was red, like bloody, and it really looked skinless. But it was bigger than average human, it was muscled, and looked like this monster was male. He had no hair and his brain was a bit visible. But what scared me the most were his sharp claws. He could tear flesh easily. But I was calm because the monster seemed dead.

Oh dear, how wrong I was! After I stepped away from him, he started moving and roaring loudly, trying to break free. At least he finally succeeded. I understood that I have to run for my life and tell people about what I saw. But I was so shocked that I lost the ability to speak and to scream, and even to run. All I could do is step backwards like a frightened rabbit.

Suddenly I stumbled upon something, probably some severed body part. Of course, in the result I fell down on the floor, landing on my belly, facing the ground. I understood my tragic fate – now I’ll be a tasty snack for a hungry monster. I was doomed. All I could do now is to close my eyes and say goodbye to everyone I love in my thoughts and wait until he plunges his claws into my flesh and tears me to pieces.

But it never happened. I opened my eyes, realizing that I’m still alive. What’s going on? Shouldn’t he deliver the final blow? But he never did it. I felt his hot breath on my head and neck. What was he doing? For a minute or two he moved his head along my body, when I finally realized that he was sniffing me. Soon enough I felt his hand on my head. Looks like he decided to touch me and see what my body is like. His hand moved down from my head to back, then down to my butt. And his touch was incredibly soft, which surprised me a lot. I didn’t expect that such beast like him could be so gentle. While moving his hand along my body, he purred with satisfaction.

Soon enough I realized what his intentions were. He was touching me in a sexual way, so it meant that he wanted to mate with me. Well, at least he wasn’t going to kill me, and it was already good. In fact, there was nothing bad in mating, the only thing that worried me was infection. I was afraid that this monster could maybe carry some kind of virus, like it was in one of my favourite films. But you can never be sure.

The monster continued his caress for some minutes before climbing upon me, planting gentle bites on my head and neck. He did it as gently and he could with touching, because his teeth were very sharp. It was obvious that he didn’t want to hurt me. I won’t deny – I felt pleasure from his actions.

Finally I decided to turn around and face him. It felt rather strange when you’re being caressed and you can’t see who is doing this. After turning around I decided to examine his face better. In general he really looked like Licker from the first “Resident Evil” film, but he wasn’t eyeless. He had blue eyes, which seemed rather pretty to me. His brain was visible, but not too much, but his teeth were scary indeed. But I knew that he wasn’t going to harm me, so all my fear went away. And his tongue… I’ve never seen such a long tongue in my life, at least in real life not. He pulled it out and licked my lips. With that he was asking for entrance into my mouth, which I, of course, allowed. I opened my mouth a little bit and he slid his tongue inside, exploring the wet cavern thoroughly. I decided to play along, and our tongues weaved together like two snakes, although with my short tongue it wasn’t as easy, but I managed to do it as much as I could.

It was one unusual kiss, but I enjoyed it anyway. But it wasn’t enough for the monster. Pulling his tongue out, he slid it down on my neck, licking it and nipping my skin with his teeth carefully. I’d say, it was interesting feeling, tickling. While doing this, his hands explored my upper body, obviously wanting to touch more of my skin. I was afraid that he could rip my clothes to pieces, as he probably didn’t know what it was, so I decided to help him, taking off my shirt and bra. The monster was obviously satisfied with what he saw, so he ran his clawed hands along my naked skin, caressing my back and belly, paying most of his attention to my breasts. His touch was as gentle as it was before. Of course, I wasn’t sitting like a statue. It was my duty to return the courtesy. I ran my hands over his head at first, exploring his face. He purred gently under my touch, so I understood that he has never known and never felt such tender treatment. After that my hands went further to his chest and back. I was very afraid to hurt him because he was skinless, and his muscles were bared. But no, he felt completely fine and felt no pain at all. At this feeling I relaxed. He then touched my breasts, pressing them gently, which made me shiver, and the tip of his long tongue touched my already hardened buds. The feeling was intoxicating. I thought that this monster would be completely animalistic in nature, but he wasn’t. It’s not that his behaviour was completely human-like, but he indeed wasn’t a wild animal.

When he finally decided to leave my breast alone, his hands slid to my pants. I understood that he wanted me to get rid of them, which I did at once – I unbuttoned my jeans, sliding them off my legs together with panties. At this sight the monster purred even sweeter, he definitely enjoyed the sight of my naked body. Of course, he used the opportunity to explore the lower part. Caressing my legs, he widened them a bit, and his long tongue came out again and approached my already wet pussy. First the tip touched the inner labia, then moved a bit up. I moaned loudly when his tongue touched my clit. It was a very sensitive spot, and touching it made me even more excited. My heart was beating faster than usual and I was moaning silently from such a pleasurable feeling. Looks like he liked my reaction, so he moved the tongue lower, while it reached my wet entrance. I felt how it slid inside, tasting my juices and exploring everything inside. He devoured my juices greedily, enjoying every minute of what he was doing to me, and so did I.

When he decided that it was enough tasting me, he took his tongue away. I lifted my head, and my eyes automatically went down to his crotch. His size was definitely larger than human, but I wouldn’t call it huge either. To me it was absolutely normal. I knew my limits, but I was sure that it will perfectly fit inside. The monster noticed that I was looking at his erected member, so he growled silently, looking at me, then at his member. I understood that he was encouraging me to touch it, which gladly did. I took his member in my hand and started stroking it, going up and down, from the base to the very tip of its head. He closed his eyes, purring and growling from overwhelming satisfaction, the precum liquid was dripping on the floor between us. It didn’t last long, because he felt that it was enough, that he can’t take it anymore, and so did I. So he pushed me to the floor gently, so I lay on my back, steading himself between my legs, and after a couple of seconds I felt his member entering me. I won’t deny, at first it was rather painful because I’m not used to such size. He noticed that I don’t feel comfortable, so he didn’t move for a while, allowing me to get used to his size. His face came closer to mine and his tongue touched my cheek gently. I realized that he was soothing me in some way. Really, I’ve never expected him to be so gentle. So after a few minutes, when the pain started to subside, I nodded, encouraging him to continue.

He pulled out a bit, then thrust into me again, moving slowly at first. It was a lovely feeling, indeed. This monster really was intending to give me the pleasure of my life. Hearing my blissful moans, his movement increased in speed, and with every thrust he was hitting my sweet spot, causing me to see butterflies. Judging by his satisfied growling, he was enjoying every minute of our coition, just like I did. The atmosphere was heating up with every minute, and I felt that I’m so close to the end, and looked like he was too. He pounded into me wildly, his animalistic instincts took over his mind. A few more hard thrusts, and I finally came with a loud moan, and my body went limp. After a few seconds he followed me with loud roar, spilling his seed into me and collapsing onto my chest from exhaustion. We both were breathing heavily, tired and exhausted, but it was worth it.

After my mind cleared more or less, I realized something. Human males? No way! Never again! I’m more than sure that any human male is not capable of even a half of what this monster made me feel. He lifted his head a bit and licked my cheek again, marking me fully as his. I pressed his head back against my chest, hugging him and caressing his open brain. He purred in pure bliss, falling asleep on my chest. My eyes were also closing, but before sleep took over me, I realized one simple thing – now I’m his mate, and his only. And I know for sure – I will always be.
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