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Cruise With a Surprise

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Sometimes a luxury cruise ship can contain a grisly secret...

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It happened on a warm summer day in June. Me and my grandparents decided to book a Mediterranean cruise so we could visit several countries during one travel. It included countries of Southern Europe that I dreamed to see so much. And right now we were waiting to board a large modern ship.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe we’re finally going to have a Mediterranean cruise! I couldn’t wait to board this ferry!” I said joyfully while standing in a queue to the ferry.

“Yes, indeed, my dear,” my grandmother replied “we can finally manage to visit the countries that we haven’t been to yet. I always wanted to visit France and Italy. We’ve been already to Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Turkey and Egypt, but not yet in France and Italy”.

“I know. That’s why you preferred this offer among all others. But as far as I know, your dream was to see Paris, or? And it’s not included in the program”.

“That’s a pity, of course, but never mind. At least we will see what Cote d'Azur is like,” grandmother said “and don’t forget that grandfather can’t walk too long distances because of his leg. He’d prefer to have a rest on the beach. Isn’t it?” she turned her face to grandfather.

“Nah, for me it’s all the same,” grandfather said “I’m not a disabled person”.

“Now, now. I know what your problem is, so we will spend more time on the beach, but of course, we won’t miss some interesting excursions”.

“Mhm,” grandfather mumbled in response.

Soon enough it was our turn to board the ferry. It was indeed a huge ship, I don’t even know for how many people it is designed. The controller checked our tickets and we boarded the ship among many other tourists. The ferry looked as nice from the inside, as it looked from outside. Very well designed, modern interior. I couldn’t stop myself from looking around all the time, admiring its beauty. The ferry belonged to some local firm in Cyprus, where we got by plane a few days before boarding the ship. All what I wanted to do now is to stroll around and admire this wonderful ship. I told my grandparents about my wish, but grandmother said:

“You’re right, I love this ship as much as you do. But don’t forget that we must find our room first and unpack things. A long voyage awaits us, so we will be spending time here”.

“Ok, grandma, I guess you’re right,” I replied.

After we got the key card for our room, we went to find it. Our room was on the seventh deck, and my grandmother was very happy about it, because, as she said many times, seven was her lucky number. We unpacked our things and then went to have dinner, because when we boarded, it was evening already, to be exact, it was 17:30. While we found our room and unpacked, it took some time, so when we finished, it was 18:15. The food was great, we could enjoy it as much as we wanted. Seafood was what we loved the most. Of course, when you are travelling by ferry, it would only logical to use the possibility to devour a lot of seafood. For me, it was like a paradise – shrimps, clams, crabs… Later we went to see show programs and group performances. Everything was perfect.

The next days we spent travelling, visiting interesting and ancient places, cities, and, of course, enjoying sun and sea. Our program included Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and then back to Cyprus. Altogether the trip took nearly a week. After visiting Spain, we boarded the ship at 17:00 and it went back to Cyprus. As far as I knew, it took two full days to get back, because we had to cross all the Mediterranean sea. On the third day we had to be already in the port at 15:00. As usual, we had dinner, enjoyed the performance, and just spent our time well. The second day on the ship was dedicated to sunbathing on the last deck and taking a swim in the pool right in the middle of the deck. The evening was the same like before. In fact, everything was too good. No one could ever imagine, that during this trip there was a possibility to experience a bloodcurdling horror, like it happened to me…

On the last day on the ship, we woke up at 7:00 and went to have breakfast. My grandparents went to the last deck to enjoy the sun, but I decided to explore the ferry on my own. I was walking around the ship, looking and admiring it. But… I don’t know how, but somehow I managed to get into cargo section, where I found horrifying things. It looked like here was some secret laboratory or something like that. But the fact was that diabolical experiments on people were made here. There were bloody pieces of human bodies around me, and a body hanging from the ceiling upside down. At first I thought it was skinless, but coming closer, I realized that it was a mutant monster. I took a closer look, but as I made a step away from him, he started moving. He was alive! He roared, trying to break free, and finally succeeded. I understood that I must get out of here and tell others about what I saw.

Running, I stumbled upon something, probably, some severed limb, and fell on the floor. And then I thought – that’s it, I’m finished. Now I’ll be a tasty snack for a hungry monster. In my thoughts I was saying goodbye to everyone I loved. But… as I tried to get up, he put his hand on me and started caressing my back, grabbing my ass several times, purring with satisfaction. I understood at once what he’s up to. His touches were sexual, and it was obvious that he wanted to mate with me. Just some seconds before he managed to climb on the top of me, I finally managed to get up and rush out of cargo section and lock the door, making sure he won’t escape. I rushed upstairs, telling people on my way about what I saw, and slowly they started panicking, and it was still kinda far till the port. There was no way to escape the ship. The next moment me and my grandparents were in a large hall, among other passengers. I had my laptop open and I was telling grandmother about something and showing her pictures. Grandfather was near, but he showed no interest. Granny listened, but she was too worried about what was going on. I don’t know why I was doing this at that moment, when we had to think about what to do to save our lives.

I looked at the time, it was 14:00. Till the port is one hour to wait. We had to calm ourselves down. Many people were panicking, but some wanted to go down and check that cargo section. When I heard that, I rushed to those brave ones, trying to discourage them. Luckily, I succeeded, and the time went fast, so soon we reached the port in Cyprus, and couldn’t wait to run away from this ferry, the farther, the better. When we finally were out of there, we sighed in relief.

It was one unexpected and horrifying surprise. So be very careful, dear travellers. You can never know, what may await you during your trip…
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