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My Native Dead City

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What would you feel if your native city has become the home for the undead?

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Darkness… Silent, deadly darkness… The city swamping in the arms of the night…

It was the city where I was born, but… now it was practically deserted. Collapsing buildings, the stains of blood were here and there, pieces of flesh… Only a few people were still here, who refused to abandon it. Even the public transport still worked for them. I couldn’t understand their behaviour, because now the city belonged to Death itself…

In this deadly night I was standing at the bus stop near the bridge in the city centre, crossing the main river. But I wasn’t alone – there were still three people, two men and a woman, waiting for the bus to come. Everything seemed peaceful, but it was an illusion, because I heard a strange sound, like a silent roar. I began trembling at that sound, because I knew – only one creature can make such horrifying sound. The zombie. A living dead.

I didn’t even manage to turn left, when people started panicking. The reason of their panic was a strange guy, who attacked them. My eyes widened in horror, when I took a better look at him. His skin was deadly pale, eyes were bleary, so they looked completely white. His clothes were messy and torn in some places, and his raven hair was just as messy. His mouth, chin and neck were covered in blood. It looked like he has recently feasted on someone’s flesh. But judging by his looks, he was kinda young, and… it was hard to admit, but he seemed handsome to me. I couldn’t say whether he died young or maybe he got infected. In fact, it didn’t matter to me then. All I could do is stand and watch this undead man with horror-filled eyes.

Not even a minute has passed when he started his attack. His first victim was a young woman, standing just some metres away from me. He ran to her, grabbing her with his kinda strong hands and violently plunged his teeth in her head, trying to reach her brain. She didn’t even manage to resist, when the unfortunate victim fell dead on the ground. Others were just as horrified as I was. The guy tried to fight the undead enemy, but he failed, sharing the fate of his companion. I watched in horror, how he tore the flesh away from the man’s head with his teeth, enjoying the taste of flesh, when finally reaching his brain. He easily removed the brain from his victim’s head and started devouring it greedily.

I understood very well, that I had to run for my life, but something was forcing me to stay and watch all this bloody mess. And what’s more strange – I didn’t feel any disgust. I was frightened, but I could peacefully watch all this scene that would make every normal person vomit.

The other guy, in turn, couldn’t watch this and ran away in the opposite direction. But instead of chasing him, the zombie finished his meal and focused on me. We were looking into each other’s eyes for a minute or so, when he did something that made all my body shiver – he spoke my name! Somehow I was sure that he couldn’t talk, he was just roaring. But I was so wrong. And I tried my best to figure out how he knew my name. I see this guy for the first time in my life. There’s no way we could know each other before.

But the fact remained that he somehow knew me. Then one thought flashed in my mind – maybe when he was alive, he was my secret admirer, who was watching me silently, but was too shy to come closer and introduce himself? Yes, probably that was it. That could explain everything.

Saying my name, his mouth stretched in a satisfied smile, revealing his blood-covered teeth. He then stretched his hands in my direction, and slowly started approaching me. I turned around and started running, but somehow I couldn’t run fast, like some force was holding me back. I was afraid, that he will catch me, and, most likely, eat me up, although his behaviour with me was strange, it wasn’t typical for zombies at all.

At this moment the bus was approaching the stop. Seeing all this horror, the driver decided not to open the door. I was running after the bus, which was luckily still going slowly, banging at the windows and begging to let me in. Behind my back I heard his hoarse voice, speaking my name again, this time much closer than before. I could feel his breath nearly at my ear. Finally the front door opened, I rushed inside the bus, and the door shut. The driver pressed the gas pedal and the bus went faster.

While the bus was approaching the bridge, I noticed many people walking around the city, but their walking manner told that they weren’t human. Their lame gait perfectly showed their true identity. The city became the habitation for the living dead. While crossing the bridge, even in the darkness I could see that the river became crimson red in colour. I realized that there was blood flowing instead of water. It was a real river of blood. Then I realized that the fate of those few people, who refused to leave the city, was more than clear – they are all doomed. Now the city belongs to the undead, ruled by the Death itself…

And this is my city. My native dead city…
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