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Bloody Rain Before the Apocalypse

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If you see crimson rain, know this - the apocalypse is near.

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“Well, how is your friend, Astrid? Is she fine?” I asked.

“Pretty fine, more or less,” she said “she’s not going to stay here for a long time. Her health is improving fast, so she will be leaving this place soon”.

“I’m glad to hear it,” I replied “this hospital is really a good one, service quality is one of the best ones in the city”.

“Yes, and the chief doctor is so damn handsome…” Astrid grinned, “I’d love to have him as my boyfriend”.

“Hush, he’s coming!” I whispered “be quiet or he will hear you!”

Before Astrid could finish the phrase, the chief doctor appeared from his office. I noticed her blushing heavily but she turned away from him, so he wouldn’t notice it. At that moment we reached the lift, pushing the button. Soon enough it came, the doors opened, and I started talking:

“Hey, you know what? I…”

Turning around I saw that Astrid was gone. Just like vanished in the thin air. I couldn’t understand what was going on. If she walked or ran away, I would have heard it. But I heard nothing. Maybe the doctor has seen anything? I definitely should ask him.

“Doctor,” I began speaking “have you seen where my friend went? We were going to step into the lift but she is suddenly gone. Have you seen her?”

“No, miss, I haven’t. I saw her with you. If she went away, I would have seen it”.

“Same here,” I said “it’s like she was some kind of spirit”.

“I really have no idea, sorry,” the doctor said “I hope you find her soon. I have to go now. Some teenagers have disappeared from the hospital, we need to find them as fast as possible”.

“Ok, thank you, doctor,” I replied “I hope you find them, too”. We said goodbye to each other and went in different directions.

I was walking around the hospital but couldn’t find Astrid anywhere. I was really confused. Was she really… a spirit? No, it’s impossible. If she was dead, I would have known it. All right, no matter what it was, I’m going to find her. She must be around here somewhere.

The doctor, in turn, was searching for the missing patients. I wondered why no one helps him. But soon enough I found out when I saw a nurse approaching him. But there was something strange about her. Her walking was unusual, she was hobbling a bit. At first the doctor didn’t realize what was wrong with her and came closer to find out, maybe she needed help. But as soon as he saw what was with her, he drew back in fear. She, in turn, growled and ran to him, wanting to attack and bite. He barely got away from her. I realized at once that she was a living dead. But how is that possible? Where could the living dead come from in such hospital like this one? Impossible. But it was a fact, no matter how impossible it sounded. As a proof, zombies appeared from many directions, looking for flesh to eat. Those were patients and medical personnel, now all turned into walking corpses. There is obviously some infection spread in the whole hospital that turns people into zombies. I was really curious how they could miss the disease which resulted in fast spreading. But now it’s too late to think about it. All the hospital was full of hungry corpses that only looked for juicy human flesh. And it looked like the doctor was the only living being left, so he became the target for them. But one thing was strange – they didn’t touch me. Just walking past, giving me a look and went further. Well, good for me. At least I could be safe. Realizing that my friend wasn’t here, I decided to leave the hospital, which I successfully did. When I was out, I saw the doctor rushing outside and locking all the entrances and exits automatically, so the zombies can’t get out. After that he just ran away in an unknown direction.

Meanwhile the missing teenagers were in a park, enjoying the sun and good weather. There were six or seven people, some of them were playing ball games, and some were swinging, mostly girls. The sky was clear, sun was shining brightly. Nothing seemed threatening. In fact, everything was too peaceful to be safe. I felt that something was going to happen, and it wouldn’t be anything good.

I decided to try swings but they didn’t want to sway straight, they always swung somewhere aside. Well, that was annoying, so I jumped off. Strange swings, I thought. But teens enjoyed it anyway.

Suddenly it became cloudy, and not like usually, but in one moment. In fact, it took a few seconds to become absolutely cloudy. It happened unusually fast, and in a few seconds it grew rather dark. One of the girls studied the wooden seat of the swings, where I noticed a red spot. The teens were still peaceful, thinking it was just paint. But I had different thoughts. Unlike the others, I realized at once that it was blood. And I was right – more crimson drops fell on the pavement. They were obviously dripping from the thick, dark clouds. It was no other than bloody rain that grew stronger every minute.

Noticing this, the teens began panicking. Not even a couple of minutes passed, when everything around was crimson red – pavements, grass, trees… everything. Teens were nervously seeking for a shelter, when one guy noticed a small wooden house on the left. He pointed at it, and all other teens rushed there as fast as they could. Well, I had no other choice than to join them, although I wasn’t scared. Besides, I really didn’t want to be wet soaked in blood. So I chose to run to the house with all others.

As soon as all were inside, a few people drove the hens into the chicken coop, so they don’t get soaked in blood while staying in the rain. Those unfortunate teens were so very afraid… They should be happy that they are now here and not in the hospital. If they had known what happened there, they would now jump in joy. Everyone was scared. Everyone, but me.

Heh, people become afraid of such little things. Bloody rain was nothing comparing with crowds of the walking dead. But I guess I didn’t have to be afraid of them, if they wanted, they would have eaten me. But they didn’t. They walked past me just like if I was one of them. But I feel… I feel they will succeed in getting out of the hospital, and the infection will spread further. And it’s more than clear, that this zombie infection spreads extremely fast, and very soon the dead will be everywhere. It’s just a matter of time. But I’m not afraid. If I become one of them, then it’s meant to be like that. They already treat me like one of them, so it’s absolutely fine. I know – it’s my destiny. And I’m more than ready to accept it.
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