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Tour Buses and Hidden Gifts

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A/N: Just a quick note to all of you, thanks for reading my story, esp. Sierra who took two hours sitting there to read this. LoL

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Ryan awoke to the sound of pounding on the hotel room. He found it a but hard to move around. Leaning upwards he saw why. Aleson laid asleep on his chest. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. Philadelphia was his favorite spot so far on this tour. Now they had one day to get to Detroit. Set up, rehearse, and then play, but all the stress was not getting to him, not right now. Letting himself get entwined in the moment that was occurring, gently moving the sheets up to cover them both to keep her from getting cold. He kissed the top of her head.

In the bed next to them Jon stirred awake. "Oh crap, it wasn't a dream." he said as he stretched and looked over at Ryan. Ryan blushed a bit knowing exactly what Jon was talking about. "Shh," Ryan whispered, "Let her sleep a little while longer." Jon began to whisper back his responses. "What are you guys doing? You know I'm all pro you two, but she's with Brendon right now!" "But Brendon doesn't love her! He is only being competitive with me the way he always is." "I know that Ryan! But you got to let these things happen. You know she loves you. She woulda left him sooner or later." Ryan looked down at Aleson in his arms, and then looked back at Jon, "Well, at least we both know how each other feels." Jon sighed. "She's still Brendon's when the say begins. Just so you remember."

A twinge of pain came to his heart. Kissing the top of Aleson's head he felt liking crying, but he put a smile on as Aleson began to awake. "Ryan?" she asked as she looked up. He smiled down at her "Yes love?" "What am I doing here?" she asked with a smile on her face, and a slight giggle. Leaning over he kissed her, "Oh now I remember." she said. Jon interrupted with a clearing of his throat. "Umm.. Aleson?" She looked over. "Yes Jon?" "Shouldn't you be returning somewhere?" "Oh!" Aleson exclaimed as she jumped up and began to look for her shoes. Ryan got up and handed them to her, "Looking for these?" "Thanks love." she replied as she put them on. She looked at Jon, "Umm. Jon." But he cut her off. "Don't worry, you're safe." he said. "Thanks." She smiled. "By the way I'm calling Mirabelle later today, just in case you wanted to talk to her, you know. Just to let you know." Jon informed. Aleson smiled, "You're so sweet. Thanks." She reached the door and was taken back by Ryan holding onto her other hand, which pulled her back into his arms into a kiss. "So what do we do?" Ryan asked. "I don't know. Let's just take this slowly okay." she said as she ran her hand down his cheek. He smiled at the fact of how calm and collected she sounded and looked. "Right now, I have to go back to Brendon and Spencer. So I'll see you guys on the bus later." she said as she walked out the door. "I love you." he said. She came back and kissed him one last time. "I love you too." she said and walked out the door and down the hall.

"Hey Ry! You look sad." Pete commented as he sat next to him on the couch. After a minute or two of packing back at the hotel Ryan had decided that it would be better if he went on the bus with Fall Out Boy, or with The Academy Is, to keep from seeing Aleson pretending to be happy with Brendon, and Brendon parading her around like if she was just some trophy.

Ryan just looked at Pete and shook his head. "It has to do with Aleson, doesn't it." Pete commented. "Well everyone knows don't they." Ryan mumbled Joe laughed as he sat on the other side of Ryan. "Cheer up, Brendon is going to mess up sooner or later and there you are gonna be ready to be her knight in shining armor." he said knowing exactly what they were talking about. Pete smirked , "See even Joe is rooting for you guys. And like he said, Brendon loves competition and fans more than Aleson. Just wait. He'll slip up." "I guess so." Ryan said knowing that it was true but wished that this process would sped up. Pete put his arm around his shoulder, "But for now you guys gotta keep this thing behind closed doors." Ryan groaned again. In his pocket his phone vibrated.

He pulled out his sidekick to see that he had a text message, it was from Aleson. WHEN WE GT 2 DETRIOT STAY ON THE BUS LESS THAN THREE, THE BEE Ryan smiled and texted her back OK LESS THAN THREE THE RY. Pete looked at Ryan's new smile, "So you guys are meeting up aren't you?" "WILL YOU STOP READING MY MIND!" Ryan said laughing. Pete laughed. "What can I say it's a gift."
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