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Peace had always been a dream. So why should it feel like anything but a dream when it's real?

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Disclaimer: I neither own nor make money off of the characters from Gundam Wing. I actually give money to those people, a lot of money. Because I had to buy the damn series three times. One for VHS, one for DVD, and another for when the DVDs were irrepariably lost. So please don't sue me, I'd hate to have to deal with lawyers I helped pay for.

Warning: None.

Notes: Yeah, this is actually my first fandom, way back when I was a real bad fantard. Fortunately it was also the series that burned most of it outta me. I'm thankful I never got around to writing anything for it before then. I may turn this into another drabble series. Anyway, can be from any of the guys' POV. So pick your poison.

by fairady


It's a strange sort of unreality. It feels like it should be a dream, but every day he gets up and it's still there. The news is filled with reports of rebuilding, interviews with new and hopeful politicians, and a forced looking optimism that took him a week to figure out was genuine.

He does nothing during the day. Clicking from channel to channel, or reading a book that he never really pays attention to. Lunch and dinner are had at a place a few blocks away. The waitresses are already used to him, and more often than not he'll find his usual meal waiting for him when he arrives. At night he'll lay in bed and pretend to sleep the whole nine hours given to him.

It's a routine that he forces himself to follow, despite the voice screaming in his mind that predictable patterns are dangerous. The fact that months pass by and nothing worse than an unexpected rainstorm catches him just adds to the unreality life has taken on.

It leaves him confused and desperate for something, anything that makes sense.

Which is why the call doesn't surprise him. Of course they would wait for him to reach an emotional low before making their offer. Give him just enough time to drown in so that any helping hand would be gratefully seized. Maybe even help it along by setting up guards to make sure nothing happens to disturb him, or keeping a tight hand on the local media to report nothing too exciting.

Which would mean- The wires and cameras are not that hard to find. Not hidden very well, but they didn't need to be. He absently dismantles the little cameras, and still is not surprised to see that it's a short range circuit. Not strong enough to transmit outside of the building, maybe not even the floor.

He hadn't been so lost in the dream-like state to pull away from the world entirely, so he knows exactly which door to go to. It's the only door he has never seen open, and he smiles as he waits for it to open.

He isn't surprised at all. It's what he would have done were he in their position after all. As he waits, feeling like he's finally awake again, he knows it's what he will do in the future.

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