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A/N: okay. Everyone I'm writing another story, but I need ideas for names so go ahead and tell me some names okay! I need some good names for my story.
As Fall Out Boy emptied off their tour bus Ryan stayed back pretending that he had something left to do on the bus. Not telling the boys what it was. He waited for an hour before there was a knock at the door jumping up in anxiety he almost tripped over his shoes on the run over to open the door. "Hey love." he said as he opened the door to find Aleson standing there. She smiled at the sound and sight of him, she climbed into the empty tour bus and hugged him. "I feel bad about doing this. I mean I am taken by one of our best friends." she said. When they parted he kissed her and closed the door. "It's okay, its not like we're sleeping together or anything." Ryan said. Aleson laughed. "What?" Ryan asked confused. "We have slept together, you mean we're not having sex." Ryan thought about it for a while and laughed too. "Silly bee." he muttered. She stuck her tongue out at him. "So."

Ryan walked over and sat on the couch and pulled her down to sit in front of him. She sat in between his legs with her back leaning against his chest and her head leaning on his right shoulder. They sat in quiet serenity for a while, knowing that these moments of them together was something to treasure when they could. Inside Ryan could feel his love for her grow for her with each breath that they took together. He kissed the top of her head, which caused her to turn around and smile at him, he smiled back at her. "I like it when you kiss my lips, not my head." she giggled and leaned over to kiss him. "I do too. "he whispered when they parted. Aleson sighed and sat back down next Ryan. He knew her well enough to know that sigh.

"What's up Bumblebee?" he asked putting his arms around her and brining her closer to him. "I just feel horrible, I love you, but technically right now I'm cheating on Brendon." Ryan sighed and pulled her closer, he knew it was true. But for now he didn't want to think about that.


In the dressing room The Academy Is was sitting on the couch messing around with Pete and Brendon. "So Brendon," Pete started. "How much do you love Aleson?" Brendon smiled and looked at Pete. "Why do you ask?" William chimed in "Yea man, just how much do you love her? I wanna get at her." he said kiddingly Everyone knew that she and Ryan just had to be made for each other. Brendon looked at William, and then at Pete with raised eyebrows. "Why are you guys quizzing me on this?" Pete just nodded and laughed. "You really don't love her do you. If you did, you wouldn't be sitting here trying to avoid the question, you would've answered it by now." Brendon got up angered, "What the hell are you guys trying to imply?" Pete stood up. "Dude, chill. No one is implying anything, we just asked a simple question." Brendon had his hands balled up as fist. William got up. "You know what fuck this," and stood between Pete and Brendon. "What we're trying to say that you're an asshole." "What!?" Brendon exploded. At this moment the dancers had stopped the dressing and makeup process that they were in, and wondered whether they should stay or leave. "You took Aleson from Ryan, when you knew that they are in love with each other!" Pete cut in. At that moment the dancers all muttered something and began to stampede out of the dressing room.

"You knew that Ryan loved Aleson and that Aleson loved Ryan, so you took Aleson before Ryan could get the courage to ask her out. Why?" Pete stated, and demanded. Brendon stormed out pissed off. "You guys have no right to tell me what I can and cant do." and slammed the door.


Aleson walked through the halls of the building trying to find her way past the fans and into the dressing rooms. She couldn't find her way around since she didn't walk in with the bands. Instead she had spent the evening in the hotel room going through more of the pictures she had taken with Ryan's camera from the last concert. Now with memory emptied out and ready to take pictures. She opened one door and walked in without looking. "I have to find my way fast. Before I miss the opening." she muttered and cussed at herself.

"Don't stop." she heard a female voice saying. Oh great, more fans trying to get it on in before the show. she thought. She opened the door. "Okay kids break it up, get back-" and she stopped in mid sentence upon seeing who it was.She began to run away in the opposite direction.

"Aleson!" Brendon cried as he ran after her.

"Leave me alone!" she cried and began to run faster . "Aleson wait!" but it was too late. She ran through the crowds of fans that were running towards him. "Brendon!" they screamed. She got lost within the crowd.

For the rest of the night everyone was worried. She didn't call, and she didn't come back to take pictures for the concert. Everyone looked at Brendon with a 'I-told-you-so' look. Ryan's phone was almost dead from his tries trying to call her for the past hours.

Aleson had no idea why she had ran, or why it hurt so much. She was in love with Ryan so why did it hurt so much that Brendon did exactly what she wanted him to do, so she could be with Ryan?
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